IBPS RRB PO Interview Tips Which You Must Never Forget

As we know that IBPS RRB PO Interview exam is coming near, prepare yourself for this process. IBPS RRB PO Interview is the final stage in the selection. All banking aspirants must clear IBPS RRB PO Interview in order to land up in their dream job. For most of the aspirants, attending IBPS RRB PO Interview makes them nervous. It is very important that you should overcome your nervousness regarding the interview. Here are some important tips that you should remember before giving your interview.

Tips for banking interviews

Research deeply on the bank

Make sure that you conduct a thorough research of the bank and the job profile before attending the IBPS RRB PO Interview. In the interview, at least 2-3 will be related to the company and the job profile. So, before you go for the interview, it is necessary that take some time to visit their website, read about their services and also about the bank.

Dress properly

Please never attend the IBPS RRB PO Interview with casual clothes. First impression is the best impression. It infers that your dress attire will give a good impression to your employers. Wear smart formals for the interview whether you are going for a private sector bank or public sector bank.

Women can wear a plain, light-colored cotton saree or salwaar kameez with a plain dupatta or a blazer with light colored blouse and trousers. Ensure that you use minimum jewelry and makeup.

Men can wear a plain, light-colored shirt and dark colored trousers and a plain tie. Make sure that your shoes are polished, you are clean shaven and your hair is neat.

Know your resume

You should know that what you have included in your resume. It is so because you will be asked questions from your resume. So, be prepared for the questions.

Arrive on time

Never be late for your interview as it will create a bad impression on the interviewer. The employers in the bank are very strict about punctuality, so reach at least 15-20 minutes before the interview. It will give you time to calm down and relax.

Switch-off your cell phone

Please switch off your cell phone or keep it on silent mode before you enter the cabin of your interviewer.

Be polite

Greet your interviewer with a handshake and a smile on your face. Do not sit until you are asked to take a seat.

Pay attention to your body language

Do not indulge in activities like nail-biting, fidgeting, shaking legs, playing with your pen/hair etc. Please sit comfortably and maintain a proper posture throughout your whole interview. This will make you appear confident and relaxed.

Don’t say bad things about your previous employer

Please never say bad things about your previous employer. If you do the same, then your interviewer will think that you might just do the same with them also.

Never answer with an “I don’t know”

If you do not know how to answer a question in the interview, do not say “I don’t know”. Rather, ask some time from your interviewer to think of an answer.

Thank the interviewer

Please do not leave the interview room without thanking the interviewer for giving his/her precious time.

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