“20-20” General Awareness | Crack South Indian Bank 2018 Day-28

Dear Aspirants, As we all know the importance of General Awareness section to appear for all the competitive exams. So, IG team has taken majestic step to make you score more in the General Awareness Part. We amalgamated Current affairs, Banking awareness and Static Gk sections to make you score more. The Aspirants can make use of it, to improve score in General awareness part.

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  1. Which of the following app launched by the Government for Coal Quality Monitoring?






  1. Which of the following state has inaugurated the India’s longest elevated road “Hindon Elevated Road”?

a) Assam

b) Manipur

c) Rajasthan

d) Karnataka

e) Uttar Pradesh

  1. Julius Maada Bio is the president of which of the following country?

a) Serbia

b) Guatemala

c) Sierra Leone

d) Georgia

e) None of these

  1. Which of the following institution will financially assist the government of Himachal Pradesh to develop the Suketi Fossil Park in an effort to enhance tourism in the state?

a) Asian Development Bank

b) Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

c) World Bank

d) International Monetary Fund

e) Both a and c

  1. The Union Government has granted 100 percent tax relief to eligible start-ups on Angel tax where the investment from investors does not exceed how much Crore?

a) 10 Crore

b) 15 Crore

c) 20 Crore

d) 25 Crore

e) 50 Crore

  1. Ramit Tandon related to which of the following sports?

a) Badminton

b) Squash

c) Table Tennis

d) Chess

e) Billiards

  1. Which of the following state going to host the International Children’s Theatre Festival 2018?

a) West Bengal

b) Telangana

c) Karnataka

d) Maharashtra

e) Haryana

  1. Which of the following Indian state has roped in a Pakistani girl as the brand ambassador for its ‘Swachh Jamui Swasth Jamui’ initiative?

a) Jammu & Kashmir

b) Punjab

c) Rajasthan

d) Bihar

e) Gujarat

  1. How much amount of loan agreement has been signed between India and World Bank for National Nutrition Mission -POSHAN Abhiyaan?

a) $ 100 million

b) $ 150 million

c) $ 200 million

d) $ 250 million

e) $ 300 million

  1. Which railway station has been awarded first prize for most beautiful station by Ministry of Railways?

a) Balharshah and Chandrapur stations

b) Cochin Railway Station

c) Mangapore Railway Station

d) Chennai Egmore Railway Station

e) Dabolim Railway Station

  1. What does ‘L’ stands for in AML?

a) Laundering

b) Liability

c) Leverage

d) Loss

e) None of these

  1. Name the worldwide financial messaging network which exchanges messages between banks and financial institutions?



(c) NEFT

(d) SFMS


  1. What is the abbreviation of BCBS?

(a) Bank’s committee on banking supervision

(b) Basel commission on banking supervision

(c) Bank’s commission on banking supervision

(d) Basel committee on banking supervision

(e) None of these

  1. Green Banking means

(a) Financing of irrigation projects by banks

(b) Development of forestry by banks

(c) Financing of environment friendly projects by banks

(d) Development of railways by banks

(e) None of these

  1. ______is a Regional Rural Bank sponsored by Punjab & Sind Bank:

a) Punjab Gramin Bank

b) Malwa Bank

c) Pragathi Gramin Bank

d) Sutlej Gramin Bank

e) None of these

  1. In which state Vansda National Park is located?

a) Karnataka

b) Maharashtra

c) Uttar Pradesh

d) Gujarat

e) None of these

  1. World Milk Day observed on which day?

a) May 01

b) June 01

c) July 01

d) December 01

e) None of these

  1. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary located in which state?

a) Karnataka

b) Bihar

c) Rajasthan

d) Uttarakhand

e) None of these

  1. Saraswati Samman award related to which field?

a) Sports

b) Music

c) Literature

d) Journalism

e) None of these

  1. Rovers Cup related to which sports?

a) Hockey

b) Cricket

c) Rugby

d) Tennis

e) Football


  1. Answer: B

The Union Minister for Railways and Coal Shri Piyush Goyal launched UTTAM App for Coal Quality Monitoring. UTTAM stands for – Unlocking Transparency by Third Party Assessment of Mined Coal (uttam.coalindia.in). The Ministry of Coal and Coal India Limited (CIL) developed UTTAM, aims to provide an App for all citizens and coal consumers to monitor the process of Third Party Sampling of coal across CIL subsidiaries.

  1. Answer: E

India’s longest elevated road, which is also known as “Hindon Elevated Road”, has been inaugurated in Uttar Pradesh, Ghaziabad. The expressway is a 10.3 km long elevated road that connects Raj Nagar Extension in Ghaziabad to the border of Delhi at UP Gate near Vaishali. It reduces an hour-long journey to just 18 minutes.

  1. Answer: C

Julius Maada Bio is the president of Sierra Leone. Mr Bio is a former soldier who briefly ruled Sierra Leone in 1996. Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa, on the Atlantic Ocean. It’s known for the white-sand beaches lining the Freetown Peninsula.

  1. Answer: A

Himachal Pradesh CM announced that the Suketi Fossil Park in Sirmaur district will be developed through Asian Development Bank (ADB) assistance. The government is also open to private investment for the development of the part located near Nahan town.

  1. Answer: A

The government granted relief to eligible start-ups from angel tax if they have received funds up to a certain limit. Start-ups can apply to an eight-member inter-ministerial board (IMB) for tax relief if the aggregate amount of paid-up share capital and share premium of the start-up after the proposed issue of shares does not exceed Rs 10 crore.

  1. Answer: B

Ramit Tandon from India has won the Abu Dhabi Open squash title. This is Ramit’s third title on Professional Squash Association tour. In world rankings, the Indian holds the 65th position, while the Egyptian is placed higher at the 41st spot.

  1. Answer: A

The 2018 International Children’s Theatre Festival will be held at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkata, West Bengal from June 17 to 21. Children of various theatre groups from eight countries besides host India will take part in fest. The participating countries are France, Slovenia, Swaziland, Mexico, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.

  1. Answer: D

Triggering a controversy, a Pakistani girl featured as the “brand ambassador” on the cover page of a booklet meant to promote ‘Swachh Jamui Swasth Jamui’ initiative in Bihar’s Jamui district. It was also revealed that the girl was being promoted as the face of UNICEF in Pakistan for education.

  1. Answer: C

The Centre has signed a loan agreement worth 200 million dollar with the World Bank for the National Nutrition Mission -POSHAN Abhiyaan. The loan approved will support the first phase scale up to 315 districts across all states and union territories (UTs) and help in achieving its goal of reducing stunting in children upto 6 years of age from 38.4 per cent to 25 per cent by 2022.

  1. Answer: A

Balharshah and Chandrapur stations (Nagpur Division) of Central Railway have been awarded first prize for depicting the best art & refurbishing itself as the most beautiful station across Indian Railways.

  1. Answer: A

Anti money laundering (AML) refers to a set of procedures, laws, and regulations designed to stop the practice of generating income through illegal actions.

  1. Answer: B

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) provides a network that enables financial institutions worldwide to send and receive information about financial transactions in a secure, standardized and reliable environment.

  1. Answer: D

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) is a committee of banking supervisory authorities that was established by the central bank governors of the Group of Ten countries in 1974.

  1. Answer: C

Green Banking means promoting environmental-friendly practices and reducing carbon footprint from banking activities.

  1. Answer: D

Sutlej Gramin Bank is a Regional Rural Bank sponsored by Punjab & Sind Bank.

  1. Answer: D

Vansda National Park, also known as Bansda National Park located in Gujarat


  1. Answer: B

The world commemorates World Milk Day on 1st June every year.

  1. Answer: A

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary located in Karnataka

  1. Answer: C

The Saraswati Samman is an annual award for outstanding prose or poetry literary works in any 22 Indian language listed in Schedule VIII of the Constitution of India

  1. Answer: E

The Rovers Cup was a football tournament held in India.

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