How to Prepare for SBI CBO Interview 2021? Check Interview Preparation Tips

How to Prepare for SBI CBO Interview 2021?

How to Prepare for SBI CBO Interview 2021? Here we have added the interview preparation tips for the candidates who cleared the SBI CBO online exam. The interview is the last stage in this selection process. So, you have to prepare with dedication for the SBI CBO interview 2021. Here we have added some important tips regarding how to prepare for the SBI CBO interview 2021. Also, check how to behave in the SBI CBO interview 2021 here. Your behavior will also play a crucial role in the interview.  Then we have added some important SBI CBO interview questions and answers that you can expect. So, refer to this article on how to prepare for the SBI CBO interview 2021 completely. Then you will get a clear idea of how to prepare for the SBI CBO interview 2021.

SBI CBO Interview Preparation Strategy:

State Bank Of India Circle based Officer (CBO) online written test was conducted on 28 Nov 2020. It was conducted to recruit 3850 circle based officers across India. The eligibility criteria include candidates with 2 years of work experience that denotes the candidates with in-depth knowledge. The written exam has been conducted for 100 marks and the shortlisted candidates have to appear for the interview which is a part of the selection process. Here are some important things on how to prepare for the SBI CBO interview 2021.

  • The maximum mark for the interview is 100. The candidates have to get the minimum passing marks to get selected in the interview.

SBI CBO Mock Interview Online Coaching

SBI CBO Mock Interview Online Coaching for Current Affairs

Important Strategic Tips:


The candidates should be able to answer the questions based on their work experience and the projects they have done.


Should be able to know about the State bank of India and its services. The manager, headquarters, and for complete knowledge refer to the official SBI website.


The current happenings and schemes related to the banking sector and the RBI operations and the current affairs related to SBI is very essential.


Confidence is the key to get selected in any competitive exam. Anything about the exam, answer it clearly and confidently.


The last very important thing to notice is up to date knowledge of the current affairs and banking awareness is mandatory.


It will test your analytical skills and pressure handling situations. Try to explain your points clearly and confidently. You should bring the solution to your problem without any side effects and it should be optimistic.

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Sample of SBI CBO Interview Questions:

Following the tips on how to prepare for SBI CBO interview 2021, here some of the SBI CBO Interview questions that can be asked in the interview are given below. The candidates preparing for the CBO interview have a glance at these questions. It will help you to crack the exam.

  • Tell me about yourself?

This is the stepping stone towards succeeding in the interview. You should prepare answers relating to your name, city, background, state, recent news surrounding any of these, etc. Aspirants should prepare with this question. It should be prepared necessarily to avoid nervousness at the interview.

  • Roles and responsibility of SBI CBO officer?

As you are experienced you have worked already in the banking sector. You should go through the sections of credit, trade finance, accounts section, branch manager,cross-selling, customer service officer, cash in charge, sales manager, relationship manager, etc.

  • Why did you choose us instead of your previous company?

The honest reason for this question should be answered with the positive aspects of the state bank of India. Benefits to its employees in terms of job security, career growth, and promotions, decent salary, and allowances, all-around exposure should also be explained.

  •  Why should we hire you?

This question is mandatory for all competitive exams. As the Bank is hiring you in the officer rank, it will expect you to be able to show your managerial skills and interests. Your attitude should be positive, strong yet polite that will give a good remark in the interview.

  • Do you think your graduation helpful in your banking career?

This will depend on the graduation of the candidates. You should be able to explain the application of your field of education in the banks and the necessity of your educational field.

  • What is your vision as an SBI CBO officer?

Candidates should have clarity on such questions as the officials are interested to know what your vision is,

  1. Your career goals
  2. Your personal development
  3. Organizational responsibilities 
  4. Working for the development of the organization.

 Other Topics to Concentrate:

  • Except for the above-mentioned questions, questions can be asked from other topics as well. SBI CBO Interview questions can be asked from other topics like Banking awareness, Govt Schemes, Current affairs also.

To maximize the chances of getting selected in the interview preparation of SBI CBO and other competitive exams you must make use of the best learning resources test packages interview tips in Guiudely and prepare well for your interview and our best wishes to our candidates. These tips on How to Prepare for SBI CBO Interview 2021 will surely help you.


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