CWC/FCI Prelims 2019 English Questions (Synonyms and Antonyms) Day- 37

Dear Readers, Exam Race for the Year 2019 has already started, To enrich your preparation here we are providing new series of Practice Questions on English– Section for CWC/FCI Exam. Aspirants, practice these questions on a regular basis to improve your score in aptitude section. Start your effective preparation from the right beginning to get success in upcoming CWC/FCI Exam.

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Directions (1-5): Find out the antonym from the following

1) There is not always an EPHEMERAL solution to every problem.

a) Passing

b) Sensuous

c) Permanent

d) Distasteful

e) Weird

2) I wonder how she is able to remain LUMINOUS all day long.

a) Delectable

b) Lucid

c) Distasteful

d) Gloomy

e) Serene

3) Please don’t be TORPID as usual.

a) Alert

b) Indolent

c) Pitiable

d) Composed

e) Quiet

4) Why don’t you try to be SERENE in times of tension?

a) Placid

b) Indignant

c) Profound

d) Disturbed

e) Acquired

5)  Please try to not to be PEDANTIC when you dress up.

a) Exceptional

b) Ignorant

c) Singular

d) Simple

e) Heavy

Directions (6-10): Find out the synonyms from the following

6)  Don’t TRADUCE the work she has produced

a) Glorify

b) Produce

c) Yield

d) Slander

e) Peace

7)  I could never believe that even you will lend your ear to this CALUMNY about me

a) News

b) Report

c) Rumour

d) Slander

e) Irritating

8) He was filled with REMORSE for his actions.

a) Regret

b) Repentance

c) Revulsion

d) Despair

e) Peaceful

9) I do not wish to BEHOLDEN to anyone in this class.

a) Dependant

b) Opposed

c) Obligated

d) Sycophant

e) Funny

10) Nina’s ARDUOUS efforts had sapped her energy.

a) Over- ambitious

b) Strenuous

c) Sterile

d) Apocryphal

e) Listen

Answers :

Direction (1-5) :

1) Answer:  c)  


The word means transitory or lasting for a short while)  Here it refers to solutions being brief

2) Answer:  d)  


The word means shining. Here it refers to how the person is able to remain cheerful all day long

3) Answer:  a)  


The word means mentally or physically inactive. Here it refers to the person being lethargic all the time

4) Answer:  d)  


The word means peaceful. Here it refers to the person being calm in times of trouble)

5) Answer:  d)  


The word means over scrupulous. Here it refers to the fact that the person should get dressed in a simple manner.

Direction (6-10) :

6) Answer:  d)  


The word means slander. Here it’s a warning given to not defame the particular person

7) Answer:  d)  


The word means character assassination. Here it’s says somebody can’t believe that one person listened to somebody slandering her

8) Answer:  b)  


The word means sad. Here it refers to him being depressed due to his actions

9) Answer:  c)  


The word means indebted)  Here it means not to be under an obligation to anyone

10) Answer:  b)  


The word means onerous. Here it means she worked really hard

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