CWC/FCI Prelims 2019 English Questions (Sentence Completion) Day- 22

Dear Readers, Exam Race for the Year 2019 has already started, To enrich your preparation here we are providing new series of Practice Questions on English– Section for CWC/FCI Exam. Aspirants, practice these questions on a regular basis to improve your score in aptitude section. Start your effective preparation from the right beginning to get success in upcoming CWC/FCI Exam.

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1) I got scared when I realized ______

a) That he was being late

b) That he was late

c) That he had been late

d) That he would be late

e) None of these

2) They are focusing on the  goals the programs are designed _____

a) To achieve

b) To have been achieved

c) To have been achieving

d) To have achieved

e) None of these

3) The ways in which costs of the programs are distributed _______

a) Amounts to

b) Will amount to

c) Will be amounting to

d) Will have amounted to

e) None of these

4) This meeting with both the chancellor and the police ________

a) Was widely interpreted

b) Has been widely interpreted

c) Is being widely interpreted

d) Will be widely interpreted

e) None of these

5) So far the situation _______ between the king and his ministers

a) Had been argued

b) Will be argued

c) Was argued

d) Will have been argued

e) None of these

6) It was only her maternal view that Princess Diana _______ for the kingdom

a) Was too young

b) Had been too young

c) Will be too young

d) Might be too young

e) None of these

7) In the partial unification ________ in the past

a) That have been achieved

b) That will be achieved

c) That might be achieved

d) That can be achieved

e) None of these

8) Every student in an institution ______ of personal opinion

a) Has some degree

b) Will have some degree

c) Might have some degree

d) Will be having some degree

e) None of these

9) The so called democratic states _______ towards the welfare set up.

a) Are all moving

b) Will be moving

c) Have been moving

d) Has been moving

e) None of these

10)      Recently the scientific advancements ________ the relationships between human beings

a) Has affected

b) Have affected

c) Will be affecting

d) Might be affecting

e) None of these


Directions (1-10):

1) Answer:  a)

That he was being late

Other options will not match the blank grammatically.

2 ) Answer:  a)

To achieve

Option ‘a’ is the only one that will fit.

3) Answer:  a)

Amounts to

Others are grammatically incorrect.

4) Answer:  a)

Was widely interpreted

Others are grammatically incorrect.

5) Answer:  a)

Had been argued

6) Answer:  a)

Was too young

Other options do not fit.

7) Answer:  a)

That have been achieved

Others are grammatically incorrect.

8) Answer:  a)

Has some degree

9) Answer:  a)

are all moving

None of the others are grammatically correct.

10) Answer:  a)

has affected

Other options will not fit here)

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