CWC/FCI Prelims 2019 English Questions (Cloze Test) Day- 02

Dear Readers, Exam Race for the Year 2019 has already started, To enrich your preparation here we are providing new series of Practice Questions on English– Section for CWC/FCI Exam. Aspirants, practice these questions on a regular basis to improve your score in aptitude section. Start your effective preparation from the right beginning to get success in upcoming CWC/FCI Exam.

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Directions(1-10): Given below is a passage, which numbers against blanks or bold words. You have to read the questions that follow and answer accordingly.

The campaigns to delay, modify — or even halt — the British government’s (1)___________of Brexit gained a boost, as Prime Minister Theresa May said she could offer MPs a choice of ruling out a no-deal exit, or a time limited-delay to Brexit. The move comes a day after the Labour Party said it would support the holding of a second (2)___________ if the government failed to back its alternative vision of Brexit.

The developments come as Britain prepares to leave the EU in just over a month’s time, so far without a withdrawal (3) agreement amenable to both sides, and as the Prime Minister prepares to put the terms of leaving the EU to MPs in a meaningful vote on March 12, just 17 days before Britain is due to leave.  Should her deal not be agreed to on March 12, Ms. May has pledged to offer MPs votes on the next two days, firstly (on March 13) on ruling out a no-deal exit, and secondly (on March 14) on requesting an extension to the Article 50(4)__________process. “So the U.K. will only leave without a deal on March 29 if there is explicit consent in this House for that outcome,” Ms. May told a heated session of the House of Commons on Tuesday. She added that she did not want Article 50 extended, and would not (5) revoke Article 50. She also warned against anything but a short delay, noting that if it went beyond June, Britain would have to take part in European Parliamentary elections (or else face a ‘sharper cliff edge’ exit a few months down the road.  Opposition MPs warned (6) ________according too much significance to the Prime Minister’s plan.

“No one should fall for this,” said the leader of the Scottish National Party, Nicola Sturgeon, insisting her moves were part of “(7)  cynical manoeuvring to try and bully MPs into accepting her bad deal”. Labour also accused the government of attempting to run down the clock. A no-deal exit was still on the table, insisted Anna Soubry, a former Conservative MP who left the party last week to join an independent group of former Conservative and Labour MPs. They are urging MPs across the political spectrum to back an (8)__________on Wednesday that would legally require the government to offer MPs the option of extending the Brexit process beyond March if MPs didn’t agree to Ms. May’s deal on March 12. The new Labour line on a second referendum marks a significant shift in the position of the party’s leadership and particularly Jeremy Corbyn, who have long maintained that the party has a responsibility to deliver on Brexit and what people voted for in 2016, and highlights the strong pressure mounted in recent weeks on the party’s top brass, both from within and (9) _________the shadow Cabinet.

Senior party leaders on Tuesday clarified that Labour would be pushing for a remain option and a “credible” Brexit plan to be offered to voters in any referendum. While some of the nine Labour MPs who left the party last week, cited the party’s Brexit strategy as one of their reasons for doing so, other senior figures had begun to express (10) ________that unless Labour backed a second referendum, it would

continue to lose public support as well as more MPs. The decision followed meetings held by the party in Brussels and Madrid with senior officials.

1) ?

a) Interpretation

b) Augmentation

c) Decision

d) Credibility

e) Both a and d

2) ?

a) Brevity

b) Referendum

c) Holding

d) Chance

e) Corrigendum

3) Find the word from among the options that is nearly opposite to the word in (3) given in bold.

a) Rapport

b) Accord

c) Dissension

d) Concurrence

e) Entente

4) ?

a) Negotiation

b) Accidental

c) Distortion

d) Concurrence

e) Covenant

5) Find the odd option in relation to the word (5) given in bold in the passage.

a) Annul

b) Rescind

c) Dismantle

d) Abrogate

e) Corroborate

6) ?

a) Against

b) At

c) For

d) Above

e) Both a and c

7) ?

a) Skeptical

b) Undoubting

c) Jaded

d) Sardonic

e) Derisive

8) ?

a) Believing

b) Adept

c) Amendment

d) Challenges

e) Both a and b

9) ?

a) Inside

b) Outside

c) Besides

d) Beside

e) No error

10) ?

a) Advices

b) Concerns

c) Doldrums

d) Cradled

e) Both a and b


Directions (1-10):

1) Answer: a)

only ‘interpretation’ matches the context

2) Answer: b)

The only option ‘referendum’ fits the blank here.

3) Answer: c)

Dissension’ is an antonym of agreement

4) Answer: a)

Only option (a) fits here

5) Answer: e)

Except (e) rest are synonyms

6) Answer: a)

‘Warn against’

7) Answer: b)

Except(b), rest are antonyms, while (b) is a synonym.

8) Answer: c)

Only (c) matches the context

9) Answer: b)

‘Outside’ is grammatically correct in the sentence

10) Answer: b)

‘Concerns’ fits the blank.

‘Finished’ should be replaced with ‘had finished’. We should use perfect participle before ‘before’ and past indefinite after ‘before’, when two actions are compared according to the time of their occurrence

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