GK Questions Asked in NIACL AO Mains Exam Held on 10th Jan 2017

GK Questions Asked in NIACL AO Mains Exam Held on 10th Jan 2017:

Dear Readers, Here we have shared GK Questions asked in the NIACL AO Mains examination, aspirants can make use of it.

1). Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Stadium is located at?
Ans: Noida, UP
2). Sasmita Malik is related to which sports?
Ans: Foot ball
3). Pretoria is the capital of?
Ans:South Africa
4). Tansat is CO2 monitoring satellite which was launched by which country?
5). Utkarsh Micro Finance is the first micro finance to get license of Small Bank from RBI, it’s headquarters was located at?
Ans:Varanasi, UP
6). What is the Lok Sabha constituency of Rajiv Pratap?
Ans:Saran, Bihar
7). In OCMC, ‘M’ stands for?
Ans:Mediation (Online Consumer Meditation Center)
8). 8thMarch is observed as?
Ans:International Women’s Day
9). Koyna Hydro Project is located at?
10). Judima Festival is hosted at which state?
11). Who is the head of the 12 member committee which started to boost digital payment?
Ans:Chandrababu Naidu
12). What is the Range of Agni 5 missile?
Ans:5000-8000 km
13). Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s Birth Anniversary was observed as?
Ans:Good Governance Day
14).Balphakram National Park is Located at?
15). Who is the author of the book, “Book An Era of Drakness: The British Empire in India”?
Ans:Shashi Tharoor
16). Dongmar lake is located at?
17). Which is the India’s first island district?
Ans:Majuli, Assam
18). Indian Institute of Skill Development is located at?
Ans:Kanpur, UP
19). In LAF, “A” stands for?
Ans:Adjustment (Liquidity Adjustment Facility)
20). Who is the chairman of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India?
Ans:M S Sahoo
21). Anupam Mishra who passed away recently is belongs to which field?
22). Health Insurance Comes under which insurance?
Ans:General Insurance
23). Zhuhaui Airshow is conducted by which country?
24).Headquarters of International Telecommunication Union?
Ans:Geneva, Switzerland
 25). INSAT 3DR is launched by ISRO, what type of satellite is this?
Ans:Weather Satellite
26). Which among the following is the first bank to support U17 FIFA World Cup?
Ans:Bank of Baroda
27). Which of the following bank has transformed 100 villages in Digital Village?
Ans:ICICI Bank
28). Who has topped in the list of Forbes India’s Highest earning celebrities list?
Ans:Salman Khan
29). Which bank has launched Easypay App for merchants?
Ans:ICICI Banks
30). Which of the following company has launched a single Quick Response (QR) code between Visa, MasterCard, Rupay?




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