How To Solve Puzzles Quickly In IBPS Clerk Prelims & Mains 2019?

How to Solve Puzzles Quickly In IBPS Clerk Exams?

In IBPS clerk exams, reasoning ability is an integral section that decides the fate of aspirants. The reasoning section is available for both the prelims ad mains exams. In the reasoning section, the puzzle topic makes the students panic in the exam. The puzzles will be mostly asked in the manner of seating arrangements. Most of the candidates have a doubt that “How to solve puzzles quickly?”. Solving puzzles is an art. Especially in exams solving them in minimum time is a great challenge. You have to handle an enormous amount of pressure at that time. While solving puzzles keep yourself calm and composed. In this article, some valuable tips related to how to solve puzzles quickly in IBPS clerk exams are given. Follow these tips to ace this section with ease.

Important Topics in Puzzle and Seating Arrangement:

The puzzles are asked in the form of seating arrangements There are different types of puzzles and seating arrangements that are asked in the exams. They are,

  • Circular seating arrangement
  • Square seating arrangement
  • Triangular seating arrangement
  • Linear seating arrangement
  • Parallel row seating arrangement
  • Box based puzzle
  • Floor based puzzle
  • Seating arrangement and puzzles mixed with blood relations.

All these puzzles are very important for the IBPS clerk prelims and mains exams. The only difference is that the difficulty level of puzzle-solving questions may vary. In prelims exams, the puzzles will be simple and less time-consuming. But in the mains exams, the questions will be in a complex and lengthy manner. Anyway, you have to practice on how to solve puzzles quickly for IBPS clerk exams 2019.

Practice Puzzles & Seating Arrangement Questions

Tips on How to Crack Puzzles Quickly For IBPS Clerk Prelims and Mains:

For IBPS clerk prelims exams the puzzles will be very simple. If you find the main clue soon and approach the puzzle, you can complete it quickly. In puzzle-solving questions, 100% accuracy is very important. Even if you make a minute mistake you will get all the 5 questions in that set wrong. Also, the time spent on that question will be a total waste. So prepare in such a way that you don’t make any mistake in puzzles and seating arrangement questions.

  • Start the puzzle by reading all the points without missing. Side by side take hints of all the data given in the puzzle.
  • For moderate level puzzles, you can take around 7 to 8 minutes to solve. Only thing is that you have to find the connection points very soon.
  • In the prelims exam solve the puzzles within 5 minutes. There will be no difficulties or confusing steps in those puzzles.
  • Focus on the starting point or the main key to solve the puzzle. If you start the puzzle with data other than the main key point, it will take a lot of time to complete the puzzle.
  • Following the points given here on how to solve puzzles quickly, you can consume minimum time to complete. Especially you should make a note on key points. If you miss any points then you have to go through the puzzle again. It will be a waste of time. So note down the points at the first time itself.

Attend more IBPS clerk prelims mock test to complete the puzzles quickly without any struggle.

Take IBPS Clerk Free Mock test Online

ibps clerk free mock test

Tips to Approach High-Level Puzzles:

In IBPS clerk mains exams every puzzle will be asked in a high-level difficult manner. Some of the steps. on how to crack puzzles quickly in IBPS clerk mains 2019 are given,

  • In mains level puzzles you cannot solve the puzzles straightaway from the given clues. For that, you have to combine the key points and create possible cases.
  • For example, if you have 3 possibility cases, proceed with the puzzle with all of them.
  • At certain points, the wrong case will get eliminate automatically.
  • By proceeding further, find the correct possibility case and continue the puzzle with that case.
  • If you have the puzzle mixed with blood relation, note the pronouns such as ‘He’, ‘She’, etc carefully.

In this way, you can complete the high-level puzzles with ease. The best solution on how to solve puzzles quickly, take IBPS clerk mains mock test practice. It will contain all new pattern puzzles and seating arrangements.

Mock Test Practice to Solve Puzzles Quickly in IBPS Clerk Exams 2019:

  • On the question of how to solve puzzles quickly in exams, mock test is the answer.
  • On practicing mock tests you will get the tips to solve puzzles quickly in IBPS clerk prelims and mains 2019.
  • Mock test practice will help you to find the key points as soon as possible. So that you can complete the puzzles and seating arrangements in minimum time.
  • Mock test practice will help you to achieve 100% accuracy in puzzle solving.

Take IBPS Clerk Free Mock test Online

ibps clerk free mock test

So mock test practice is essential to crack puzzles quickly in IBPS clerk exams 2019. Without fail take more mock test for puzzles before the exam.


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