SBI PO Prelims English Preparation Questions 2019 (Day-37)

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Theme Detection in English | English for SBI PO 2019 


Directions (1-10): Fill in the blanks in such a way that the options should fulfill all the three blanks.

1) The vote ______________ is about to roll out in the heart of South Bengal- also the sanctum sanctorum of the  Trinamool Congress’s support base in Bengal- on Monday, marking the start of the most -_________________phase of the dance of democracy in the state. To look at this fifth of Bengal’s seven phase polls as a fight for only seven of LokSabha’s 543 seats would be a gross _____________ of its importance.

a) Juggernaut, crucial, underestimation.

b) Jeopardise, cruddy, underwhelming

c) Juxtaposition, crushing, understatement

d) Judicial, crumbling, underlayment

e) None of these

2) In a note accompanying the _____________, ICRA said Yes Bank’s Weak financial results for the fourth quarter and a ____________ in the credit profile of some of its large borrowers had led to a _______________ of the bank’s rating.

a) Upgrades, deteriorate, reassignment

b) Downgrades, deterioration, reassessment

c) Downtrodden, determination, assessment

d) Downfall, disorientation, alignment

e) None of these

3) The US based online giant was earlier in talks to ___________ a stake in Future Retail, which runs more than 1600 stores across food, grocery and general ______________. After the amended foreign ownership rules that bar ecommerce companies from holding shares in entities selling on their platforms, Amazon is now in talks to buy a stake in Future Coupons, a firm owned by Future Group, to ensure that the US retailer is in ____________ with the new norms.

a) Enquire, objects, complacent

b) Aspire, mercerization, complacence

c) Acquire, merchandise, compliance

d) Acquit, mercantile, completion

e) None of these

4) With season figures that could send any opponent into a _______________, Andre Russel, the all-rounder from West Indies, was looked upto for some _______________ on the field. But the fact that he was out on the first ball and the overall poor performance in the middle order _____________ our fate.

a) Whirlwind, blitzkrieg, sealed

b) Worthwhile, blitzing, spilled

c) Whirred, blitzes, smeared

d) Whirlpool, blitzed, seared

e) None of these

5) Last year the state colleges had made it __________________ for universities and colleges to conduct all admissions online to prevent interference from students’ unions and stop ________________ of money from the candidates. Several colleges which did not have the __________________ to conduct the entire process of online admission were caught unawares, causing difficulties for applicants.

a) Mandate, extracting, investment

b) Mandatorily, extract, infrared

c) Mandate, extortion, infrastructure

d) Mandatories, extraction, infrastructure

e) None of these

6) The cyclone has ___________ the fish supply from Malancha and other areas of South 24 Parganas as well, leaving a _________________ gap between demand and supply. A fish vendor in the local market said, “The prices of some fish have risen by Rs.150 per kilo, mainly due to the demand and supply _________________.

a) Unaffected, yearning, unconventional

b) Ruptured, yawning, mismatch

c) Agreement, yielding, miscalculation

d) Herniation, yearlings, mischaracterization

e) None of these

7) The _______________ Indian Education Award, which is given nationally to outstanding schools and their heads for making education socially ____________, was awarded to the Union Chapel school. The school has been _____________ the cause of inclusive education.

a) Abjured, relevance, propagating

b) Adjudicated, resilient, profound

c) Coveted, relevance, profess

d) Coveted, relevant, professing

e) None of these

8) By _____________ his image and making him look small, these people wanted to form an unstable and weak government in the country. This triggered _____________ among the workers and the leaders. It insulted the ______________ of a good and righteous man

a) Brightening, outrageous, apostasy

b) Tarnishing, outrage, martyrdom

c) Recantation, outlandish, apostolic

d) Tarring, outraces, martensitic

e) None of these

9) The biggest __________________ students’ face during their drop year is a dip in motivation. The lack of school routine, the absence of family support or sufficient guidance may lead to students’ _________________ off. In some cases, they may even become gloomy and depressed. It is important to ____________ your own persistence and resilience.

a) Blockage, sliding, value

b) Breechblock, slaying, evaluation

c) Roadblock, slacking, evaluate

d) Roadstead, slamming, calculate

e) None of these.

10)  The ___________________ participated in the _________________ proceedings, for two days and recorded her statement. But on the third day, she opted out and complained that she was denied assistance of advocate before the _____________.

a) Complained, enquiry, panelled

b) Complainant, enquiry, panel

c) Complaint, inquiry, plane

d) Complainant, inquiry, panel

e) None of these

Answers :

Directions (1-10):

Answer: a)

The passage talks about the polls in Bengal. Keeping in context to the passage option a is the best fit.

2) Answer: b)

Sticking to the context of the passage option b is the only best fit bringing out the whole meaning of the passage.

3) Answer: c)

Other options when put in the blank spaces do not make any sense and are also grammatically incorrect. Option b is the best fit which gives a meaning to the sentence.

4) Answer: a)

Keeping to the meaning of the context option a is the best fit. The passage talks about a players’ innings and therefore option a when put in the blanks bring out the meaning of the passage.

5) Answer: c)

The only best fit option in context to the subject of the passage is option c. Other options do not make any sense when placed in the blanks.

6) Answer: b)

Other options do not match well and has no meaning when put in the blanks of the passage. Option b is the only best fit option.

7) Answer: d)

The passage is talking about a particular school which was awarded the Education Award. Option d is the best fit and it also makes the passage grammatically correct when put in the blank spaces.

8) Answer: b)

The perfect fit for this passage is option b. It brings out the sense of the passage aknd makes it grammatically correct too.

9) Answer: c)

In keeping with the context of the above mentioned passage, option C is the best fit. It brings out the sense of the whole passage.

10) Answer: d)

Option d is the only and the best fit for the above mentioned passage. Other options are either grammatically incorrect or do not make any meaningful sentence when put in the blanks.


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