IBPS Clerk Prelims 2018: How to Get 20+ Marks in English Language?

IBPS Clerk 2018 Examination is getting near, we hope you all have started your preparation. Separate timing is allocated to each section in IBPS Clerk Prelims 2018 for the first time. For those aspirants who could not make it crack this exam last year, this is not the right time to think over the failure. Grab this splendid opportunity and begin the preparation to move towards the victory of the banking profession.

In order to score 20+ marks in prelims, you should have absolute knowledge about the exam pattern and syllabus of IBPS Clerk Prelims 2018. You will be given solely 20 minutes for English section and so you should try your best to score maximum in this section.

Students who are not good at English need to practice well before the exam to score the maximum. Candidates who are good at grammar can score 8 marks in the English Language. Vocabulary skills help you to score 5 to 7 marks. Reading comprehension gives you a chance of scoring 5 to 6 marks. If you consider, on the whole, you can score above 20marks in the English section as per your desires.

We are here to share some constructive tips on how to score 20+ marks in the English Language for supporting your exam preparation in the right way.

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Topics need to be covered for prelims:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Error Spotting
  • Cloze Test
  • Para Jumbles
  • Fillers
  • Phrase replacement
  • Sentence improvement/replacement

Reading Comprehension:

The complexity of the reading comprehension questions has changed a lot in the recent exams. First, you have to know the possible questions that might appear on this topic.

  • 3 to 4 questions can be asked from synonyms, antonyms, and phrase related ones.
  • Some common questions will be asked based on the author’s view, suitable title and inference of a particular phrase or passage.
  • Next, the possible questions will be which of the following is true or false according to the passage.

In order to attend the vocabulary, you have to read the newspaper editorial on a daily basis. Note down the new words that you come across while reading the newspaper. It is important that you have to revise all new words regularly and recall it often using habitual sentences.

If you are practiced well in vocabulary, you can attend the synonyms and antonyms questions first. Then, move on to passage related questions. If you are sure about the answer, you can attend the true or false questions.

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Error Spotting/Sentence Improvement/Phrase Replacement:

If you are well versed in grammar, you can attempt these topics at ease. You should refresh the basics of grammar to attempt all levels of questions in English based on the grammar. Nowadays, diverse kinds of error spotting questions are asking in the bank exams. In that case, you should ready to face all sorts of questions to enhance your scores even better.

In sentence replacement/improvement questions, aspirants need to check whether the highlighted word is grammatically correct or not. In Phrase Replacement, Candidates have to replace the highlighted phrase with the given options or else they have to choose no correction.

We suggest you start the preparation with the basics of grammar as it plays a major role in resolving the intricacy questions of English. Aspirants who are strong in Grammar can easily attempt the error spotting, sentence improvement and phrase replacement questions devoid of any hassles.

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Cloze Test/ Fillers/ Para jumbles

In order to score more marks in these types of questions, you have to be good at vocabulary section. Aspirants need to be aware at both old and new pattern questions of cloze test and filler type. One passage will be given with a certain number of blanks in the cloze test. You have to fill the exact word that is suitable for the passage accurately.

Diverse kinds of filler type questions are asked in exam like single, double and triple filler questions. You have to practice more number of questions on these topics to augment your scores. Reading the newspaper helps you to learn more new words so you can easily attend these types of questions. Aspirants need to arrange the given sentences in a sequence to form a meaningful paragraph in the Para jumbles topic.

Make use of the above useful information and implement it in your exam preparation to score better marks in the English section. We wish you a great success in the forthcoming exams.

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