IBPS Clerk Prelims 2018 – English Questions Miscellaneous Day-22

Dear Readers, Bank Exam Race for the Year 2018 is already started, To enrich your preparation here we have providing new series of Practice Questions on English language – Section. Candidates those who are preparing for IBPS Clerk Prelims 2018 Exams can practice these questions daily and make your preparation effective.

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Directions (1-5): Each sentence below has one or two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Below the sentence are five sets of words. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

1) Governments that do not respect central bank independence will sooner or later ________ the wrath of financial markets, ___________ economic fire and rue the day they undermined the institution’s autonomy.

a) Renounce, inflame

b) Forfeit, parch

c) Incur, ignite

d) Provoke, quench

e) Arouse, extinguish

2) Of all the issues _________ the current spat between the government and the RBI, the most immediate and serious is the liquidity crunch faced by NBFCs as a _________ of the serial defaults by the Infrastructure Leasing and Finance Co.

a) Fuelling, fallout

b) Afflicting, pursuance

c) Appalling, backlash

d) Intimidating, aftermath

e) Sustaining, event

3) The government should continue the effort to make the GST more taxpayer-friendly, bringing down the cost and ________ of compliance, to achieve a ___________ rise in collections.

a) Squabble, negated

b) Hassle, sustained

c) Tumult, impugned

d) Tranquility, bolstered

e) Pester, confronted

4) While Saudi Arabia is struggling to _________ its image in the aftermath of the murder of journalist inside its consulate, another human rights crisis triggered by its actions _________ the kingdom.

a) Redeem, baffles

b) Ransom, deceives

c) Salvage, confronts

d) Forfeit, affronts

e) Retrieve, eschew

5) To ___________ on this kind of network effect, India needs to unilaterally eliminate visas for at least the fifty most developed countries, and ideally extend that, _________ very few for security reasons.

a) Relinquish, exempting

b) Adios, lacking

c) Renounce, without

d) Capitalize, barring

e) Forfeit, excepting

Directions (6-10): In which of the following given sentences the usage of the given word is correct.

6) Apprise

a) The caring manager was not happy to apprise his employees that their jobs were in jeopardy.

b) I tried to apprise my surprise when she told me her age.

c) To apprise his identity, the man’s voice has been dubbed over.

d) He made no attempt to apprise his satisfaction.

e) All are correct

7) Fealty

a) Charges had already been made against certain officials suspected of fealty.

b) She was greatly pained by her friend’s fealty

c) The soldier maintained his fealty to his country even when he was being tortured by the enemy.

d) He is all out of sorts with what he terms the fealty of the people

e) All are correct

8) Presage

a) The parents will most likely presage the housework because they will not have time for it

b) The changing of the terror alert color may presage a possible terrorist attack.

c) The overweight woman decided to presage her health by eat fatty foods

d) She decided to presage her homework in order to go to market

e) All are correct

9) Obloquy

a) The popular doctor endured much obloquy after losing his license because of a drug addiction.

b) James always felt obloquy because of his father’s infamy as a serial killer.

c) The minister has been in hiding to escape the obloquy of his actions.

d) The soccer team went home to obloquy after losing the finals because of stupid mistakes.

e) All are correct

10) Augment

a) By investing in the stock market, Jim hopes to augment his retirement funds.

b) The high cost of fuel is sure to augment holiday travel this year.

c) To augment the inmate’s tendency to fight, the warden is placing him in isolation.

d) Until the celebrity’s stalker is caught, we will augment her public appearances

e) All are correct


Directions (1-5):

1) Answer: c)

The meaning of “incur” is “to cause” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “ignite” is “to start up” so it is appropriate for ii blank

2) Answer: a)

The meaning of “fuelling” is “to charge or incite” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “fallout” is “effect or consequence” so it is appropriate for ii blank

3) Answer: b)

The meaning of “hassle” is “difficulty” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “sustained” is “to help or assist” so it is appropriate for ii blank

4) Answer: c)

The meaning of “salvage” is “to save” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “confronts” is “to oppose” so it is appropriate for ii blank

5) Answer: d)

The meaning of “capitalize” is “to take advantage of” and it is suitable for i blanks and the meaning of “barring” is “except for” so it is appropriate for ii blank

Directions (6-10):

6) Answer: a)

The meaning of apprise is to report on the status of something

7) Answer: c)

The meaning of fealty is an official acknowledgment of loyalty

8) Answer: b)

The meaning of presage is to signal or foretell

9) Answer: e)

The meaning of obloquy is shame from public disapproval

10) Answer: a)

The meaning of augment is to increase the size or amount of something

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