IBPS RRB PO Prelims Study Plan 2020 | Check Study Plan

IBPS RRB PO Prelims Study Plan 2020:

The IBPS RRB PO prelims study plan 2020 is here for you. The mains exam of IBPS RRB PO 2020 mains exam will take place on the 30th of January 2021. Still, the prelims exam will take place for the supplementary notification on 31-12-2020. So candidates who applied for supplementary notice, utilize this IBPS RRB PO prelims study plan 2020.

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The IBPS RRB PO prelims study plan 2020 pdf is very essential for the students. The reason for the failure of many aspirants is that they won’t plan their preparation in a proper manner. In this IBPS RRB PO prelims study plan 2020 pdf download, you can cover all the topics. You can direct your preparation in the right path with a uniform speed. So follow this 30 days IBPS RRB PO prelims study plan 2020 for your success.

IBPS RRB PO Prelims Exam Pattern:

Before going into the 30 days IBPS RRB PO prelims study plan 2020, check the exam pattern here.

  • Total sections – 2 (Reasoning & Quantitative Aptitude).
  • Total Time duration – 45 minutes (No sectional timing).
  • The number of questions – 80 (40 in each section).
  • Total marks – 80.

Candidates should clear both sectional cut off and overall cut off, in order to qualify for the mains exam.

Name of Section No. of Questions Maximum Marks Duration
Reasoning 40 40 Composite time of 45 minutes
Quantitative Aptitude 40 40
Total 80 80


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30 Days Study Plan:

From now on, you still have 40+ days for the IBPS RRB PO prelims exam. So, if you use this IBPS RRB PO prelims study plan 2020 in an effective manner, then you can easily clear the prelims exam.

Days Reasoning Ability Quantitative Aptitude
Day – 01
Inequality and Syllogism Approximation and Simplification
Day – 02
Blood Relation and Relation Missing Number Series and Wrong Number series
Day – 03
Order and ranking Quadratic Equation and  Inequalities

(Quantity based)

Day – 04
Attend mock test – 1 and Reasoning sectional test – 1,  Quants sectional test  – 1
Day – 05
Coding and Decoding Simple Interest and Compound Interest and  Average and Problem on ages
Day – 06
Attend mock test – 2  and  Reasoning sectional test – 2, Quants sectional test  – 2
Day – 07
Weekly Revision – 1

Revise All topics (Section-wise) & Analyze the weaker areas

Attend mock test – 3 and 4

Day – 08
Attend mock test – 5  and  Reasoning sectional test – 3, Quants sectional test  – 3
Day – 09
Input and Output Partnership and Percentage and  Profit and Loss
Day – 10
Attend mock test – 6  and  Reasoning sectional test – 4, Quants sectional test  – 4
Day – 11
Alphabet Series and  Numerical Series Time and Work and Pipes and Cisterns
Day – 12

Attend mock test – 7  and 8

Day – 13
Alphanumerical Series Time, speed and Distance and Boats and Streams
Day – 14
Weekly Revision – 2

Revise All topics (Section-wise) & Analyze the weaker areas

Attend mock test – 9  and  Reasoning sectional test – 5, Quants sectional test  – 5

Day – 15

(Floor Based and Box Based)

Probability and Permutation and Combination
Day – 16
Attend mock test – 10  and  Reasoning sectional test – 6, Quants sectional test  – 6
Day – 17
Seating Arrangement

(Circle Based and Square Based)

Mixture and Allegation  and Mensuration
Day – 18

Attend mock test – 11 and 12

Day – 19
Seating Arrangement

(Triangular Based and Circular Based Certain and Uncertain number of people)

Data Interpretation

(Bar Graph and Line Graph)

Day – 20
Attend mock test – 13  and  Reasoning sectional test – 7, Quants sectional test  – 7
Day – 21
Weekly Revision – 3

Revise All topics (Section-wise) & Analyze the weaker areas

Attend mock test – 14 and Reasoning sectional test – 8, Quants sectional test  – 8

Day – 22

Attend mock test – 15 and 16

Day – 23
Seating Arrangement

(Linear Based Single row and parallel row)

Data Interpretation

(Table based and Pie chart)

Day – 24
Attend mock test – 17  and  Reasoning sectional test – 9, Quants sectional test  – 9
Day – 25
Seating Arrangement

(Linear Based with a certain and uncertain number of people)

Caselet and Missing DI
Day – 26
Attend mock test – 18 and  Reasoning sectional test – 10, Quants sectional test  – 10
Day – 27
Miscellaneous topics Data sufficiency
Day – 28
Weekly Revision – 4

Revise All topics (Section-wise) & Analyze the weaker areas

Attend mock test – 19  and 20

Day – 29
Final Revision – 1
Day – 30
Final Revision – 2


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Importance of IBPS RRB Officer Scale I Prelims Study Plan 2020:

Here we have added the importance of the IBPS RRB PO prelims study plan 2020.

  • This Study plan includes all topics of the updated syllabus. So that you can attend the exam confidently.
  • Time is allocated for revision, sectional test and full-length IBPS RRB PO prelims mock test.
  • As you follow the study plan in a strict manner, there is no chance of time waste.
  • As you revise in a weekly manner, you will have a constant touch with all the topics.
  • After completing this 30 days study, plan you will still be left with around 10 days for 2nd revision and mock test practice.

So, aspirants follow this IBPS RRB officer scale I prelims study plan 2020. So that you can easily clear the exam. Also, you can confidently prepare for the mains exam.


Here we have added some important FAQs about the IBPS RRB PO prelims study plan 2020 and related topics. So that you can clarify some of your doubts.

Q: How can I prepare for RRB PO prelims?

A: Use this 30 days IBPS RRB PO prelims study plan 2020. It will help your preparation in an effective manner.


Q: Is IBPS RRB exam postponed 2020?

A: Yes, the IBPS RRB PO mains exam has been postponed to 30th Jan 2021.


Q: How can I clear my IBPS RRB first attempt?

A: To clear the IBPS RRB PO in 1st attempt, some important tips are there. That includes mock test practice and following study plan. If you do this properly, you can succeed.


Q: Why I should follow the IBPS RRB PO prelims study plan 2020?

A: Because it covers all the topics. Also, sufficient time is given for revision and mock tests practice.


Q: Is there any interview for RRB PO?

A: Yes, for IBPS RRB PO recruitment, the interview round is available after the mains exam.

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