IBPS PO Mains 2018 – English Questions (Miscellaneous) Day-11

Dear Readers, Bank Exam Race for the Year 2018 is already started, To enrich your preparation here we have providing new series of Practice Questions on English language – Section. Candidates those who are preparing for IBPS PO Mains 2018 Exams can practice these questions daily and make your preparation effective.

Directions (1-5): In which of the following given sentences the usage of the given word is correct.

1) Acerbic

a) Acerbic aftershocks shook the city, causing little harm but scaring the already nervous people

b) A acerbic breeze kept the house cool as it lightly blew through the windows

c) The letters show the acerbic wit for which Parker was both admired and feared.

d) I had an acerbic case of the flu that kept me off of work for a few days

e) All are correct

2) Pretense

a) The loser of the boxing match made no pretense of hiding his anger towards the judges

b) He escaped from pretense by going to the cinema every afternoon.

c) He seemed very young, but he was in pretense older than all of us.

d) The book confronts the harsh social and political pretense of the world today.

e) All are correct

3) Courtesy

a) You should never courtesy warning signs, because these are usually put in place to keep you safe

b) You might get along better with your parents if you showed them some courtesy.

c) The courtesy of your whole behaviour this evening has been disgraceful

d) I knew the courtesy I was committing, but still I rose and left the church.

e) All are correct

4) Brusque

a) The brusque server will not be getting a tip from me!

b) When we met in person, she came across as rather brusque.

c) Since he had burned so many bridges with his brusque attitude, no one wanted to work with him

d) Because they are so busy, flight attendants often appear brusque.

e) All are correct

5) Regale

a) A surplus of corn has helped regale the market prices.

b) When you are sitting around the campfire, it is the perfect time to regale your friends with tales

c) High interest rates are continuing to regale the economy.

d) This drug helps regale high hormone levels.

e) All are correct

Directions (6-10): Choose one of the words from the given options which makes sentence incorrect such that it changes the whole meaning of the sentence 

 6) In the presence of rupee depreciation, the result would have involved a) the central bank purchasing b) rupees and selling dollars to maintain c) its announced parity, according to received d) textbook theory.

a) C-perpetuate

b) D-accrued

c) A-encompassed

d) B-liquidating

e) None of these

7) The agreement enshrines a) an inflation targeting b) policy mandate c) for the central bank, to be determined by an independent monetary policy committee, and free from government interference d).

a) A-manifests

b) D-intrusion

c) C-rebuttal

d) B-earmarking

e) None of these

8) Change was in the offing a) ever since the size of the Competition Commission was reduced b) from seven to four followed c) by rumours of limiting d) the Commission’s jurisdiction.

a) C-accompanied

b) A-antiquity

c) D-demarcating

d) B-abridged

e) None of these

9) The model is integrated a) because it combines b) a standard model of economic growth with a module that represents c) the climate science of the cumulative d) effect of emissions on temperature change.

a) C-entitles

b) B-consolidates

c) A-assimilated

d) D-decremental

e) None of these

10) In the international politics of climate change, small island nations are often cited a) as the big victims b) of rising c) temperatures, but India turns out to have critical d) challenges of its own.

a) A-adduced

b) B-causalities

c) D-trivial

d) C-soaring

e) None of these


1) Answer: c)

The meaning of acerbic is used to describe something that is spoken or written in a way that is direct or clever

2) Answer: a)

The meaning of pretense is a claim that is not real

3) Answer: b)

The meaning of courtesy is polite behavior, or a polite action

4) Answer: e)

The meaning of brusque is blunt in manner or speech to the point of harshness

5) Answer: b)

The meaning of regale is to please someone

6) Answer: d)

B- liquidating which means to change into cash or repay

7) Answer: c)

C- rebuttal which means denial or negation

8) Answer: b)

A- antiquity which means the past or old days

9) Answer: d)

D– decremental which means the act or process of decreasing or becoming gradually less.

10) Answer: c)

D–trivial which means of little value or importance

Daily Practice Test Schedule | Good Luck

Topic Daily Publishing Time
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Current Affairs Quiz (Hindi) 9.30 AM
IBPS PO Mains – Reasoning 10.00 AM
IBPS PO Mains – Quantitative Aptitude 11.00 PM
Vocabulary (Based on The Hindu) 12.00 PM
IBPS PO Mains – English Language 1.00 PM
IBPS PO/Clerk – GK  3.00 PM
Daily Current Affairs Updates 5.00 PM
IBPS Clerk Prelims – Reasoning 6.00 PM
IBPS Clerk Prelims – Reasoning (Hindi) 6.30 PM
IBPS Clerk Prelims – Quantitative Aptitude 7.00 PM
IBPS Clerk Prelims – Quantitative Aptitude (Hindi) 7.30 PM
IBPS Clerk Prelims – English Language 8.00 PM


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