How to Prepare for Government Job Exams without Coaching

“How to Prepare for Government Job Exams without Coaching” – this is the most common question for all the students. After completing graduation, most of the candidates are trying their luck for government jobs. The competition is rising high with each passing year. Thus, it is imperative to learn the best tips on how you can prepare at home without any coaching. 

Soon after completing the degree, the candidates have many options to choose their career path. There are various options in the form of MNC companies, IT jobs, the private sector, government jobs, etc. Some candidates desire for MNC jobs and IT company jobs for a handful of salary. But the majority of students aim for the government job. The reason is a good salary and job security. So most of the candidates prepare for the government job exams, soon after completing their graduation degree. Here we have added some preparation methods and tips. These tips will help the candidates on how to prepare for government job exams after completing their graduation degree.

Government Job Exams

In government job exams itself, there are various options for the candidates to choose from. The candidates can prepare for banking, UPSC, Railways, SSC exams, etc. So there are so many government job exams in a calendar year. If candidates plan properly and work hard, they can surely get the government job in their hands. The only difficulty is the competition level. The exam level will depend upon the level of competition. So candidates should analyze the government job notification completely. Then utilize the tips available here on how to prepare for government job exams after graduation.

There are many opportunities for candidates in the form of upcoming bank exams, UPSC,  insurance, etc. Also, you can search for the State government jobs in each state. Likewise, search for all the options. Go through the notifications and see the vacancy and eligibility details. If you are completely eligible for the post, you can apply for the job. You can also look for the important Central government job notifications. Thus, candidates have plenty of options in the government sector. You should choose the best that suits you. Then start to focus on those particular exams. To support your preparation, we have added tips on how to prepare for government exams.

How to Prepare for Government Job Exams at Home?

Many candidates have a doubt on how to study for govt job exams. Because some people are trying for many years. Still, they couldn’t find the success formula. Only people with hard work and dedication can secure the government job in their hands. Along with the hard work, candidates will prepare with a clear mind and a steady plan. This will increase your probability of success. Here we have added some important is and preparation methods on how to prepare for government job written tests. Candidates follow all the tips and preparation strategies. So that you can easily crack your dream government job soon.

Choose Your Area of Interest:

The candidates with doubt on how to prepare for govt job exams should first choose their area of interest. Some candidates will just focus on only one exam. Some may focus on more than 7 to 8 exams. It depends upon the mindset of the candidates. But normally, if you focus on more than 5 to 6 exams, you cannot concentrate properly. So choose your area of interest from banking, SSC, railway exams, etc. If you select 2 to 3 sectors, it is well and good. So that you can focus on all the exams, giving a sufficient amount of importance to each exam.

Choose Exams:

Check all the recent government job notifications as per your area of interest. Then check your eligibility in all cases such as age, educational qualification, etc. If you are eligible as per the standards, then apply as per the guidelines.

Refer to Exam Pattern & Syllabus:

Then check the exam pattern and Syllabus of each exam. With this, you can know the list of subjects you want to cover in the entire preparation. Make your study plan schedule to cover all the subjects. For some exams, the subjects will be mostly similar. For example, in most of the exams, you may have to cover general awareness, Reasoning, Aptitude, and English sections. So prepare a common study plan and cover all the subjects. Only when an exam nears, focus on that particular exam completely. For example, if you have applied for banking (eg: IBPS RRB) and SSC exams, first prepare for both. If IBPS RRB exam nears, then devote one month of preparation completely for it. So, candidates first refer to all the details about exam pattern and syllabus. Then you can go to the tips on how to prepare for government job exams.

Analyze the Exam Level:

This is the main step. In this first check the exam selection process. Then check the previous year cut-offs and old question papers. So that you can guess the exam difficulty level. As per this analysis, you can optimize your preparation standard.

Practice with Dedication:

Attempt mock test series frequently to increase your speed and accuracy. This is the one-stop solution for the question, “how to prepare for government job exams?”. Before mock test practice, first, earn all the basics from each subject.

  • As the preliminary exam is the first stage, focus on the basic concepts and solve more easy questions with high speed and accuracy.
  • After clearing the prelims exam, focus on the high-level difficult puzzles.
  • Prepare with high-quality study materials and mock test packages.

Importance of Mock Test:

On how to prepare for government job exams, candidates have many ideas. But the importance of mock test practice says that it is very essential.

  • Continuous practice with mock test series will increase your speed and accuracy considerably. Hence automatically your attempts and the total score will be more and so you can clear any higher cut-off.
  • By practicing exams with a time set, you can get an idea of selecting the right choice of questions in a smart way so that you may not waste your time in
    the exam.
  • Practicing with the mock test will upgrade your reasoning skills. As a result, you can get the ability to approach any higher level puzzles in an easy way and solve it in a minimum time period.
  • Practicing mock tests will give you the real feel of attending the test in the exam center. By giving more trials you can completely wipe off your exam time and feel nervous.
  • You will get the detailed answer key after completing the exam in mock tests that will help you to analyze your errors and correct them.

English Language Tips:

For the English language section, you must read newspapers in a regular manner. This is the best strategy to score marks in this section. Reading newspapers will improve your vocabulary and grammar skills. Grammar skills will be useful to score in error spotting, fillers, sentence correction, etc. As you learn more new words, it will be useful in the synonyms and antonyms part. Also, your reading skills will be developed. So that you can ace the reading comprehension topic with ease.

Reasoning Ability Tips:

For this section, the only way to score marks is continuous mock test practice. After the practice, you must analyze your mistakes without fail. If you correct your mistakes regularly you can easily maintain 100% accuracy. Focus on puzzles and seating arrangement topics. It will fetch you more marks in the exam.

Quantitative Aptitude Tips:

Solve more simplification, quadratic equations, and number series topics until you get 100% accuracy. Then take more mock tests for the exam point of view data interpretation topics. Learn all the application sums with short cut methods. Only then you can save more time and attend maximum questions in the exam.

Coming to the exam strategy, go for simplification, number series, and quadratic equation topics at first. These topics will fetch you marks easily. Then you can solve the simple DI questions. Finally, go for the application problems that look easier. This is the best strategy on how to prepare government job exams. Apply these strategies in your mock test practice itself.

General Awareness Tips:

For almost all of the government exams, general awareness is a very important topic. In fact, this is the section that decides the winners. So, candidates completely focus on current affairs in a daily manner. Also, give importance to static GK. To cover current affairs, do daily preparation without fail. Then before the exam do at least 2 times of revision.


Here we have added some FAQs to clarify your doubts on how to prepare for government job exams.

Q: What are the preparation methods to crack government exams?

A: Mock test practice is the best preparation method to crack any government exam.

Q: What are the subjects to prepare for government exams?

A: Most of the government exams will have some common sections. They are, English, Reasoning, Aptitude, and general awareness.

Q: For banking exams, is it necessary to prepare general awareness?

A: Yes, for banking exams, general awareness preparation is very important in the mains stage.


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