LIC AAO/SBI PO Prelims English Preparation Questions 2019 (Day-11)

Dear Aspirants, Our IBPS Guide team is providing new series of English Questions for LIC AAO/SBI PO 2019 so the aspirants can practice it on a daily basis. These questions are framed by our skilled experts after understanding your needs thoroughly. Aspirants can practice these new series questions daily to familiarize with the exact exam pattern and make your preparation effective.

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Directions (1-10) Each question below contains a statement with three blanks followed by four options. Choose the words, which can fill the three blanks and mark it as your answer.

1) The DRDO’s launch of an anti-satellite missile on Wednesday to _____ a micro-satellite launched by the ISRO earlier this year is a _______ against attack on India’s space assets but does not change the country’s _________  stance of using space for only peaceful purposes, according to the former officials of DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization).

a) Destroy, deterrent, traditional

b) Dismantle, discouragement, conventional

c) Either a or b

d) Blasted, dissuasion, orthodox

e) None of the above

2) The electorate will choose between the government’s _______ of performance, promises for a better future and the Opposition’s ___________ of governance in the last five years, besides their _________ of dim future for the country under the BJP dispensation.

a) Declaration, questioning, forecast

b) Claims, interrogation, projection

c) None of these

d) Asserts, quizzing, prediction

e) None of the above

3) US and Chinese negotiators are meeting this week to _________ towards a resolution of the _________, which has rattled the global market and __________  the outlook for world economy.

a) Moving, controversy, imperiled

b) Proceed, dispute, browbeated

c) Either a or b

d) Move, dispute, threatened

e) None of the above

4) ____________ all the information necessary to learn and use the English language, the brain needs 1.56 megabytes , according to the scientist of Univeristy of Rochester. They reached the conclusion ___________ assigning the storage size ________ various aspects of English language

a) Storing , through, to

b) To store, by, to

c) Storing, by, in

d) To store, by, in

e) None of the above

5) The Competition Commission with a/an _____ to protect the consumer from industry _____ has been fully functional for eight years now and has _____ a good reputation for itself.

a) Initiative,monopoly, gained

b) Command,monopoly, performed

c) Mandate, cartelization, earned

d) complete, lengthened, performed

e) None of the above

6) Even now, after the chaos caused by India’s decision 2016, November to _____ nearly 90% of its banknotes, few people would argue with the policy’s ______ assumption: Going cashless is, if _____ well, a good thing.

a) Set aside, hidden, performed

b) Vanish, dominating, handled

c) eliminate, underlying, handled

d) licentious, expand

e) None of the above

7) The equity investment play a huge role in handling and _________the public money_______. The money which is invested by the investor will be __________ in equities such as equity derivatives and shares.

a) Managing, appropriately,channelled

b) Functioning, properly, passed

c) Managing, properly,channelled

d) steadfast, wilted

e) None of these

8) Ensuring the victory in upcoming Lok Sabha election, the ruling government is putting its all ________ in implementing the welfare projects in far flung areas of the country. Though the opposition parties are raising question over the actions of the government. They also ________that the government are trying to ___________ the public by showing them lollypop.

a) Effort, embark on, persuade

b) Effort, emphasized, cajole

c) None of these

d) Strength, accused, cajole

e) None of these

9) The _________ for debt-waiver programmes comes from the theoretical argument that a high level of outstanding debt _____ the incentive for the debtor to ____ effort to repay.

a) Opposition, forces, minimize

b) Support, reduces, exert

c) None of these

d) Disapproval increases, minimize

e) None of these

10) The _________of India against terrorism is very clear as it does not encourage to the development of the terrorists activities in its own soil. The recent attack in Pulwama causes the death of 40 CRPF soldiers on 14th Feb,2019 raises the concern once again over the peace and stability in that region. Neighbour country Pakistan is not ready to take the matter into consideration as they are mentioning they are not involved in the case. China on the other hand plays a ______role in this concern. The views of officials of Chinese government seems they are trying to ________ Pakistan in any cost, whereas most of the developed nations have raised their stand with India

a) Stance, diplomatic, concede

b) View , important, protect

c) None of these

d) Either a and b

e) Both a and b


Directions (1-10):

1) Answer: a)

Option b has no relevance with the given sentence. Therefore, it is not the right answer. Options c is not possible as there is big difference between the option a and b) Last option d is entirely not suited in the sentence

2) Answer: b)

 option a is not possible as the three words are not properly suitable in the sentences. Options d is grammatically incorrect. So, option b is correct as three words make the sentence coherent.

3) Answer: d)

the option a is grammatically incorrect. Option b is not suited in the sentence. As both option a and b are incorrect so there is no relevance to go with c) the answer is there is option d

4)Answer: b)

 option b is correct. Option a, c and d are incorrect as they are grammatically wrong.

5) Answer: c)

mandate-give someone authority or responsibility to act in a specific way.cartelization means, the industry insiders come and fix price of products and services. So option c is correct as the three words justified the answer correctly.

6) Answer: c)

 both a and b are not suitable in the above sentence

7) Answer: c)

both a and b partially right but to justify the above sentence option c is correct.

8) Answer: b)

Both a and d the words are not properly fitted in the sentence) so the correct answer is option b

9) Answer: b)

 Both a and d are incorrect as the uses of the words in the sentence are incoherent.

10) Answer: a)

The option b is not correct asas the words are not enough suitable in the sentence

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