CWC/FCI Prelims 2019 English Questions (Synonyms And Antonyms) Day- 55

Dear Readers, Exam Race for the Year 2019 has already started, To enrich your preparation here we are providing a new series of Practice Questions on English section for CWC/FCI Exam. Aspirants, practice these english questions on a regular basis to improve your score in the English section. Start your effective preparation from the right beginning to get success in the upcoming CWC/FCI Exam.

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Directions (1-5): Find out the Antonym from the Following:

1) She had an ETHEREAL glow on her face, when the sun rays fell on her.

a) Intangible

b) Substantial

c) Graceful

d) Strange

e) Hot

2) My friend is so GARRULOUS that she can never keep a secret.

a) Talkative

b) Verbose

c) Composed

d) Quiet

e) Aloof

3) Something WEIRD is going on here for a long time now.

a) Familiar

b) Normal

c) Unusual

d) Horrible

e) Great

4) My pet has developed a RAVENOUS appetite over the years.

a) Small

b) Famished

c) Starving

d) Insatiable

e) Full

5) My mother has always been my most JUDICIOUS critic

a) Cautious

b) Prudent

c) Sensible

d) Unwise

e) Unfaithful

Directions (6-10): Find out the Synonym from the Following:

6) Her NONCHALANT reply was simply a “Yes”.

a) Angry

b) Careless

c) Anxious

d) Calm

e) Predictable

7) When I was young, I was a VORACIOUS reader.

a) Gluttonous

b) Slow

c) Meticulous

d) Avid

e) Detailed

8) The new chapter of Physics PETRIFIED me

a) Terrified

b) Irritated

c) Excited

d) Inspired

e) Cheered

9) My friend lives a very HUMBLE and simple life

a) Quiet

b) Lonely

c) Exciting

d) Meek

e) Poor

10) He was OSTRACIZED by his friends for his radical beliefs.

a) Shunned

b) Included

c) Gathered

d) Called

e) Disgusted


Directions (1-5):

1) Answer: b)


The word means something that cannot be measured. Here it means elegant.

2) Answer: d)


The word means talkative and here it means someone who cannot keep anything to himself/herself for being too chatty.

3) Answer: c)


The word means strange. Here it means the same as something unnatural is going on at a place for a long time.

4) Answer: e)


The word means extremely hungry. Here it means the dog has developed an extreme level of hunger over time.

5) Answer: d)


The word means having a good sense of judgement. Here it means the mother being the correct judge of the person concerned

Directions (6-10):

6) Answer: d)


The word means relaxed. Here it means responding in a very composed manner.

7) Answer: d)


The word means insatiable. A voracious reader is someone who has an unquenchable thirst about reading books.

8) Answer: a)


The meaning of the word is frightened. Here it means the new chapter was frightening.

9) Answer: d)

The word means modesty. Here it means someone who leads a life in an unappealing way and does not catch any kind of unnecessary attention.

10) Answer: a)

The word means rejected) Here it is used to describe a person who has been excluded from his group of friends.

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