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Dear Friends, SBI Clerk 2018 Notification has been released we hope you all have started your preparation. Here we have started New Series of Practice Materials specially for SBI Clerk / IDBI Executive 2018. Aspirants those who are preparing for the exams can use this “20-20” English Questions. 

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Direction (1-10): In a passage given below there are 10 blanks, each followed by a word given in bold. Every blank has four alternative words given in options (a), (b), (c) and (d). You have to tell which word will best suit to the respective blank. Mark (e) as your answer if the word given in the bold after the blank is your answer i.e. “No change requires”

Against a backdrop displaying the text of Britain’s draft withdrawal agreement, color-coded to show areas agreed and yet to be_ (1)_ [undertaken], Michel Barnier, the European Union’s Brexit negotiator, and David Davis, Britain’s Brexit secretary, announced a transition deal on March 19th. It was hard even for the _ (2) _ [light hearted]Mr. Davis to hide the fact that Britain had agreed to a “status quo” transition period, in which it will maintain most _ (3) _ [responsibility] to the EU while losing its voting rights. At least business was pleased that there will be no cliff-edge exit next March assuming, that is, the two sides are able to reach some kind of Brexit deal. What was striking was the _ (4) _ [permit] of most pro-Brexit Tory MPs. Jacob Rees-Mogg, who once _ (5) _ [correlate] a status quo transition to being a vassal state, said Britain had rolled over without even getting its tummy _ (6) _ [stimulate]. But he and his allies still gave Theresa May’s government the benefit of the doubt. In effect, they value the prize of Brexit next March so highly that they will accept almost any terms for it. This should reduce their influence on Mrs. May in the remaining _ (7) _ [consultation].

One awkward concession concerned fish. Many Brexiteers say they were promised that Britain would take back full control of fisheries next March. Even Michael Gove, the minister in charge, admitted to being disappointed that this has proved impossible. Britain will now stay in the EU’s common fisheries policy until the start of 2021. Scottish Tories are especially upset. Several said they could not sell such a betrayal to their constituents, and 14 MPs wrote to Mrs. May _ (8) _ [plead] her to reject the transition and threatening to vote against a Brexit deal later this year if she does not. For all their protests, including sending a fishing boat up the Thames to Parliament, Mrs. May is bound to accept the transition at the EU summit that was meeting as we went to press. She has no choice. Fisheries is too small an industry to be worth _ (9) _ [threaten] a future Brexit deal. Just as in 1973, when Britain first joined the club, fishing is likely to be _ (10) _ [surrender] for the greater good, however loudly trawlermen howl.


  1. Tackled
  2. Abstained
  3. Address
  4. Launched
  5. Intercept


  1. Disinterested
  2. Ebullient
  3. Apathetic
  4. Outstanding
  5. Vibrated


  1. Necessities
  2. Duty
  3. Constraint
  4. Disbelief
  5. Obligations


  1. Acquiescence
  2. Yielding
  3. Access
  4. Rebellion
  5. Resistance


  1. Analogize
  2. Parallel
  3. Likened
  4. Resemble
  5. Disproportioned


  1. Chuck
  2. Enchant
  3. Tickled
  4. Repulsed
  5. Captivate


  1. Diplomacy
  2. Negotiations
  3. Colloquy
  4. Intervention
  5. Transactions


  1. Insistence
  2. Persuaded
  3. goaded
  4. urging
  5. dismaying


  1. Jeopardizing
  2. Guarding
  3. Imperiled
  4. Defending
  5. Endangered


  1. Abdicate
  2. Sacrificed
  3. Immolating
  4. Slaughter
  5. Refrained


Direction (11-15) – In each of the following questions on phrase has been given and it has been followed by four sentences. You have to find out on which sentences phrase has been used properly according to its meaning and mark your answer from the options denoted a),b),c),d)Mark e) as your answer of you find that the phrase has been applied properly in all sentences.

 11. Drop over

  1. Drop over whenever you want—I’ll be home all day.
  2. He dropped his head over his hands and sighed.
  3. I would really like to drop over soon.
  4. I dropped him over the library and went shopping.
  1. i and iii
  2. ii and iv
  3. iii and iv
  4. only i
  5. all are correct

12. Face up

  1. Kristi going to have to face up to the fact that he’s not going to marry her.
  2. You are simply going to have to admit your mistake and face up to the boss.
  3. The face up  continued  for  a  few  moments  till  both  of  them  realized  that  there  was no  point in fighting.
  4. Sam must face up to the manager if you have done something wrong.
  1. iii and iv
  2. i and ii
  3. ii and iii
  4. all except iii
  5. all are correct

13. Get off

  1. If we can get off by two o’clock, the roads will be clearer.
  2. Make enough for both of us, be ready to chow down by the time you get off watch.
  3. The doors and windows had been bricked up to prevent squatters from getting off.
  4. It’s a very exclusive school and you have to pass an exam to get off.
  1. ii and iv
  2. ii and iii
  3. i and iv
  4. i and ii
  5. all are correct

14. Spell out

  1. It’s frustrating when you have to spell everything out for them.
  2. Be assertive and spell out exactly how you feel.
  3. How many times do I have to spell it out?
  4. The dating applicant spelled out exactly what he wanted in a woman.
  1. ii and iv
  2. i and iii
  3. ii and iii
  4. only i
  5. all are correct

15. Think up

  1. If people could think up words like that there was still some hope for the world.
  2. She’d have to think up a good reason for being late.
  3. But her compelling grey eyes held mine, and I found I had no choice but to think up an answer.
  4. Think over the deal before you sign.
  1. ii and iv
  2. i and iii
  3. all except iv
  4. ii and iii
  5. all are correct


Directions (16-20): Each of the following sentences are divided into parts, which are marked a, b,c and d. One of these parts may contain an error. Mark that part as your answer from the options given below and choose e if you find out there is no error. (Ignore punctuation error if any)

 16. It is not as if governments of the day have not paid attention; over a)/ the years and decades, there have been numerous committees, reports b)/and commissions with extensive researched policy c)/ recommendations, yet farming is a story of recurring distress d)/ no error e)/

  1. a
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d
  5. e

 17. Xi has risked reversing the changes that have become institutionalised a)/ over the last three decades, he may enjoy a measure of popularity and b)/have the support of the party for now, but such concentration c)/ of power is bounded to engender opposition and criticism d)/ no error e)/

  1. a
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d
  5. e

 18. Prosecutors for Brazil’s Federal District, which includes Brasilia, the capital, have said in a a)/ written statement that they will look off whether the firm, through its partnership b)/ with Sao Paulo-based consulting group A Ponte Estratşgia Planejamento e Pesquisa LTDA c)/, illegally used the data of millions of Brazilians to create psycho-graphic profiles d)/ no error e)/

  1. a
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d
  5. e

 19. The subsequent violence targeting mosques, Muslim-owned shops and homes a)/, has sparked anxiety and insecurity between Muslims in Sri Lanka, especially b)/ coming just a week after similar arson attacks in the eastern c)/town of Ampara, and another last November n Galle d)/no error e)/

  1. a
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d
  5. e

 20. The wheel was invented thousands of years ago, but we still have new types a)/of wheels rolling out now and then,” he said. “They are technologically b)/ far superior, even when you look at the wheels on cars, that’s c)/ how it is with lithium ion technology; it’s not just about scaling it up d)/ no error e)/

  1. a
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d
  5. e


Direction (1-10):

1). Answer – a)

According to the sentence tackled will be used as it means to make determined efforts to deal with a problem or difficult task.

2). Answer – b)

According to the sentence ebullient will be used as it means cheerful and full of energy or enthusiastic.

3). Answer – e)

According to the sentence obligation will be used as it means an act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound.

4). Answer – a)

According to the sentence Acquiescence will be used as it means the reluctant acceptance of something without protest.

5). Answer – c)

According to the sentence likened will be used as it means point out the resemblance of someone or something to.

6). Answer – c)

According to the sentence tickled will be used as it means lightly touch or prod (a person or a part of the body) in a way that causes mild discomfort or itching and often laughter.

7). Answer – b)

According to the sentence negotiation will be used as it means a discussion aimed at reaching an agreement.

8). Answer – d)

According to the sentence urging will be used as it means to try earnestly or persistently to persuade (someone) to do something.

9). Answer – a)

According to the sentence Jeopardizing will be used as it means to put (someone or something) into a situation in which there is a danger of loss or failure.

10). Answer – b)

According to the sentence sacrificed will be used as it means to give up (something valued) for the sake of other considerations.

Direction (11-15) 

11). Correct Answer is: a)

The meaning of “drop over” is When visiting for a short time, often as part of a trip to other places, it is known as ‘dropping over’ and the phrase has been applied properly in i), and iii) sentences.

12). Correct Answer is: d)

The meaning of “face up is to confront  with  courage  someone  or  something representing a threat or unpleasantness and the phrase has been applied properly in i), ii) and iv) sentences.

13). Correct Answer is: d)

The meaning of “get off” is to escape the consequences of an action or to depart or cause to depart and the phrase has been applied properly in i), and ii) sentences.

14). Correct Answer is: e)

The meaning of “spell out” is to say or explain something very clearly because someone has not understood something or to say or write the letters of a word in the correct order and the phrase has been applied properly in all sentences.

15). Correct Answer is: c)

The meaning of “think up” is to invent, contrive, plan, etc. by thinking or create or invent a false story and the phrase has been applied properly in i), ii), iii) sentences.


Directions (16-20):

16). correct answer – c)

In part c in place of extensive it should be extensively.

17). correct answer – d)

In part d in place of bounded it should be bound

18). correct answer – b)

In part b in place of look off it should be look into.

19). correct answer – b)

In part b in place of between it should be among

20). correct answer – b)

In part b in place of rolling out it should be rolled out.

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