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IBPS RRB PO Interview Experience: IBPS has conducted the recruitment drive every year simultaneously to recruit the eligible candidates for Clerk, PO & SO posts. Up to the year 2015, the interview was conducted for the above posts. After that, the Central government has neglected the Interview for the Clerk post. So the Panel had conducted the Interview for PO & SO posts. Still, there are a lot of aspirants, who are very much eager to get a job in the Bank Sector. Among that a few only got placed into their dream job.
IBPS RRB PO is one of the most expected ones for banking aspirants. For PO, three rounds namely Prelims, Mains & Interview have been conducted. Candidates should clear the above rounds to get into the dream job. Applicants who cleared the IBPS RRB PO Mains Exam will appear for the IBPS RRB PO Interview. We all know the IBPS RRB PO Interview is going on. Only a few days are over to complete the Interview.

Tricky Interview Questions in IBPS RRB PO 2021

Aspirants are in need of getting the interview experience for their upcoming interview scenario. So for that, here we have given one of our follower’s IBPS RRB PO Interview Experience. So aspirants kindly go through this article fully. We hope it will shape your thoughts and will make you in a better way. IBPSGuide is always join hands with you in every moment. Interested aspirants can share your Interview Experience with us through [email protected] This will definitely help the aspirants to cross the great hurdles.

Have You Cleared IBPS RRB PO Mains 2020-21 Exam?

State: Telangana
Name: Raja Narendar
Date: 22/11/2019
Reporting time: 8:30
Panel: 5 members (4M and 1F)
After biometric and certificate verification they let me enter the interview room at 10:25. 
Me: may I come in sir?
M1: yes, come in. 
is your name raja narendar.
Me: yes sir.
M1: take your seat.
(before sitting I wished them good morning and Sat.)
M1: u belongs to ews? what is it?
Me: answered.
M1: what did you do after graduation? (as there is 4 years gap)
Me: I have done an MBA sir.
(actually I did not mention in my application. and then cross-question asked why I did not mention. I gave him a good reason. he seems satisfied)
M1: MBA in which stream?
Me: HR sir.
M1: why did you choose hr? did you choose bcoz its easy or what?
(i don’t want to say I just choose at just like that no interest. I took some time and said. I took it and later started liking it.)
M1: what are trade unions? do we need trade unions?
Me: I said yes we needed it. to protect the rights of employees. to do strikes and dharna against the management.also said unions support employees. 
(i gave a very big answer adding to that. I used the word “strikes” and “dharna” while answering. I felt like the whole interview went on illegal strikes.)
M1: What is your father do?
Me: answered.
(again asked some crossed questions on my father work and organization, I mentioned obc bank so they asked the question on that too)
M1: banks are facing the biggest crisis now, what is it?
Me: NPA’s sir.
M1: what is NPA?
Me: when a borrower doesn’t pay interest or principal within 90 days, we call it NPA sir.
M4: OBC merging into another bank. do u know? what is that bank?
Me: Yes it’s merging into PNB. the united bank also merging into PNB.
M2: Why RRBs required in India.
Me: Said RRBs needed to give loans to farmers and SMEs in rural areas.
M2: SBI also giving in rural areas. what is the diff?
Me: (gave big explanation, but he is not satisfied though he asked one more question)
M2: when did SBI nationalized?
Me: 1956 sir. (i think he is def from SBI)
M2: what are different types of banks?
Me: answered.
M3: what is job satisfaction?
Me: providing good facilities and work environment for the employees.
M3: what are training and promotion?
Me: (explained in my own way. he seems ok with it.m3 also asked one more question
related to my stream but I said I don’t know sir)
F1: name three IITs and IIMs?
Me: answered.
F1: who is HRD minister.
(i answered but its wrong. she did not correct me. she did not say anything.)
M4: Do u know the name of the Telangana strike on tank bund 10 years ago.
Me: I don’t know sir.
M4: Bank employees on strike while sitting in their chairs and not working. The public doesn’t know about it how can they support employees then. Without public support, management won’t come down.
Me: The banking operations in branches are shut down. so the public will get to know and they support employees.
F1: R u working right now?
Me: No mam, preparing full time.
F1, M1: Full time!! ( they seem shocked, I don’t know why. I think my answer giving style doesn’t seem like a full-time preparation )
F1, M1, M4: That’s it, all the best.
Me: thank you, sir, thank you, mam. and then I left the room.
Overall I felt like I did good but I could have done better. They are very friendly and cool. I felt like m2 is not satisfied. M1 is an old one in the room and he is head of the panel. F1 is old but writing a lot of whole the interview, I don’t know what she is writing. M4 seems very much satisfied with my answers. he’s smiled and nodded several times. The person who went before me told me that they are scored everyone between 57 and 65. I read a lot of previous interviews, which helped me a lot. so it’s time to give one back. Whether I clear or not it doesn’t matter, I am happy I got some interview experience to do much better in the future.
I wish all the best everyone. be cool and confident, you can do better.

Raja Narendran

IBPS RRB PO Interview Experience 2019: Institute of Banking Personnel Selection has officially out the recruitment notification for filling the Probationary Officer and Clerk Vacancies.  Lakhs and Lakhs of applicants are applied for the IBPS RRB PO Exam. As only a few most eligible applicants will get a place to hold a job as IBPS PO. Now, almost 90% of the selection process for the post is over. As the Prelims and Mains Exam are over. And applicants who cleared the IBPS RRB PO Mains Exam will appear for the IBPS RRB PO Interview. We all know the IBPS RRB PO Interview is going on. Only a few days are over to complete the Interview.

Here, our fervid energetic aspirants of IBPS Guide have shared his IBPS RRB PO Interview Experience with us. Our team has decided to provide it for your view. This will definitely help the aspirants, who are going to face the IBPS RRB PO Interview. We IBPS Guide are eagerly looking to join hands with stalwart aspirants like you to share your IBPS RRB PO Interview Experience 2019 with IBPSGuide. Interested aspirants can share your Interview Experience with us through [email protected] This will definitely help the aspirants to cross the great hurdles.

IBPS RRB PO Interview Experience 2019 

I am Hari Krishna N from Tamil Nadu. My Interview was scheduled at Periyar University in Salem.  I had my interview on 20th Afternoon Batch in Panel-III.  After Biometric Verification I waited for a long time since I was the 23rd person of my batch. It tested my Passions and increased my nervousness about the IBPS RRB PO interview. As like my time turns out for me.  So, my document verification went till 4.30. The gift for my wait ripens. My time to explore myself started. 

Around 5.50 I went in for my Interview. My interview hardly took around 15 mins. 

There were 4 male and 1 female panel member. 

Me: I greeted everyone and they asked me to take the seat.

Panel member 1: The female members said Hari Krishnan right?

Me: I said Hari Krishna N mam it was my initials. 

Panel member 1: She said oh good!! She asked Self intro…

Me: I replied in a better way as I prepared. As it is the most expected question.

I started asking questions from my answers.

Me: I said to them that, I have completed Biomedical Engineering so they started asking questions related to my department.

Panel Member 2: What is National Disaster Management?

Me: I replied

Panel Member 4: What are BASEL Norms?

Me: I replied

Panel Member 3:What is Bank Guarantee? 

Me: I replied

Panel Member 1: What are Net NPA and Gross NPA?

Me: I replied

Panel Member 2: What is a White label/ Orange label ATM?

Me: I replied

Panel Member 4: What is PMC (Punjab and Maharashtra Urban cooperative bank) Crisis?

Me: I replied

Panel Member 1: Who is the newly appointed CJI?

Me: I replied as I was well versed in Current affairs.

Panel Member 2: Difference between Overdraft and Cash credit?

Me: I replied

Panel Member 3: Can a lunatic person open a bank account?

Me: I replied as much I know.

Panel Member 4: Atlast they asked what marks you are expecting in RRB Mains?? Whether I have cleared IBPS PO Prelims?? I answered!!

They greeted – All the best…. 

I had a nice and fulfilled Interview Experience… Hoping for the best results………

Thank you…………

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