SBI PO Prelims English Preparation Questions 2019 (Day- 48)

Dear Aspirants, Our IBPS Guide team is providing a new series of English Questions for SBI PO 2019 so the aspirants can practice it on a daily basis. These questions are framed by our skilled experts after understanding your needs thoroughly. Aspirants can practice these new series questions daily to familiarize with the exact exam pattern and make your preparation effective.

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Directions (1-10): Choose the correct alternatives among the options, to be filled in the gaps in each of the sentences.

1)  A call by Afghanistan’s Loya Jirga, a grand assembly of senior politicians and tribal and religious leaders, for a _________between government troops and the Taliban  ___________ the mood in Kabul. Afghanistan’s leaders, ___________its rulers to tribal chieftains, want to resolve the 17-year-long conflict. 

a) Ceasefire, underscores, from

b) Truce, underlines, since

c) peace, defines, from

d) Bilateral, underscored, for

e) None

2) Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday _________Rahul Gandhi of harming the opposition and said the Congress chief __________if Prime Minister Narendra Modi came back ___________power.

a) Blamed, is responsible, for

b) Accused, would be responsible, to

c) allegedly, was responsible, to

d) Accuses, would be responsible , for

e) None

3)  The AAP national convener’s attack, ___________a wide-ranging interview to PTI, comes two days ___________of elections in Delhi, which is witnessing a three-cornered contest as talks for an alliance ___________the Congress and the AAP did not fructify.

a) While, before, within

b) During, ahead, between

c) During, amidst, among

d) around, before, among

e) None

4)  The __________proceedings was held in-camera. Stressing the need for “utmost confidentiality” in the conduct of the mediation to ensure its success, the court ____________to the extent of opining that the media should refrain ____________reporting the mediation proceedings.

a) Auditing, has gone, of

b) Judicial, have gone, about

c) Medication, will go, with

d) Mediation, had gone, from

e) None

5)  The eight weeks was the time ___________to the Muslim parties to examine the accuracy and __________of the Uttar Pradesh government’s official translation of thousands of pages of oral depositions and __________in the Ayodhya title suit appeals pending since 2010 in the apex court.

a) Allowed, relevance, exhibition

b) allotted, relevant, show

c) Given, relevance, exhibits

d) Giving, importance, shows

e) None

6) The Bench ____________that the Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Masjid case “is not ___________the 1500 sq ft of disputed land, but about religious sentiments. We know its impact on public sentiment, on body politic. We are looking at minds, hearts and __________if possible”.

a) Had explained, about, healing

b) Had been explained, with, healings

c) Has explained, from, heals

d) Have explained, about, heals

e) None

7)  New Delhi and Washington need to make a more ____________attempt to sort out issues, starting from scratch if required, with tariffs. While the 50-60% duties on motorcycles and cars and 150% duties on American liquor that India __________need a second look, the U.S. must see that average tariffs imposed by India (13.8%) are not much higher than those levied by __________such as South Korea and Brazil.

a) strategic, impose, societies

b) Determination, imposes, countries

c) Determined, imposes, economies

d) Strategies, imposing, communities

e) None

8)  In the face of growing U.S. ___________on the issue, the government that takes office after the election will have to urgently consider its options ahead. Clearly, the ___________of the past year, to ignore the differences in the hope that the problems would be resolved or that the U.S.’s trade war with China would occupy the Trump administration more, has not____________.

a) Aggression, strategy, worked

b) Aggressive, theory , defined

c) Passive, strategy, worked

d) Action, decision, working

e) None

9)  ___________to Indian and U.S. businesspersons, Mr. Ross ____________ at what he called India’s unfair trade practices and “overly restrictive market access barriers”. His comments followed a series of measures by the U.S. that ___________India.

a) Telling, hit, have affected

b) Addressing, lash out, has affected

c) Talking, hit out, has affected

d) Speaking, lashed out, have affected

e) none

10) After a___________ speech by U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in New Delhi this week, it is no longer ____________for the government to brush under the carpet its differences ___________Washington. 

a) nibbling, feasible, for

b) scathing, possible, with

c) Torturing, recommended, from

d) Shameful, commendable, to

e) None


1) Answer: a)

Ceasefire, underscores, from

Both ‘ceasefire’ and ‘truce’ seem appropriate but option  b) is discarded because you should use ‘from’ as the correct form of preposition here.

2) Answer: b)

accused, would be responsible, to

Use ‘to’ as the correct form of preposition instead of ‘for’. Use ‘accused’ as the correct alternative here.

3) Answer: b)

during, ahead, between

Out of suitable choices b) and c) , only b) is correct since when we compare two entities we use ‘between’.

4) Answer: d)

Mediation, had gone, from

Mediation is the intervention in a dispute in order to resolve it; arbitration. So option d) is suitable.

5) Answer: c)

Given, relevance, exhibits

Option d) can be easily eliminated looking at the tenses. Option c) is most suitable out of other choices.

6) Answer: a)

Had explained, about, healing

Use ‘had explained’ here as the sentence is talking about the event that happened in the past.

7) Answer: c)

Determined, imposes, economies

Going through the context of the paragraph, only counties and economies can be considered, so other options are discarded. Use ‘determined’ here- a verb instead of a noun.

8) Answer: a)          

aggression, strategy, worked

Here, in the first blank a noun is to be used, therefore  ‘Aggression’ is most appropriate.

9) Answer: d)

Speaking, lashed out, have affected

Lash out means to suddenly attack someone or something physically or criticize him, her, or it in an angry way.

10) Answer: b)

Scathing, possible, with

Scathing means witheringly scornful; severely critical. ‘With’ should be the correct preposition out of other choices.

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