IBPS Clerk Mains English Preparation 2019 (Day-10)

Dear Aspirants, English Language plays a crucial role in Banking and all other competitive exams. To enrich your preparation, here we have provided New Pattern English Questions for IBPS Clerk Mains. Candidates those who are going to appear in IBPS Clerk Mains can practice these questions daily and make your preparation effective.

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Directions (1-10): In each of the question below, there is a word given in bold which is followed by the five options. In each of the option, a pair of words is given which is either the pair of synonyms or antonyms or synonym & antonym of the word given in bold-that pair of words is as answer.

1) Quandary

a) degree- increase

b) dilemma- plight

c) courage- discourage

d) limit -unlimited

e) persuasion- denying

2) Virulent

a) poisonous- fatal

b) import- export

c) damage- safe

d) integrate- correspond

e) plenty- scarcity

3) Intimidation

a) alert- alarm

b) security- safety

c) disheartening- comfort

d) Integrate- correspond

e) Perception -awareness

4)  Addendum

a) accept- agree

b) assign – allot

c) appendix – postscript

d) signature- yield

e) peculiar- astonished

5) Discrepancy

a) disagree- agree

b) inflict- safeguard

c) brainwash- habituate

d) disparity- accord

e) perfect-imperfect

6) Promulgate

a) hide- seek

b) promote- detain

c) proper – accurate

d) proclaim – announce

e) visualize- spectacular

7) Remiss

a) remit – send

b) transcend- transfer

c) report – proclaim

d) careful- succeed

e) careless – attentive

8) Rescind

a) residue – remit

b) need – acquire

c) reform – transform

d) revoke – continue

e) reply- rejoin

9) Subjugate

a) substitute – subjected

b) compromise- renew

c) conquer- subdue

d) develop – increase

e) willingness- desire

10) Veracity

a) vending – retailing

b) prosperous – healthy

c) honesty – deceit

d) hearsay – story

e) display – dishonest


1) Answer: b)

The meaning of quandary is state of uncertainty, unfortunate situation

2) Answer: a)

The meaning of virulent is -(of a disease or poison) extremely severe or harmful in its effects

3) Answer: c)

The meaning of intimidation is to make timid or fearful by or as if by threats

4) Answer: c)

The meaning of addendum is an item of additional material added at the end of a book or other publication.

5) Answer: d)

The meaning of discrepancy is an illogical or surprising lack of compatibility or similarity between two or more facts.

6) Answer: d)

Meaning of promulgate is to make (an idea, belief, etc.) known to many people by open declaration

7) Answer: e)

Meaning of remise is negligent in the performance of work or duty, showing neglect or inattention

8) Answer: d)

Meaning of rescind is to cancel officially

9) Answer: c)

Meaning of subjugate is to bring under control and governance as a subject, to make submissive

10) Answer: c)

Meaning of veracity is – power of conveying or perceiving truth, unwillingness to tell lies

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Daily Practice Test Schedule | Good Luck

Topic Daily Publishing Time
Daily News Papers & Editorials 8.00 AM
Current Affairs Quiz 9.00 AM
Current Affairs Quiz (Hindi) 9.30 AM
NIACL AO Prelims – Reasoning 10.00 AM
NIACL AO Prelims – Reasoning (Hindi) 10.30 AM
NIACL AO Prelims – Quantitative Aptitude 11.00 AM
NIACL AO Prelims – Quantitative Aptitude (Hindi) 11.30 AM
Vocabulary (Based on The Hindu) 12.00 PM
NIACL AO Prelims – English Language 1.00 PM
SSC Practice Questions (Reasoning/Quantitative aptitude) 2.00 PM
IBPS Clerk – GK Questions 3.00 PM
SSC Practice Questions (English/General Knowledge) 4.00 PM
Daily Current Affairs Updates 5.00 PM
SBI PO/IBPS Clerk Mains – Reasoning 6.00 PM
SBI PO/IBPS Clerk Mains – Quantitative Aptitude 7.00 PM
SBI PO/IBPS Clerk Mains – English Language 8.00 PM


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