SBI PO Prelims English Preparation Questions 2019 (Day-38)

Dear Aspirants, Our IBPS Guide team is providing a new series of English Questions for SBI PO 2019 so the aspirants can practice it on a daily basis. These questions are framed by our skilled experts after understanding your needs thoroughly. Aspirants can practice these new series questions daily to familiarize with the exact exam pattern and make your preparation effective.

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Directions (1-10): Given below sentence is divided into four different parts, find if there is error in any part of the sentence and mark that as your answer. If there is no error then mark E as your answer


a) These days, it often feels like you have to announce your side before offering an

b) Opinion on almost anything. So let me state categorically that I love Facebook and

c) Have for over a decade. And that love hasn’t wavered, even as others have had their hatred

d) For or distrust of the platform reinforced by a series of negative headlines and scandals.

e) No error


a) Across our studies, employees – especially female employees worried that by asking

b) For a deadline extension, their managers would think they were incompetent and

c) Unmotivated. But in compare to employees’ predictions, managers judged both male

d) and female employees who asked for an extension as more motivated than those who did not.

e) No error


a) Raise your hand to volunteer your own perspective in this kind of

b) Collective problem solving, and not only will you begin developing

c) Your vision creation abilities, but you’ll also learn from others who

d) Are working by some of the same problems that you are.

e) No error


a) But some bosses are unrealistic most of the time. They don’t take into consideration the

b) Facts on the ground, or they habitually refer to their past experiences at other

c) Companies rather than to the people and events in the current organization, or perhaps

d) they report to someone who’s even more aggressive or overly optimistic than they are.

e) No error


a) Instead of a start-up going public six to eight years after its

b) Founding to raise capital to grow the company, today companies

c) Can do $50 million-plus private raises at that point, differing the

d) need for an IPO to 10 years or more after launch.

e) No error


a) Asking people to work in the gray space often creates uncertainty.

b) They need reassurance that moving into uncertainty can create

c) Positive results. Success stories provide tangible, memorable

d) Examples of what moving behind the status quo looks like.

e) No error


a) UBI is one way to address income inequality. While some economists argue that

b) a degree of income inequality is normal and healthy for a prospering nation, even4

c) they agree that inequality has gone too far in countries like the U.S. While there hasn’t

d) been much talk about UBI lately besides Yang, experiments are still ongoing round the world

e) No error


a) In many organizations, our leadership readiness is calculated in part by our willingness

b) to speak up in meetings. How we speak off the cuff can have a bigger impact on

c) our career trajectory than our presentations or speeches, because every single

d) day we have an opportunity to make an impact.

e) No error


a) Other leaders can follow this example. Feeling guilty about a potential result

b) that you have no control over helps no one. In fact, 68% of executives who are

c) fired find a new job within six months. Firing executives is especially difficult

d) when you hired them in the first place.

e) No error


a) Today’s business landscape has several unique features, which will add new

b) complexities on top of the historical playbook. This makes it important for business

c) leaders to prepare for the specific circumstances of the nextdownturn,

d) as well as exploiting the right lessons from the past.

e) No error


Directions (1-10):

1) Answer: a)

Announce means when there is some new information and people need to know about it while declare means you stating that something is so. Hence announce should be replaced with declare

2) Answer: c)

Compare means to look for differences and similarities while contrast is to look only for differences. Hence here compare should be replaced with contrast.

3) Answer: d)

By is mostly used when referring to a means of something while through is used in a relation to a process. Hence here by should be replaced with through.

4) Answer: a)

Take into consideration means to think about and include a particular thing or fact when you are forming an opinion or taking a decision while take into account means to consider particular facts, circumstances etc when making a decision about something. Hence here take into consideration should be replaced with take into account.

5) Answer: c)

Differ is not to have same traits, characteristics while defer is to delay or postpone. Hence here differing should be replaced with deferring.

6) Answer: d)

Behind means at the back while beyond means further away than. Hence here behind should be replaced with beyond

7) Answer: d)

Round is an adjective describing shape of something while around is used to indicate direction. Hence here round should be replaced with around

8) Answer: a)

Calculate is to determine the value of something or solution of something by a mathematical process while measure is comparison of designated standard. Hence here calculated should be replaced with measured

9) Answer: a)

Result is preferable if you are describing what you get after following an orderly or organized process while outcome can imply something was happening but no one was in total control of things. Hence result should be replaced with outcome

10) Answer: e)

Given sentence is grammatically and contextually correct.

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