IBPS PO Interview Experience Shared by Mr. Ritik Ranjan

IBPS PO Personal Interview is last phase of IBPS PO Recruitment. All the candidates who qualify the IBPS PO Main Examination are called for the interview round. The final merit list of selected candidates is released after combining the scores of IBPS PO Mains and IBPS PO Interview stage. To help our readers, prepare for this most improtant stage, we are going to the share the IBPS PO Interview Experience of Mr. Ritik Ranjan.

After going through the below shared IBPS PO Interview experience, you would have a better understanding about the type of questions asked in the IBPS PO interview. So let us begin

IBPS PO Interview Experience – Candidate details

Name  Ritik Ranjan
Interview Venue  HOTEL ASTOR Patna
Date  04/02/2019
Reporting Time 1:00 PM
Panel No 3
Total Members (4 Male + 1 Female)


IBPS PO Interview Experience – As it happened:

I’m Ritik Ranjan. I would like to share my interview experience with you all. Hope it will help someone to face IBPS PO Interview without any difficulty. My interview was scheduled on 04th Feb 2019 at HOTEL ASTOR Patna. My Reporting time was at 1:00 PM. There are 70-80 candidates waited with me. At first, they verified my document and I waited for my turn.  They called me around 5:30 PM. I appeared on the 3rd Panel and there are 5 members in my Interview panel. The Interview took 8-10 Minutes. In the Interview panel, there are 4 Male and 1 Female.

I knocked on the door and I asked: “May I come in?”

I heard the voice of “Yes Come in.” I went inside and I wished them.

They said, ” Please be Seated”. And I replied Thank You.

Further, they asked me the following questions

M1: Yes, Ritik tell us something about yourself and family background?

Me: I told about my family background
M2: Tell Five points anything about the budget?
Me: I told the highlighted points that I remember during that time.
M4: What is meant by Priority sector lending and what are the sectors comes under this?
Me: I told and explained.
M3: What is meant Self-help group members and what they do?
Me: I told some points that what I know.
M5: What is meant by limited liability companies?
Me: I told
M2: Who is Bihar Cm / and Jharkhand governor?
Me: I told confidently
M3: What is the use of Atal Pension Yojana?
Me: I explained
M2:  what is Jeevan Jyoti Bhima Yojana?
Me: I answered
M5: Tell some important news in Kolkata in the last 2 days?
Me: I told that what I remember in my mind.
M1: What is Ayushman Bharat Yojana?
Me: I explained
M3: What is the main aim of Ujwala Yojana?
Me: I told what I know.
Finally,  They asked some personal questions and I replied. And they said the Interview is over, You Can leave now. I Said “Thank You” and I left the Room.
Thanks for Reading my Interview Experience
Hope it Helps You
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