General Awareness Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2019

Dear Aspirants, SBI Clerk Mains 2019 held on 10th August, 2019. We have already shared a detailed exam analysis for the same. We know that you all must be eagerly searching for the list of GK Questions asked in SBI Clerk Mains.

We are here to share the List of General Awareness Questions asked in SBI Clerk Mains exam. Out of 40 questions, 25+ questions were asked from our Power Capsule. We hope that, aspirants who prepared using our Power Capsule would hit the most of the questions in this mains exam.

In this post, candidates can find the GK questions with answers that make you to assess your mistakes and rectify it in the upcoming exams. Our IBPS Guide team wishes you a great success in your endeavours.

List of GK Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2019:

1). 19 August is celebrated as which day?

Answer: Humanitarian day

2). Jawaharlal Nehru indoor Stadium Located In?

Answer: Cuttack

3). In which state Kaziranga National Park is located ?

Answer: Assam

 4). Male is the capital city of ?

Answer: Maldives (Currency- Maldivian rufiyaa)

 5). Where was the SCO Summit 2019 held ?

Answer: Kyrgyzstan

 6). Who is the author of the book “War Over Words”?

Answer: Devika Sethi

 7). The profession of VK Birla ?

Answer: Buisseness

 8). Where is Amarabad Tiger Reserve located ?

Answer: Telangana

9). Which city has recently been included in UNESCO World Heritage City?

Answer: Jaipur

 10). Tapan Ray is the head of which committee?

Answer: CIC of RBI

 11). National Museum of Indian Cinema was held in where?

Answer: Mumbai

 12). Who represented India at G20 Ministerial Meeting ?

Answer: Piyush Goyal

 13). World Economic Situation Prospect report is published by?

Answer: UN

 14). Sadananda Gowda is from which ministry?

Answer: Chemical and Fertilizer

 15). India International Cooperative Trade Fair was held at?

Answer: New Delhi

 16). Which bank has the highest wilful defaulter?

Answer: SBI

 17). In which place Elephant rehabilitation Centre located ?

Answer: Kerala

 18). In Which City agreed to implement the Damanganga-Pinjal river linking project?

Answer : Mumbai

 19 The government will charge a two per cent tax if aggregate cash withdrawal from one or more accounts exceeds ____________?

Answer : Rs. 1 crore

 20). Full-Form of A in FBA ?

Answer: Financial Benchmark Administrator

 21). Who wins the silver medal in World Youth Cup 2019 from India?

Answer: Arinjeeta Dey

 22). Where is the Headquarters of National Institute of panchayat raj located?

Answer: Hyderabad

23). Kawal Tiger Reserve Located in?

Answer: Mancherial District , Telangana

24). September 5th is celebrated as which day?

Answer: International Day of Charity

25). 2023 Cricket wold cup will be hosted by which country?


26). 2019 cricket world cup final held in which stadium?

Answer: Lord’s,  London

27). BRICS Summit held in 2019?

Answer: Brazil

28). PCR Stands For?

Answer:Public Credit Registry

Note: Remain questions will update soon


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