CWC/FCI Prelims 2019 English Questions (Double Fillers) Day- 50

Dear Readers, Exam Race for the Year 2019 has already started, To enrich your preparation here we are providing a new series of Practice Questions on English section for CWC/FCI Exam. Aspirants, practice these english questions on a regular basis to improve your score in the English section. Start your effective preparation from the right beginning to get success in the upcoming CWC/FCI Exam.

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1) We ____ allow our forests to be destroyed, otherwise we _____ face a grave crisis.

a) Shouldn’t, Can’t

b) Should, Will

c) Shouldn’t, will

d) Mustn’t, won’t

e) None of these

2) As a friend, I _____ like to tell you that you ______ stop consuming liquor

a) Shall, should

b) May, will

c) Would, should

d) Should, would

e) None of these

3) Ever since he was a child, he_______ to _______  to  Africa

a) has wanted, go

b) Was wanting, went

c) Will want, been

d) Is wanting, reach

e) None of these

4) When you are living with your ______ values and principles, you can be straight forward, honest and _____

a) Core, up-front

b) Inherited, distinct

c) Innate, durable

d) Cultural, perceptive

e) None of these

5) Lack of ______ is basic to good teamwork but our ability to work with others depends on our ______

a) Rigidity, compatibility

b) Dogmatism, motivation

c) Professionalism, vulnerability

d) Positivism, flexibility

e) None of these

6)  We must be rest assured that our sorrow, if any, are short-lived and a period of joy_________ us. Such thinking will always maintain our_______ and peace of mind)

a) Begets, dream

b) Befits, body

c) awaits, equipoise

d) Merits, life

e) None of these

7) Our _________ to understand the process of learning underlying behaviour change are _______ by the facts

a) Nature, determined

b) Scope, preceded

c) Attempt, complicated

d) Limitations, moderated

e) None of these

8) Man is ________. He likes to know how things work. The search for understanding is ______ in its own right

a) Evolving, prophetic

b) Inquisitive, prophetic

c) Appreciative, fundamental

d) Curious, philosophical

e) None of these

9) If a junior executive rejects his professional development and _______ education, he can easily and quickly become obsolete in a world changing at _______ rates

a) Management, voluminous

b) Higher, vulnerable

c) Better, supreme

d) Continuing, dizzying

e) None of these

10) When interpersonal problems ______ but are not dealt with, the organization’s productivity inevitably_______

a) Surface, develops

b) focus, increases

c) exist, diminishes

d) develop, exhibits

e) None of these

Answers :

Directions (1-10):

1) Answer:  c)

These are the right modals to be used here with respect to the sentence above)

2) Answer:  c)  

The past tense of the word here is the right one to be used along with should

3) Answer:  a)  

Use the simple past tense for completed actions in the past.

4) Answer:  a)  

These words seem to be the most fit here out of all the words used)  Hence it is the correct answer.

5) Answer:  a)  

They seem to match here out of all other words given like positivism and professionalism

6) Answer:  c)  

These words seem to be going along with the statement given above according to its meaning

7) Answer:  c)  

The past tenses of the words have to be used here and it is correctly used here

8) Answer:  b)  

The present tense suits here and among all the words these seem to be the best

9) Answer:  d)  

None of the other options will fit here properly. By this we can easily eliminate all others.

10) Answer:  c)  

These words seem to be the best grammatically and contextually when put along the blanks.



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