IBPS Clerk Mains English (Day-06)

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Directions (1-5): From the options given below, select the option which states the correct combination of incorrect/correct sentences.

1) I) Located in the district of Nainital, Corbett National Park is a perfect place for natural enthusiasts and wildlife lovers.

II) The whole extent of the park is divided into four different zones called Bijrani, Dhikala, Jhirna and Durgadevi zones.

III) Covering 520 square kilometers, the park is a complete packaging for the wildlife buffs.

IV) However, the tourists are only allowed in the earmarked areas of the Corbett Tiger Reserve.

A.II is incorrect.

B.Both I and III are incorrect.

C.IV is incorrect.

D.I is incorrect.

E.Both IV and I are incorrect.

2) I) A dozen countries ban the U.K. arrives because of a new coronavirus variant spreading rapidly in parts of the country.

II) The U.S. is not currently planning to ban travel from Britain although it is a possibility U.S. Health and Human service assistant secretary Adm. Brett Giroir told CNN Monday that everything is possible in the new wave.

III) Belgium, Germany, Canada, Italy, Romania, Ireland, Russia and Switzerland are among the more than 40 countries who have banned travel from the U.K.

IV) It has been reported that the new virus is getting out of controllability and that it will be very difficult to deal with it until there is widespread vaccination.

  1. Only number IV is incorrect.
  2. III is incorrect.
  3. I and IV isincorrect.
  4. II is incorrect.
  5. Both II and III are incorrect.

3) I) Christmas is coming and London is just itching to put on a show. A sparkling array of Christmas lights have burst into color all over the city.

II) From the bottom of Oxford Street to the middle of Trafalgar square and all the way to the top of The Shard, London boots some of the best Christmas lights in the world.

III) In London the families often celebrate Christmas together. Decorating the Christmas tree is usually a family tradition where all the family members do it together.

IV) This time is the best to travel to London as one gets to see one of the most rich cultures of the country that still exists.

  1. III is incorrect.
  2. Both I and III isincorrect.
  3. IV and I isincorrect.
  4. II is incorrect.
  5. IV is incorrect.

4) I) The Indian Super League is a professional football league which represents the sport’s highest level in India.

II) The league compromises 11 clubs with each season generally running from November to march.

III) During the league stage of the competition, each club will play 20 games against the others in a round-raven-style.

IV) This year the entire tournament is being played in GOA during the pandemic situation. All matches will be held in three stadiums – The Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, the GMC Athletic Stadium and the TilakMaidan Stadium.

  1. II and III is incorrect
  2. IV is incorrect
  3. I is incorrect
  4. I and IV is incorrect
  5. E.II is incorrect

5) I) Kolkata is the capital of India’s West Bengal state.

II) Founded as an East India company trading post, it was India’s capital under the British rule from 1773 to 1911.

III) Kolkata is the most important cultural centre of India. The city is bornplace of modern Indian literary and artist thought and also of Indian nationalism. The citizens have made great efforts to preserve Indian culture and civilization.

IV) One amazing thing to see in Kolkata is it’s mixed culture. The blending of the eastern and the western cultural influences over the centuries has stimulated the creation of numerous and diverse organizations that contribute to kolkata’s cultural life- Asiatic Society of Bengal, The Bengal Literary society, The Ramkrishna Mission Institute, The Academy of Finearts, Birla academy of Art and Culture and the Maha Bodhi Society.

  1. I is incorrect.
  2. III is incorrect.
  3. II is Incorrect.
  4. IV is incorrect.
  5. I and II is incorrect.

Direction(6-10): In the following question, three sentences labelled (I), (II) and (III) have been given. Each sentence carries a blank which can be filled by a word given in the options. Choose the word which can be used to fill all the blanks, making the sentence contextually and grammatically correct.

6) I) The ___________ was singing an Elvis Presley song.

II) My sister always ties her hair back in a _____________.

III) Look at the sky! Do you see that beautiful long narrow __________ of cloud?

  1. Band
  2. Line
  3. Circle
  4. Fire
  5. Single

7) I) Where is Kelvin now? an hour ago he was hammering ___________ into the wall.

II) Look at your hand! Did you bite your __________ honey ?

III) Oh my god Linda ! You just _____________ it. You have such a lovely voice.

  1. Paint (ed)
  2. Kill ( (ed)
  3. Nail (ed)
  4. Drop (ed)
  5. Ace (ed)

8) I) I asked the painter to choose a ________ pattern for the walls.

II) I couldn’t tell my father. I ________ at the thought, what he might say.

III) When you talk about a good morning tea , everything else ________ by comparison.

  1. Light
  2. Drop (ed)
  3. Freaked
  4. Pale (ed)
  5. Bright

9) I) The other day the dish you made with __________ , can you share the recipe please?

II) Roof of the house was so low, I had to __________ my head.

III) Hey Mariya! Can you tell me is this made of cotton __________ Or not?

  1. Fish
  2. Duck
  3. Lower
  4. Pop
  5. Leaf

10) I) Did you see that? Mr Harrison just __________ at us.

II) Last year, a man was hit by a large __________ and was injured.

III) The second ___________ of coronavirus is going to be more dangerous.

  1. Wave (ed)
  2. Shake
  3. Shark
  4. File (ed)
  5. Site

Answers :

Directions (1-5):

1) Answer: B

Statement I and III both are incorrect because in statement I the word “Natural” means in accordance with nature, which does not fit here. The correct answer will be “Nature”. Nature enthusiast means people who are nature lovers. Natural enthusiasts don’t make any sense here.

Statement III is also incorrect because the word “packaging” is inappropriate, it means a process of enclosing things by keeping them safely. The right word will be “package” which sit best with complete and means to have it all. When all is found in something or somebody it is described as a complete package. Therefore statement I and III are the correct answers.

2) Answer: C

Statement I and IV both are incorrect. In statement I the word “arrives” will be changed to arrival. Arrives is a verb and a verb is grammatically incorrect if it sits there. So noun arrival will be the right answer.

Statement IV is also incorrect where the word “controllability” is wrong. It means the ability to control which does not give a sense to the whole sentence. Whereas out of control actually is a phrase which means things or situations which are no longer under management. Therefore statement I and IV are the correct answers

3) Answer: D

Statement II is incorrect because the word “Boots” seems odd. It is not at all the correct fit to the sentence. The correct word will be “boasts” which means exaggerating or standing out. Therefore, D is the correct option.

4) Answer: A

both the statements II and III are incorrect. In statement II the word “compromise” is inappropriate. The correct one is Comprises, which means to be made up of. The II statement means the league is made up of 11 clubs.

The III statement is also wrong because the idiom actually is Round-Robin-style and it means all play all, the contestants all play the whole thing.

5) Answer: B.

The statement III is incorrect because it has two inappropriate sentences. Both the words “bornplace” and “artist” are wrong. Birthplace and Artistic are the right forms to fit in the sentence, which gives it a proper meaning. Artistic is a describing word which fits in there and bornplace is not at all a word itself. Therefore, the statement III is correct.

Directions (6-10):

6) Answer:A

Solution: the word “band” needs to be here so as to make all the three sentences meaningful and grammatically correct.

In the first sentence the word band means a group of people who perform together by singing and playing instruments.

In the second sentence the word band means aloof of a material that is used to fasten the hair.

In the third sentence the  word band means a chain of things.

Therefore, the correct answer is option A.

7) Answer:C

the word “nail” needs to be here so as to make all the three sentences meaningful and grammatically correct.

The word nail in the first sentence means a small metal spike with a broad head that is used to join wood pieces together.

The word nail in the second sentence means the part of  the body, the part that is attached to the fingers.

The word nail in the third sentence means to do something in an excellent manner and measure.

Therefore, the correct answer is option C.

8) Answer:D

the word “Pale” needs to be here so as to make all the three sentences meaningful and grammatically correct.

The word pale in the first sentence means a light shade or colour.

The word in the second sentence means to get afraid on the thought of something.

The word pale in the third sentence means to seem or become less important.

Therefore, the correct answer is option D.

9) Answer:B

the word “duck” needs to be here so as to make all the three sentences meaningful and grammatically correct.

The word duck in the first sentence means a word that is both used by humans for  egg and meat.

The word duck in the second sentence means to bow or dip suddenly to get saved.

The word duck in the third sentence means a certain kind of fabric which is usually thick.

Therefore, the correct answer is option B

10) Answer:A

the word “wave” needs to be here to make all the three sentences meaningful and grammatically correct.

The word wave in the first sentence meansto move the hand to and fro to greet someone.

The word wave in the second sentence means the long body of water curling into an arched form and breaking in the shore.

The word wave in the third sentence means sudden increase in a phenomenon.

Therefore, the correct option is A.

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