Crack IBPS Clerk Prelims 2018 – Sectional Full Test-1 | English Language

Dear Aspirants, IBPS Clerk 2018 Preliminary Examination is scheduled to be held on 8th, 9th, 15th and 16th of December. Candidates who have a dream to crack the IBPS Clerk 2018 need to speed up the preparation from now.

Our IBPS Guide team is providing a full-length Sectional Tests for English Language, Numerical Ability and Reasoning Ability with precise solutions for assisting you to crack IBPS Clerk Prelims exam.

Take Free English Sectional Test of 30 Questions as like in the real exam to analyze your preparation level. Our Sectional Test Questions are taken as per the latest exam pattern and so it will be really useful for you to crack the prelims exam lucratively. Students who are weak in English Language should utilize this chance constructively to accomplish a successful profession in Banking Field.

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Direction (1-8): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is ‘No error’, the answer is (e).

1) Researchers have found the oldest clue (A) yet to the mystery of animal life in (B) ancient rocks and oils, including those from India, (C) dating back at least 100 million years before the famous Cambrian explosive of animal fossils (D). No Error (E).

a) A

b) B

c) D

d) C

e) E

2) Three Indian students have made it (A) to the finals of the prestigious annual Breakthrough Junior Challenge (B), a global science competition for teenagers to share(C) his passion for mathematics and science(D). No Error (E).

a) A

b) B

c) D

d) C

e) E

3) The Reserve Bank of India has released the guidelines in interoperability (A)between prepaid payment instruments (PPIs) (B)such as wallets and cards that will effectively allow users of popular payment wallets (C)such as Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik, PhonePe and PayZapp, among others, to transfer money from one wallet to another(D). No Error (E).

a) B

b) A

c) D

d) C

e) E

4) The Centre has increase the rate of interest (A) for General Provident Fund (GPF) and other (B) related schemes by 0.4 percentage points to 8% (C) for the October ­ December quarter (D). No Error (E).

a) B

b) A

c) D

d) C

e) E

5) At a time when India’s relationships with big powers (A) like the U.S., Russia, China and Europe are increasingly being complicated (B) by their rivalries with each other, the country need to follow its traditional policy (C) of strategic autonomy, focusing on its own vital interests (D). No Error (E).

a) B

b) A

c) D

d) C

e) E

6) Professional and pecuniary plans meet (A) with success when you know (B) what you’re aiming for and(C) don’t let others undermines you (D). No Error (E).

a) B

b) A

c) D

d) C

e) E

7) Before success comes in (A) any man’s life, he’s sure (B) to meet with much temporary (C) defeat and, perhaps some failures (D). No Error (E).

a) B

b) A

c) D

d) C

e) E

8) Last night the UN (A) issues its toughest ultimatum (B) to date, demanding that all (C) troops withdraw from the city (D). No Error (E).

a) B

b) A

c) D

d) C

e) E

Direction (9-17): Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions.

With 80 laboratory-confirmed cases of the Zika virus already in Jaipur, including 22 pregnant women, the latest outbreak is India’s most severe so far. In January 2017, three confirmed cases of Zika were reported from Ahmedabad, including a pregnant woman, and in July the same year a single case was reported from Tamil Nadu’s Krishnagiri district. Unlike in the case of the Ahmedabad outbreak that was kept under wraps by the Health Ministry (even the World Health Organization was informed only in May), there has been more transparency in the last two instances. About 4.5 lakh people at the outbreak site in Rajasthan have been brought under surveillance. While steps to halt mosquito breeding have been initiated, it is to be noted that controlling the breeding of the Aedesaegypti mosquito, which transmits the Zika virus, is very challenging. Controlling the spread becomes even harder as the mosquito is widely prevalent in India, and the infection remains asymptomatic in about 80% of cases, allowing the virus to silently spread from one person to another. It can also spread from a pregnant mother to the foetus. Even when the infection manifests itself, the symptoms are very mild and non-specific, making it difficult to correctly and easily diagnose it. A study published in the journal Neurology India found 14 of 90 patients with the Guillain–Barré syndrome (a neurological complication seen in Zika-infected adults) in the Puducherry-based Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research tested positive for Zika virus antibodies. Four of the 14 patients also tested positive for an anti-dengue antibody. There is a remote possibility that the virus is circulating in some parts of India and could cause an epidemic at some point.

It is not clear if the first person (index case) or others who had contracted the infection had travelled to any country where there is a Zika infection risk. The absence of travel history outside India in the recent past by any of the infected individuals indicates the virus is prevalent in the mosquito population. Spread through sex, without multiple instances of infection by mosquitoes is unlikely, given the spurt in the number of cases within a narrow time window in a small community. Since Zika infection during pregnancy can cause severe birth defects, particularly microcephaly (small size of the head), all the 22 pregnant women infected must be monitored. Also, as there is no cure for microcephaly at birth, there should be campaigns to educate people living in the outbreak area to avoid sex, particularly with the intent of getting pregnant, till the outbreak is under control. The long winter ahead in north India and the imminent onset of the northeast monsoon in the eastern coast of India is conducive for the mosquito to multiply and spread. This calls for a high level of alert.

9) As per the passage, how many cases of Zika virus were registered last year?

a) 80

b) 22

c) 5

d) 4

e) None of the above

10) What was the response of health ministry towards Zika virus in Ahmedabad in 2017?

a) About 4.5 lakh people have been brought under surveillance

b) Ministry initiated necessary steps to halt mosquito breeding

c) Approached WHO as soon as possible

d) Ministry did not disclose the matter

e) All of the above

11) As per the passage, which of the following factor is/are responsible for spreading Zika virus?

a) Aedesaegypti mosquito

b) Spreading through sex

c) From a pregnant mother to the foetus

d) All of the above

e) None of the above

12) Which of the following is/are true that published in the journal ‘Neurology India’?

i. 14 of 90 patients with the Guillain–Barré syndrome in the Puducherry ­based JIPMER tested positive for Zika virus antibodies

ii. 4 of the 14 patients also tested positive for an anti ­dengue antibody

iii. Zika infection during pregnancy can cause microcephaly

a) All except ii

b) All except i and ii

c) All except iii

d) All are true

e) None of the above

13) Which of the following is not true about microcephaly?

a) Small size of the head of new born babies is a outcome of microcephaly

b) There is no cure for microcephaly

c) It is found in pregnant women

d) All are true

e) None of the above

14) Choose the word which has same meaning as the word “wraps”

a) Flourish

b) Cloaks

c) Blessings

d) Analogous

e) Obsession

15) Choose the word which has the same meaning as the word “imminent”

a) Obstacle

b) Curse

c) Forthcoming

d) Hurdle

e) Barrier

16) Choose the word which has opposite meaning as the word “prevalent”

a) Consume

b) Proportionate

c) Uncommon

d) Develop

e) Even

17) Choose the word which has opposite meaning as the word “conducive”

a) Surge

b) Enquiry

c) Admit

d) Unfavorable

e) Analysis

Directions (18-23): Each question below has one blank, which is indicating that something has been omitted. Find out which option can be used to fill up the blank in the sentence to make it meaningfully complete.

18) According to the Census, “a person aged seven and above, who can both read and write with ___________ in any language, is treated as literate”.

a) Interest

b) Concern

c) Understanding

d) Exciting

e) Inattentive

19) In March 2018, fishermen ___________ 400 kg of fishing nets out of the sea in a few locations off Kerala’s south coast.

a) Protection

b) Concerned

c) Making

d) Save

e) Hauled

20) When we read from left to right, our experiences of reading are___________ than when we read from right to left.

a) Save

b) Different

c) Pleasure

d) Disturb

e) Interrupt

21) Kuligod in Karnataka’s Belagavi district is the country’s best developed village, but more than a third of the gram panchayats ranked in the top 10 are in Andhra Pradesh, according to the ___________of an ongoing Rural Development Ministry survey.

a) Pending

b) Undecided

c) Findings

d) News

e) Extend

22) British MPs are set to hold a___________in Parliament later this month on whether Hindu and Muslim religious occasions such as Deepavali and Eid should be made into public holidays, following public calls for change.

a) Debate

b) Undecided

c) Asking

d) Deciding

e) Significance

23) The mushrooming of franchise leagues all over the globe has ___________the cricket calendar even more over the last decade.

a) Award

b) Cramped

c) Ejected

d) Decorated

e) Vacated

Directions (24-27): Choose one of the words from the given options which makes sentence incorrect such that it changes the whole meaning of the sentence.

 24) Across India, the celebration (A) of Ganesh Chaturthi last month witnessed(B) not only devotional joy but also public consternation(C) at the environmental destruction(D) caused by the immersion of idols in water.

a) D-erection

b) C-alarm

c) B-observed

d) A-festivity

e) None of these

25) The new board of Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS) was appointed (A) by the Centre on October 1, after it secured the approval (B) of the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT)to supersede (C) the previous board accused of ‘mismanagement’ and ‘compromise (D) of corporate governance norms,’ leading to financial issues.

a) C-replace

b) B- consent

c) D- concession

d) A-forbidden

e) None of these

26) Ayushman Bharat programme, released (A) in September, has been touted (B) by most in the mainstream (C) media as nothing short of ‘revolutionary’ (D), with some even calling it the ‘biggest health care programme in the world’.

a) A-launched

b) D-conventional

c) B-advertised

d) C-typical

e) None of these

27) I rediscovered (A) myself in many ways and it was a strange (B) feeling to unveil (C) a quality that I never knew I possessed (D).

a) D-occupied

b) A-abandon

c) C-reveal

d) B-bizarre

e) None of these

Directions (28-30): In each of the questions given below a part of the sentence is given in bold. It is then followed by options. Find the alternative that can replace the given bold part to make the sentence grammatically and contextually correct. If none of the alternatives is correct and the sentence is correct as it is then select option (e) as your choice.

28) When Ford Motor was celebrating the 100th anniversary of its Rouge industrial complex last week, its chairman, William C. Ford Jr., have offered an optimistic outlook for the years ahead.

a) Offered an optimistic

b) Offers an optimistic

c) Offering a optimistic

d) Had offer the optimistic

e) No correction required

29) Unilever, the consumer products giant, has given on plans to close its London headquarters, bowing to shareholder criticism of a move to simplify its corporate structure.

a) Have given up on plans

b) Have gave up on plans

c) Has given up on plans

d) Is given up on plans

e) No correction required

30) Justice Sinha launched his book at the National Press Club in Washington, on September 29, days after he first published it in a Kindle edition on Amazon, with created ripples of anger in the government.

a) With creating ripples of anger

b) Was creating ripples of anger

c) Create ripples of anger

d) Creating ripples of anger

e) No correction required


1) Answer: c)

D – Replace ‘explosive’ with ‘explosion’.

2) Answer: c)

D- Replace ‘his’ with ‘their’.

3) Answer: b)

A – Replace ‘in’ with ‘for’.

4) Answer: b)

A- Replace ‘increase’ with ‘increased’ as the sentence is in past.

5) Answer: d)

C- Replace ‘need’ with ‘needs’ (singular subject- country).

6) Answer: c)

D- Replace ‘undermines’ with ‘undermine’, as the subject is plural.

7) Answer: e)

E – No error

8) Answer: a)

B – Replace ‘issues’ with ‘issued’, as the sentence is in past.

9) Answer: d)

It is clearly mentioned in the passage that a total 4 cases (3 from Ahmedabad and 1 from Tamil Nadu) were reported.

10) Answer: d)

It is given in the passage, that Ahmedabad outbreak was kept under wraps by the Health Ministry.

11) Answer: d)

All points are clearly mentioned in the passage.

12) Answer: c)

It is clearly mentioned in the passage, microcephaly was not published in the journal.

13) Answer: c)

It is found in new born babies not in pregnant women.

14) Answer: b)

The meaning of “wraps” is “cloaks/ cover”.

15) Answer: c)

The meaning of “imminent” is “pending/ forthcoming”.

16) Answer: c)

The meaning of “prevalent” is “widespread/ dominant” and its opposite is “uncommon / rare”.

17) Answer: d)

The meaning of “conducive” is “favorable” and its opposite “unfavorable / negative”.

18) Answer: c)

Understanding is the correct option.

19) Answer: e)

Hauled is the correct option. It means Dragged.

20) Answer: b)

Different is the correct option.

21) Answer: c)

Findings is the correct option.

22) Answer: a)

Debate is the correct option.

23) Answer: b)

Cramped is the correct option. It means overcrowded.

24) Answer: a)

D – Erection which means creation and is opposite to destruction.

25) Answer: d)

A – forbidden which means prohibited.

26) Answer: b)

D – Conventional which means orthodox.

27) Answer: b)

A – Abandon which means weaken.

28) Answer: a)

Simple past tense will be used, so option A is correct.

29) Answer: c)

‘Has given up on plans’ will make the correct subject verb agreement, so option C is correct.

30) Answer: d)

‘Creating ripples of anger’ will be used, so option D is correct.


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