SBI PO Prelims English Preparation Questions 2019 (Day- 41)

Dear Aspirants, Our IBPS Guide team is providing a new series of English Questions for SBI PO 2019 so the aspirants can practice it on a daily basis. These questions are framed by our skilled experts after understanding your needs thoroughly. Aspirants can practice these new series questions daily to familiarize with the exact exam pattern and make your preparation effective.

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Directions (1-10): Fill in the blanks in such a way that the options should fulfil all the three blanks.

1) Her heart leapt for joy and the flame of her lantern burned more brightly because both _____________ and heart knew that it was her father’s way of ____________ to her. His next sentence however _____________ the darkness to close in once more.

a) Flame, returning, allowed

b) Emotion, reconciling, annulled

c) Staff, retuned, allocated

d) Stunt, remembering, allotted

e) None of these

2)         “You’ll have to do it eventually,” the man said in a _____________ voice stripped of all emotion, “so you may as well start up right now in that ______________ part of the world in front of our _____________ countryfolk.

a) Crippled, godliness, brutal

b) Clipped, godforsaken, brutalized

c) Clamped, forbidden, brutality

d) Clogged, godsend, brutally

e) None of these

3)         There was no _______________ between male and female opinion, only deep ________________ rift. The Muslim eyed their Hindu Pandit opponents with a sudden _____________ that crept uncomfortably in their mind.

a) Differentiation, communalism, trust

b) Distinguishing, communist, collision

c) Distinction, communal, distrust

d) Difference, community, tranquillity

e) None of these

4)         The government was ready to offer cooperation and ______________ which would be given to the hijackers themselves. The Pak regimes ____________________ with terrorism was ______________ for all the world to see.

a) Association, entity, proof

b) Assimilation, entangle, proven

c) Assistance, entangled, proved

d) Assembly, entrapped, proven

e) None of these

5)         Women teachers were ______________ with acid for failing to _____________ to the dress code. Threats were made and _______________ were issued.

a) Drowsed, adherent, conjectures

b) Doused, adhere, deadlines

c) Dressed, admonish, rumours

d) Distressed, abducted, articles

e) None of these

6)         He was trying to sound as ____________________ as he could but was ________________ panic-stricken. In the _________________ of their home he had hit both his sons across their face.

a) Assuring, inside, private

b) Re-assurance, insidious, private

c) Reassuring, inwardly, privacy

d) Assurance, inward, privacy

e) None of these

7)         Inspite of her ______________ desire to stick around here just to ______________ her cowardly neighbours she decided to leave. All she wanted was a______________ mind.

a) Immense, speculate, peace loving

b) Obstinate, spite, peaceful

c) Irresolute, sympathy, peaceful

d) Surrendering, benevolence, pricey

e) None of these

8)         “I don’t play with dolls,” the child told him _____________, revealing much about her mother’s _______________ to parenting and her __________ on toys.

a) Empathetically, attributes, opinion

b) Solemnly, attitude, view

c) Umbrage, antipathy, malice

d) Peeve, rancor, contempt

e) None of these

9)         Why would any women poke herself to a ____________ of such pouting mediocrity? He couldn’t even say __________ what was written all over his face. Instead, he ______________ and sulked.

a) Variety, plaintively, flattered

b) Strut, plain, solemn

c) Species, plainly, flounced

d) Likes, questionably, minced

e) None of these

10)       “_______________ to your business”, she told him coldly “because I have to do my work.” Hearing this, he _______________ slightly, nodded once and left her room. When she was ready she stayed _________________.

a) Attention, flounced, inward

b) Attend, flinched, indoors

c) Absence, blanched, inside

d) Abstain, bleak, insidious

e) None of these


Directions (1-10):

1) Answer: a)

Option a only brings out the meaning of the sentences when it is put together in the blank spaces. Other options are unrelated to the meaning of the passage

2) Answer: b)

Other options when put together are making the sentence grammatically incorrect and is also not bringing out any meaning. Only option b is making the above sentence complete and meaningful.

3) Answer: c)

Only option c makes the above sentence grammatically correct and meaningful.

4) Answer: c)

Other options do not make a complete sentence and are also grammatically incorrect. Only option c is matching with the context of the sentences.

5) Answer: b)

Option b is the only option which brings out the meaning of the sentence. Other options are unrelated to the context of it.

6) Answer: c)

Only option c brings out the correct meaning of the sentence. Also it makes the sentence grammatically correct.

7) Answer: b)

Option b when put in the blank spaces make a meaning of the sentence. Other options are unrelated to the context of the sentence.

8) Answer: b)

Other options have no relation at all with the context of the sentence. Only option b is correct.

9) Answer: c)

Option C is in context with the meaning of the sentence. Other options have no relation with it.

10) Answer: c)

Only option c makes the above sentence grammatically correct and meaningful.

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