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Here we have added English section strategy for SBI exams. Candidates preparing for the competitive exams are mostly lagging in this section. So go through the English section strategy and tips for the upcoming SBI clerk mains 2020 and SBI PO prelims 2020 exams.

English section is giving tough times for the candidates in the competitive exams. Especially in the exams like SBI clerk and PO, the standard of this section is high. Candidates should have sufficient knowledge to score in the English section of SBI exams. For that we have added some English section strategy and tips for SBI clerk 2020 mains and PO prelims. Follow all these tips and strategies in your daily preparation. Surely you can gain more marks in this section. If you score well in this section, you can make a huge difference in the competition.

English Section in SBI Exams:

For sections such as Quantitative aptitude and reasoning time management is a big deal for the candidates. But for the English section, time is not a threatening factor, if you have prepared well. Before going through English section strategy and tips for SBI PO prelims 2020 and clerk mains 2020, refer the pattern of this section.

  • In SBI PO prelims, the English language section has 30 questions. The sectional time allotted is 20 minutes.
  • In SBI clerk mains exam, the English language section has 40 questions. The sectional time allotted is 35 minutes.

In both these exams penalty mark is applicable for wrong answers. For each wrong answer, you will lose 1/4th of the marks allotted to that question. Follow the English Section startegy for SBI clerk mains and Po prelims 2020 given here.

Read Daily Newspapers:

The key preparation strategy for the English language section is reading daily newspapers. If you do this daily without fail, you can easily develop your reading skills and sentence framing knowledge. This is useful for the many topics in the English language section. Especially in the reading comprehension topic, you have to read the paragraph and understand the meaning soon. Only then you can answer all the questions under that topic. So reading skill is very important in the Reading comprehension topic. By reading newspapers daily, you can learn many articles regarding politics, science, social issues, banking technologies, etc. So that you can develop your knowledge in all these areas. This will surely help you in scoring good marks in the reading comprehension part.

Develop Grammar Knowledge:

Another very important English section strategy for SBI 2020 exams is developing your grammar knowledge. To develop the grammar knowledge, following ways are helpful:

  • Read school standard books and learn the basic rules of grammar.
  • Go through newspaper, magazines and English comics & story books.
  • Watch English news channels and movies.
  • Watch online videos to learn the grammar and its application in sentences.

Follow all these tips and strategies to learn grammar for the English language section. Because grammar is very important to score in almost all the topics of this section. If you are good in English grammar, you can score easily in topics like, fillers, cloze test, error spotting, etc. especially, the error spotting topic needs very good knowledge in grammar.

Build Your Vocabulary Skills:

The vocabulary skills are very important for the English language section. Some questions will contain unique words. Also the passage of the reading comprehension may have more unknown and unique words. You have to know the meaning of those words to understand and answer those questions. So improve your vocabulary skills. Some English section strategy for improving the vocabulary are,

  • Read newspapers, magazines and story books to learn new words.
  • keep a dictionary with you and learn the meaning of unknown unique words that you come across.

If you learn more new words, the vocabulary skills will develop automatically and it will contribute decent marks.

Use Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary

Attend Mock Test:

Very good preparation strategies itself give you confidence for the English language section. But mock test practice is compulsory to assess your preparation level. Take topic tests first and find your strong and weak zones. Then work on your weak areas and rectify the mistakes. Then attend more English language sectional mock tests. So that you can assess and develop your standard in this section.

Exam Strategy for English Language Section:

Time is not a big hurdle for this section. If you have prepared well, the given time limit is enough for you. But follow the given order to avoid tension in the exam.

  1. Fillers
  2. Cloze test
  3. Error spotting
  4. Sentence correction
  5. Phrase replacement / miscellaneous
  6. Jumbled sentences
  7. Reading comprehension

If you follow this order, it will e a good exam strategy for the English language section for the upcoming SBI clerk mains 2020 and PO prelims 2020 exams. Or else you can follow any other order that is comfortable to you. But don’t take risk by attending the reading comprehension topic at first. If it is asked in a difficult manner, then it will eat up more time. this will create unnecessary tension in the exam. Also follow some common exam tips for this English language section.

  • Don’t answer all the questions in a fluke manner. Remember the penalty marks and attend only the questions for which you know the  correct answers.
  • Don’t take over time for a single question and waste your time. Skip the question immediately, if you have any confusion over it.

English Practice Questions

So candidates follow all these English section strategy and tips to score good marks in the SBI clerk mains 2020 and PO perlims 2020  exams.


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