CWC/FCI Prelims 2019 English Questions (Phrase replacement) Day- 40

Dear Readers, Exam Race for the Year 2019 has already started, To enrich your preparation here we are providing new series of Practice Questions on English– Section for CWC/FCI Exam. Aspirants, practice these questions on a regular basis to improve your score in aptitude section. Start your effective preparation from the right beginning to get success in upcoming CWC/FCI Exam.

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Directions (1-10): Choose appropriate meaning of the phrases mentioned in bold)

1)  She works by fits and starts.

a) Consistently

b) Irregularly

c) In high spirits

d) Enthusiastically

e) None of these

2) I cannot put up with your misconduct any longer.

a) Excuse

b) Refuse

c) Accept

d) Tolerate

e) None of these

3)  He didn’t tell me directly, but reading between the lines, I think he is not happy with them

a) Reading slowly and haltingly

b) Understanding the sense rather than the actual words

c) Understanding the meaning and not sense

d) Reading superficially

e) None of these

4) I did not mind what he was saying; he was only talking through his hat

a) Talking nonsense

b) Talking ignorantly

c) Talking irresponsibly

d) Talking insultingly

e) None of these

5) He is so furious that he would go through fire and water to take revenge on his foe

a) Approach everybody for help

b) Avail himself of any opportunity

c) Use any conceivable method

d) Undergo any risk

e) None of these

6)  The watchdogs were asleep when the bulls ran riot.

a) Behaved cleverly

b) Acted without restraint

c) Wandered aimlessly

d) Had the best of time

e) None of these

7)  The young and the old cheek by jowl in the large audience

a) Very near

b) Very far

c) Tongue tied

d) Irritated

e) None of these

8) We wanted to keep the gift as a surprise for mother but my sister gave the game away

a) Lost the game

b) Gave out the secret

c) Played badly

d) Withdrew from game

e) None of the above

9) 25th January is a red letter day in her life

a) A sad inauspicious day

b) A happy day

c) A sorrowful day

d) An unfortunate day

e) None of these

10) This story makes one’s hair stand on end

a) Teaches one a lesson

b) Makes for interesting reading

c) Frightens one

d) Impresses one

e) None of the above

Answers :

Direction (1-10) :

1) Answer: b)


Fits and starts here means ‘To do intermittently or sporadically’

2) Answer: d)


Put up with refers to ‘endure’ and tolerate is a right word for that

3) Answer: b)

Understanding the sense rather than the actual words

Reading between the lines refers to ‘look

4) Answer: b)

Talking ignorantly

Talking through his hat refers to ‘nonsensical talk’

Here this answer seems perfect

5) Answer: d)

Undergo any risk

Go through fire and water points to ‘ mentality to undertake any risks’

6) Answer: b)

Acted without restraint

Ran riot refers to ‘uncontrolled behaviour’

Here this answer seems best

7) Answer:  a)

Very near

Cheek by jowl points to ‘close together’

Very near is very apt for this

8) Answer: b)

Gave out the secret

Gave the game away talks about ‘inadvertently revealing the secret’

9) Answer:  b)

A happy day

Red latter day talks about a ‘very auspicious day’

10) Answer:  c)

Frightens one

Makes one’s hair stand on end refers to ‘terrifying’

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