LIC AAO/SBI PO Prelims English Preparation Questions 2019 (Day-09)

Dear Aspirants, Our IBPS Guide team is providing new series of English Questions for LIC AAO/SBI PO 2019 so the aspirants can practice it on a daily basis. These questions are framed by our skilled experts after understanding your needs thoroughly. Aspirants can practice these new series questions daily to familiarize with the exact exam pattern and make your preparation effective.

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Directions (1-10): Here in each of the questions there are words or phrases given in bold) You need to go through and understand whether the phrases are correctly used) If, not, then replace them correctly.

1) All his plans of going to Africa hang on the availability of visa

a) Hinges on

b) Depends on

c) Touches on

d) Settles on

e) None of these

2) You have to be there for me as I am relying on your support

a) Hinged on

b) Counting on

c) Picking on

d) Looking on

e) None of these

3)  As soon as her boss came she barrage speaking her mind without hesitation

a) Launched into

b) Hinged on

c) Moved into

d) Settled with

e) None of these

4) Teachers pout his involvement in so many society activities in college

a) Fear with

b) Stick to

c) Frown on

d) Bank on

e) None of these

5) There is no way you can bear with  only water and biscuits

a) Survive on

b) Exist on

c) Satisfy with

d) Survive at

e) None of these

6)  I really and sincerely hope that she appear fast

a) Shows down

b) Shows up

c) Comes up

d) Stays up

e) None of these

7) This is a very difficult deal and I hope you will concede

a) Give in

b) Give up

c) Settle in

d) Play down

e) None of these

8) We should belittle the risks of these operations

a) Hand down

b) Hand over

c) Play down

d) Back up

e) None of these

9) Don’t think there is a way to dodge

a) Wriggle out of it

b) Walk away with it

c) Cut back on it

d) Wiggle out of it

e) None of these

10)  This crime covet a decision at once

a) Shouts towards

b) Cries out for

c) Sticks out for

d) Holds out for

e) None of these


Directions (1-10):

1) Answer:  a)

‘hinges on’ is the appropriate phrase to be used

2) Answer:  b)

‘counting on’ should be used

3) Answer:  a)

 ‘barrage’ should be replaced with ‘launched into.

4) Answer:  c)

 ‘frown on’ should be used Others do not fit.

5) Answer:  a)

Use ‘survive on’ in place of ‘bear with’.

6) Answer:  b)

 ‘shows up’ should be used in place of ‘appear’

7) Answer:  a)

‘give in’ should be used

8) Answer:  c)

Use ‘play down’

9) Answer:  a)

 ‘wriggle out of it’ needs to be used

10) Answer:  b)

 ‘cries out for’ is the best fit.

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