How To Prepare General Awareness For IBPS PO Mains Exam: Check Here

General Awareness Preparation for IBPS PO Mains 2019:

The IBPS PO mains exam is scheduled on November 30th of 2019. In that exam general awareness is one section that more candidates would scoreless. But this section is a big game-changer that most candidates do not understand. If you work hard for this section you can easily overtake more candidates in the huge competition. For candidates, there will be confusion that “how to prepare general awareness for IBPS PO mains exam 2019 in limited period?”. In this article more tips and methods have been given. If candidates follow all the tips, you can cover most of the general awareness section within 3 to 4 weeks.

IBPS PO Mains 2019 Power Capsule

GA Section in IBPS PO Mains Exam 2019:

In the IBPS PO mains exam, totally 40 questions will be asked in the general awareness section. If you prepare well you can easily score above 35 marks. In other sections such as quantitative aptitude and reasoning, you have to spend 2 to 3 minutes for a question. For puzzles and seating arrangements, it is 10 to 15 minutes. In case if you do not get that right, then it will be a waste of time. But general awareness is a section in which you can judge a question at first sight itself. If you prepare in an even more thorough manner, the total 40 questions can be done and dusted in 10 to 15 minutes. the topics that covered in this section are as follows,

Current Affairs:

In this part, around 15 to 20 questions are expected. To be thorough in the current affairs part you have to follow and update with the daily news. Make newspaper reading as a regular habit. Only then you can cover almost every news in fingertips. In this current affairs part, the topics covered are,

  • Important appointments
  • Awards and honors
  • Important committees formed by the government, RBI, SEBI, etc.
  • Important defense news
  • National and international economic news
  • Important summits that held at national and international level
  • Person visits and obituaries.
  • Important sports news and tournaments
  • Important science and technology news

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Static GK:

Static GK part of the general awareness section in IBPS PO mains exam 2019, approximately has 5 to 8 questions. You can use any online study materials, static GK pdf, power capsules, etc to prepare this part. some of the expected topics in this static GK part are listed below,

  • Capital and currency of various nations.
  • Books and authors
  • Important days and themes
  • Headquarters of national and international organizations
  • Location of National parks, wildlife sanctuaries, tiger reserves, biosphere reserves in India.
  • Important dams, airports, thermal power plants in various states of our country.

Banking and Financial Awareness:

In this part, around 15 to 20 questions are asked. In IBPS PO mains exam 2019, the general awareness questions are asked with the special reference to banking and finance topics. So you have to study in this way to score maximum marks. The topics that are covered in this part are,

  • Banking terminologies
  • Latest banking technologies
  • Recent banking updates
  • Monetary policy
  • Role and functions of RBI, SEBI, IRDA, etc.
  • Primary and secondary markets

Prepare General Awareness in Exam Point of View:

In IBPS PO mains exam 2019, you should cover a vast number of topics. Only then you can score maximum marks which is much needed for the safe zone. So you start to prepare in the exam point of view. Especially analyze more previous year question papers and check which topics have been asked in the static GK part. Give first preference to most asked topics in your preparation. Then try to cover the remaining expected topics. So that you can have the chance of scoring maximum marks.

News channel and Newspaper Preparation:

By reading newspapers you can cover the day to day news regularly for IBPS PO mains exam 2019. If you prepare in a regular manner then you will have enough time for revision by near the exam. You can also prepare by watching news channels in a daily manner. If you prepare by watching news channels, you can remember the news in a much better manner.

Daily Practice through General Awareness Quiz:

If you practice more daily quizzes, online tests and mock tests for the general awareness section, it will be very useful. This preparation will help you to analyze your memory power. You can find and correct your mistakes then and there. As a result, you can fine-tune your performance in this section. So attending mock tests and quiz will be very important in deciding your marks in the general awareness section. Without this part, you can’t score much in the IBPS PO mains 2019 exam.

Prepare with Hand-written Notes:

Prepare separate notes for current affairs, banking awareness and static GK topics. As you read all the data and again write in the notes, you can by-heart easily. Also, these handwritten notes will be useful for your revision at any time. Especially at last-minute preparation, it is very essential for revision. Since you prepare separate notes for each topic, it will be comfortable to split and finish the preparation quickly.

For the current affairs part, you have to cover at least 4 to 5 months. In this section, you can cover it easily by reading in a different manner. You can go by monthly current affairs or state-wise current affairs as per your convenience. It will be then easy for you to cover the maximum parts in current affairs.

Revision with GA Power Capsules:

If you did not prepare well for this section, you can trust the general awareness power capsules. It will be very useful for the last minute revision. Separate capsules will be available covering 2 to 3 months jointly. So it will be effective in last-minute preparation.

Ensure Your Ability Before of Exam


Candidates if you prepare for the general awareness section by using all these methods, you can easily score maximum marks. As a result, it will boost up your IBPS PO mains 2019 exam overall score.


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