IBPS PO Mains 2018 – English Questions (Miscellaneous) Day-15

Dear Readers, Bank Exam Race for the Year 2018 is already started, To enrich your preparation here we have providing new series of Practice Questions on English language – Section. Candidates those who are preparing for IBPS PO Mains 2018 Exams can practice these questions daily and make your preparation effective.

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Direction (1-5): In a passage given below there are five blanks,  Every blank has four alternative words given in options (A), (B), (C) and (D). You have to choose which pair of word will best suit to the respective blank.

The winding caravan of more than 7,000 migrants from Central America through Mexico has become such a political hot potato that it is likely to thrust the immigration issue. Already, President Donald Trump, who has not been shy about translating his conservative views on immigration into harsh policy measures, has fuelled fears that the caravan may harbour terrorists from West Asia; he has also attacked Mexico for not stopping the onslaught. This, besides the usual sloganeering around illegal immigration that will ___________ (1)________ steal American jobs and threaten the security of an otherwise peaceful American society. In truth, most members of this caravan, not by any means the first of its kind but certainly one of the largest in recent history, are either economic migrants seeking escape from grinding poverty in places like Honduras or ____________ (2)_______ persecution, trafficking or gang violence in the region. Unlike previous such caravans, whose members numbered in the hundreds and which _____________ (3)_______ along the way or upon reaching the border, this one has gathered momentum from sheer media attention and support from advocacy groups. Democrats are wary of committing too much political currency to the caravan or undocumented migration as a phenomenon, given the _____________ (4)_____ mood in the country. And the Republican mainstream harbours concerns about the ____________ (5)_______ anti-immigrant rhetoric against the caravan, and what it stands for, emboldening far-right groups associated with racism and Islamophobia.

  1. ?      

a) Allegedly/purportedly

b) Supposedly/certainly

c) Genuinely/unlikely

d) Earnestly/apparently

e) None of these

2. ?      

a) Extending/prolonging

b) Lingering/progressing

c) Sustaining/vanishing

d) Evading/fleeing

e) None of these

3. ?      

a) Hoarded/depleted

b) Dissipated/ dispelled

c) Collocated/accrued

d) Procured/scattered

e) None of these

4. ?      

a) Squandering/ suffering

b) Overruling/draining

c) Prevailing/abounding

d) Forfeiting/defaulting

e) None of these

5. ?      

a) Strident/blatant

b) Pliable/comfy

c) Jarring/flowing

d) Tender/lenient

e) None of these

Directions (6-10): Choose one of the words from the given options which makes sentence incorrect such that it changes the whole meaning of the sentence 

6) Immediate a) investments in decentralised sludge management systems would bring twin benefits; of improving b) the environment and reducing c) the disease burden imposed d) by insanitary conditions.

a) C-diminishing

b) D-precluded

c) B-revamping

d) A-rapid

e) None of these

7) The government had suggested a) that it took the first step earlier this week to defuse b) tensions arising c) from the feud d) between the two top officers of the agency

a) A-Advocated

b) C-ensuing

c) B-abridge

d) D-dispute

e) None of these

8) The governments are bound a) to compare b) notes on the way forward, especially on building c) and financing alternatives d) to China’s Belt and Road projects for countries along the Asia-Africa growth corridor.

a) B-juxtapose

b) A-confined

c) C-invigorating

d) D-devoirs

e) None of these

9) The court’s interim order thus goes beyond calming a) the air; it works as a safeguard b) against any further damage to the institution’s reputation and credibility c) during the pendency d) of the case

a) C-plausibility

b) D-suspense

c) B-jeopardy

d) A-asserting

e) None of these

10) The problem of the waste not being contained a), collected without manual labour, transported b) and treated c) safely is becoming graver d).

a) A-excluded

b) C-served

c) D-engraved

d) B-conducted

e) None of these


1) Answer: a)

The meaning of “purportedly” is “as appears or is stated to be true”. Hence, both allegedly and purportedly are correct.

2) Answer: d)

The meaning of “fleeing” is “run away to escape”. Hence, both evading and fleeing are correct

3) Answer: b)

The meaning of “dissipated” is “to disappear or cause to disappear”. Hence, both dissipated and dispelled are correct

4) Answer: c)

The meaning of “prevailing” is “be prevalent or usual”. Hence, both prevailing and abounding are correct

5) Answer: a)

The meaning of “strident” is “loud and harsh”. Hence, both strident and blatant are correct

6) Answer: b)

D-precluded which means to inhibit

7) Answer: c)

B-abridge which means to reduce

8) Answer: d)

D-devoirs which means necessities

9) Answer: c)

B-jeopardy which means danger

10) Answer: a)

A-excluded which means to eliminate

Daily Practice Test Schedule | Good Luck

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