IBPS PO Mains Reasoning 2019: How To Crack Reasoning Section?

IBPS PO Mains Reasoning 2019:

The IBPS PO mains exam will be held on coming November 30th of 2019. Among the sections in IBPS PO mains, the reasoning is one of the toughest sections. So you have to prepare with the best study materials for the reasoning section. Only then you can tackle the difficult puzzles and seating arrangements with ease. To crack the IBPS PO mains reasoning 2019, here we present some useful tips. If you follow those tips in your preparation and practice, you can easily score high marks in the reasoning section. The exam pattern of IBPS PO mains is given here for your reference.

Topic No. of Questions Maximum Mark Time
Reasoning & Computer Aptitude 45 60 60 minutes
General/ Economy/ Banking Awareness 40 40 35 minutes
English Language 35 40 40 minutes
Data Analysis & Interpretation 35 60 45 minutes
TOTAL 155 200 3 hours
English Language (Letter Writing & Essay) 2 25 30 minutes


In this, the IBPS PO mains reasoning part alone will cover 60 marks, from 45 questions. The sectional time for the reasoning part is 60 minutes. The level of this section will be mostly moderate to very high. So prepare according to this level. Also, there will be a sectional cut off too.

Prepare With Previous Year Papers:

The IBPS PO mains reasoning sections will have high-level questions from all topics. Starting from syllogism every topic may contain difficult questions. So refer to the old IBPS PO mains question papers. If you practice them you can get an idea about the different patterns of questions and their difficulty level. With constant practice, you will get a fine touch with those questions. Especially you will get familiarity with the hard level puzzles and seating arrangement questions. This kind of practice will help you more in scoring high marks in IBPS PO mains reasoning.

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Mock Test Practice:

You can take mains level sectional mock tests for the IBPS PO mains reasoning section 2019. Mock test is nothing but a speed test that analyzes how quick are you in solving questions. In IBPS PO mains mock tests you can practice more exam point of view questions. If you are weak in any particular topic, then go for topic tests. The topic tests will help you in fine-tuning your weak areas. Mock test practice will not only develop your speed but also your accuracy and time management skills. So practice and analyze more mock tests before the exam.


Key Areas to Focus:

In IBPS PO mains reasoning 2019, there are some key areas to focus on. Some of them are,

These sections may have more weightage in marks. Especially practice more new pattern puzzles and seating arrangements. Apart from these some miscellaneous 2 mark questions may be asked. Give more importance to such questions in your practice. Try to practice more new pattern syllogism, coded inequalities, etc.

Level of Exam:

The level of the exam may be moderate to very high. For last year the average number of good attempts in this section is around 14 to 20. This year also the same level of questions may be expected. If so, then work hard to maintain your attempts and accuracy. Even if you attend a decent number of questions, try to maintain the accuracy of above 95%. Only then you can score fair marks in IBPS PO mains reasoning section.

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Short Cut Methods:

Many students have a doubt that “how to crack IBPS PO mains reasoning section 2019?”. Try to learn all the short cut methods. The short cut methods will save more time to attend extra questions. Especially for puzzles and seating arrangements you should find the key points soon. only then you can solve the puzzles in a quick manner. If you try to solve all the questions in conventional methods, you may end up with a low number of attempts. Watch more online videos and learn the short cut methods and new ways of approaches. They will save more time for you in the IBPS PO mains reasoning section.

Important Tips to Follow:

Our experts have given some valuable tips that will be useful for you. Follow the below tips in your preparation.

  • Attend more mock tests as much as you can before the exam. And more importantly, analyze and correct your mistakes in the mock tests.
  • Give first preference to the topics that have more weightage and scoring chances.
  • For puzzle practice, keep a timer and check your speed and accuracy. Puzzles and seating arrangements are the topics that consume more time. So concentrate more on it.
  • Maintain a positive attitude while solving puzzles and seating arrangements.
  • In machine input-output and coding-decoding topics, try to find the logic and connections soon. If you couldn’t find, skip it immediately and move on to the next question.

So candidates follow these useful tips in your practice and exam. So that you can easily score high marks in the IBPS PO mains reasoning section 2019.



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