LIC AAO/SBI PO Prelims English Preparation Questions 2019 (Day-29)

Dear Aspirants, Our IBPS Guide team is providing new series of English Questions for LIC AAO/SBI PO 2019 so the aspirants can practice it on a daily basis. These questions are framed by our skilled experts after understanding your needs thoroughly. Aspirants can practice these new series questions daily to familiarize with the exact exam pattern and make your preparation effective.

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Directions (1-5): Find out the synonym from among the following

1) Please don’t PRETEND to be studious as I don’t like it

a) Fake

b) Boast

c) Offer

d) profess

e) None of these

2) The PRIVATION he had to suffer to reach here is commendable

a) Hardships

b) prosperity

c) Uncertainty

d) Privacy

e) None of these

3) Please try to MOLLIFY her as she is angry with you

a) Mortify

b) Avenge

c) Attribute

d) Appease

e) None of these

4) The OVERTURES seem to show a declining graph

a) promises

b) agreements

c) offers

d) observations

e) none of these

5) These things are quite TRIVIAL if you consider other things

a) important

b) frivolous

c) big

d) consequential

e) none of these

Directions (6-10): find out the antonym from among the following

6) This is a very PUCKISH matter and gives that importance

a) whimsical

b) mischievous

c) impish

d) serious

e) none of these

7) His concerns for her are quite LOFTY when you see it in that sense

a) Deserted

b) imposing

c) solitary

d) lowly

e) none of these

8) Where did your INGENUINITY go hide dear?

a) skilfulness

b) cunningness

c) sentimentality

d) dullness

e) none of these

9) Be LENIENT with her as she is just a child

a) Obstinate

b) annoyed

c) rude

d) harsh

e) none of these

10) The song should have a DEEP feel and emotional uplift

a) elementary

b) superficial

c) shallow

d) perfunctory

e) none of these

Answers :

Directions (1-5):

1) Answer:  a)  


The word means not genuine or sincere and thus option a)  fits here

2) Answer:  a)  


The word here means the trouble or problems one had to go through

3) Answer:  d)  


The word means to please someone and thus option d fits here correctly

4) Answer:  d)  


The word here means results and observations. Hence option d)  is the correct answer.

5) Answer:  b)  


The word here means something that is very little or non-consequential.

Directions (6-10):

6) Answer:  d)  


The meaning of the word happens to be trivial or unimportant, and thus option d fits here

7) Answer:  d)


Meaning of the word is important or very serious and therefore option d fits here

8) Answer:  d)  


Meaning of the word happens to be energetic

9) Answer:  d)  


Meaning of the word is to be merciful. The antonym is harsh, or strict. Hence, option d is correct.

10) Answer:  c)  


The exact meaning of the word is ‘profound’ and thus option c)  fits here

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