IBPS PO Mains 2018 – English Questions (Miscellaneous) Day-17

Dear Readers, Bank Exam Race for the Year 2018 is already started, To enrich your preparation here we have providing new series of Practice Questions on English language – Section. Candidates those who are preparing for IBPS PO Mains 2018 Exams can practice these questions daily and make your preparation effective.

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Direction (1-5): In each of the questions given below a sentence is given which is then divided into five parts out of which one bold part is correct. There are no errors in three out of four remaining parts and therefore only one of the parts other than the bold one is incorrect. You must choose the grammatically incorrect part as your answer. Choose e if you find out there is no error.

1) The premium has turned at a discount a)/as markets have realized that the same b)/powers are being used to weaken independent c)/institutions that provide stability d)/to the market mechanism e)/

a) b

b) c

c) d

d) a

e) No error

2) Successive governments have a)/interfered with the agency b)/due processes, appointing sycophants c)/as heads and actively d)/subverting on-going investigations e)/

a) b

b) c

c) d

d) e

e) No error

3) The entire country especially a)/stand-up comedians are eagerly b)/waiting for this unique governance c)/model to be extending across d)/all departments and ministries e)/

a) c

b) d

c) a

d) b

e) No error

4) These ideas are rudimentary, besides a a)/different approach is likely needed to work b)/along with the traditional ones in almost all c)/areas including social security, taxation d)/and lifelong learning systems e)/

a) d

b) c

c) a

d) b

e) No error

5) The immediate motives for the a)/government’s heightened criticism of RBI b)/and their repeated attempts to influence the c)/central bank’s workings through public d)/pronouncements are not known e)/

a) b

b) c

c) d

d) a

e) No error

Directions (6-10): In which of the following given sentences the usage of the given word is correct.

6) Ablution

a) Doctors are required to perform an ablution before they examine each patient

b) Some religions require believers to perform an ablution before prayer

c) Once I have my cup of coffee and do my morning ablution, I’m ready to start my day.

d) Dedicated practitioners of yoga swear by a bedtime ablution ritual to relax the body

e) All are correct

7) Frugal

a) In case you think I was frugal, take a look at the map.

b) He offended several people with his frugal remarks.

c) Their frugal behaviour is going to get them into trouble someday.

d) Fran is a frugal person because she spends endless hours clipping coupons

e) All are correct

8) Gruff

a) Although the old man pretends to be gruff, he is really warm and kind

b) Turn that dreadful wailing music off and put on something gruff.

c) She presents such a gruff front that you’d never guess she’s ill.

d) He was a gruff man with a kind word for everybody.

e) All are correct

9) Rehash

a) I rehash to eat at a place where the cooks do not wear hairnets and gloves

b) The judge refused to rehash the details of what happened and simply stuck to the original facts.

c) The inmate can rehash questioning, as it is his right to speak with counsel first.

d) The sorcerer offered the maiden a tempting deal that she couldn’t rehash

e) All are correct

10) Untenable

a) High petrol taxes are untenable on ecological grounds.

b) He’s presenting a plan that is morally untenable and politically realistic.

c) The mayor’s proposal is untenable and will not gain the support of the city council.

d) A city built on an island is easily untenable.

e) All are correct


1) Answer: d)

In part a in place of at it should be into

2) Answer: a)

In part b in place of agency it should be agency’s

3) Answer: b)

In part d in place of extending it should be extended

4) Answer: c)

In part a in place of besides it should be but

5) Answer: b)

In part c in place of their it should be its

6) Answer: e)

The meaning of ablution is the act of washing or cleansing

7) Answer: d)

The meaning of frugal is careful in spending money

8) Answer: a)

The meaning of gruff is severe in tone or manner

9) Answer: b)

The meaning of rehash is to go over something again

10) Answer: c)

The meaning of untenable is not capable of being supported or maintained

Daily Practice Test Schedule | Good Luck

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