IBPS RRB Salary 2021: In-Hand Pay, Job Profile, Perks, & Promotions

The Institute of Banking & Personnel Selection has released the notification for the IBPS RRB exams. Here we have updated about IBPS RRB salary 2021. You can know all the related details such as allowances, job profile, etc. Go through the IBPS RRB salary details here. The IBPS RRB salary in hand for clerk and PO cadres are available here. This is one of the most aspired government jobs for banking aspirants. So that a lot of applications will arrive from the candidates for this recruitment. As a result, the competition for the IBPS RRB job has reached sky-high. The IBPS RRB Salary structure 2021 for PO will be more than that of the clerk. Go through this page to know complete details of IBPS RRB salary slip 2021 of Clerk, PO & Officer Scale 2 & 3.


The IBPS RRB exam is conducted for the selection of candidates to the Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) in India. In this recruitment, exams are held to select candidates for the various posts. They are given below.

  • Group A – Officer Scale I, II, and III
  • Group B – Office Assistant (multipurpose)


IBPS RRB Notification 2021

IBPS RRB 2021 Important Dates:

In the IBPS exam calendar 2021, the dates regarding the IBPS RRB recruitment are available. Don’t wait for the exam dates to get near and rush your preparation. This is one of the dream jobs for banking aspirants. The main reason for that is a handful of IBPS RRB salary, good career growth, allowances, etc. To attain your dream job, follow the exam dates and prepare with dedication.


Activity Tentative Dates
Online Registration start date 08-06-2021
Online Registration End date 28-06-2021
Pre-exam training call letter download 09.07.2021
Pre-exam training 19.07.2021 to 25.07.2021
Download of call letters for online preliminary exam July/ August, 2021
Online Preliminary exam dates 01.08.2021
Online Preliminary Exam Result September 2021
Download of Call letter for Online exam – Main / Single September 2021
IBPS RRB office assistant mains 03.10.2021
IBPS RRB Officer Scale 1 mains 25.09.2021
Online Exam – Main / Single for officer scale 2 & 3 25.09.2021
Declaration of Result – Main/ Single (For Officers Scale I, II and III) October 2021
Download of call letters for interview (For Officers Scale I, II and III) October / November 2021
Conduct of interview (For Officers Scale I, II and III) October / November 2021
Provisional Allotment (For Officers Scale I, II and III & Office Assistant) January 2022


IBPS RRB Selection Process:

For all the IBPS RRB recruitment posts, we have mentioned the selection process clearly in the table. To succeed in this exam you have to cross 2 or 3 stages according to the post. The IBPS RRB PO salary 2021 and other benefits are really impressive. To attain this job, you have to clear all the stages as mentioned in the table.


Various Stages of IBPS RRB Recruitment Office Assistant (multipurpose) Officer Scale I Officer Scale II Officer Scale III
1st round Prelims exam(80 marks) Prelims exam(80 marks) Single Level Exam(200 marks) Single Level Exam(200 marks)
2nd round Mains exam(200 marks) Mains exam(200 marks) Interview(100 marks) Interview(100 marks)
3rd round Interview(100 marks)


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IBPS RRB Office Assistant Job Profile:

“What is the salary of IBPS RRB office assistant?” is a common question among the candidates. It is essential to know the details of the IBPS RRB salary 2021 of clerk. The office assistant is referred to as the clerk. His responsibilities will be lower when compared to that of the officers. The office assistants will have the basic branch works. That’s why the IBPS RRB clerk salary in hand 2021 is lower than that of the officers. The job profile of the IBPS RRB clerk are given below.

  • Document and proof verification for customers. This work is for various branch activities such as account opening, loan formalities, etc.
  • Handling the cash, cheques, Demand Drafts, Pay Orders, etc.
  • To explain the customers about the latest government schemes and its norms.
  • To take responsibility for the bank cash, balance sheet, keys, and various important documents.
  • Manage accounts, data entry works, and treasury related works.
  • Solving the queries of branch customers, updating their passbook, and managing their checkbook delivery.
  • Handling the mails of the branch in its behalf.
  • Account opening formalities, issuance of DD and receipts.



IBPS RRB Officer Job Profile:

“What is the salary of IBPS RRB officer scale I?” is also a common doubt. The IBPS RRB officer scale I salary is higher than that of the clerk. Like knowing the IBPS RRB salary in hand of PO, it is very important to know their job role and responsibilities.

  • Loan recovery is one of the main duties of the officer scale I.
  • To supervise the works of the clerks.
  • To evaluate the loan applications and documents of the customers.
  • Public communication and to pass on the schemes of the bank to develop new business.
  • To check the credit profile of the loan takers of the bank.
  • Processing works to implement the new government schemes in the bank.


The IBPS RRB officer scale 1 salary is lower than that of officer scale II. The officer scale II includes general banking officer and specialist cadre officers. The specialist cadre officers are of various departments as given below.

  • Law officer
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Treasury Manager
  • IT officer
  • Marketing officer
  • Agricultural officer.


The specialist cadre officers will have works related to their respective departments. The IBPS RRB scale II salary is slightly lower than that of the scale III officers. The scale III officers are the senior managers. They have the highest responsibilities when compared to all other staff.


IBPS RRB Syllabus

What is IBPS RRB Salary?

The IBPS RRB PO salary and clerk salary are made available in the table. This is for your quick reference.


IBPS RRB Cadres IBPS RRB Salary in hand 2021
Clerk (Office Assistant) Rs. 15000 to 19000
Assistant Manager (Officer Scale I) Rs. 29000 to 33000
Manager (Officer Scale-II) Rs. 33000 to 39000
Senior Manager (Officer Scale III) Rs. 38000 to 44000


The IBPS RRB officer scale III salary is higher than that of the other 2 officer cadres. Because officer scale III is the senior manager cadre. This cadre will have more responsibilities as compared to that of the other 2 officer cadres. So candidates should know the job profile and responsibilities of all the IBPS RRB posts.

IBPS RRB Office Assistant Salary In-hand:

The salary structure of the IBPS RRB Clerk is given below.

  • Rs. 7200 – 400/3 – 8400 – 500/3 – 9900 – 600/4 – 12300 – 700/7 – 17200 – 1300/1 – 18500 – 800/1 – 19300.

This is explained in the table in a clear manner.


Annual Increments IBPS RRB Office Assistant 2021 In-hand Salary
Starting Pay Rs. 7200
Rs. 400 for first 3 years Rs. 8400
Rs. 500 for next 3 years Rs. 9900
Rs. 600 for the next 4 years Rs. 12300
Rs. 700 for next 7 years Rs. 17200
Rs. 1300 for one year Rs. 18500
Rs. 800 for next one year Rs. 19300


Thus the IBPS RRB office assistant 2021 salary in-hand may range between Rs. 15000 to 19000.


IBPS RRB Apply Online 2021

IBPS RRB Officer Scale I Salary In-hand:

The IBPS RRB scale I salary structure is given below.

  • Rs. 23700 – 980/7 – 30560 – 1145/2 – 32850 – 1310/7 – 42021.

This is explained in the table in a clear manner.


Annual Increments IBPS RRB Office Assistant 2021 In-hand Salary
Starting Pay Rs. 23700
Rs. 980 for the first 7 years Rs. 30650
Rs. 1145 for the next 2 years Rs. 32850
Rs. 1310 for the next 7 years Rs. 42021


Thus the IBPS RRB officer scale I salary in-hand may range between Rs. 29000 to 33000. Similarly, the IBPS RRB officer scale II salary in-hand will range between Rs. 33000 to 39000. Also, the IBPS RRB scale III salaries will range between Rs. 38000 to 44000.

IBPS RRB Allowance Details:

Apart from the handful of IBPS RRB salary, there are various allowance benefits. The allowance details are explained in a clear manner.


Dearness Allowance The DA will amount as 46.5% of the basic pay. It is provided to compensate for the expenses due to an increase in the price level. As per the inflation, the dearness allowance is changed every year.


House Rent allowanceThis allowance is provided to meet the expenses of the house rent. This allowance will vary as per the job location. For urban areas, the house rent allowance will be more when compared to that of the rural areas.


Job Location House Rent allowance
Rural 5% of basic pay
Semi-Urban 7.5% of basic pay
Urban 10% of basic pay
  • City Compensatory Allowance – This allowance is given to compensate for the cost of living in metro cities.
  • Special AllowanceAround 7.75% of basic pay is provided as a special allowance.
  • Newspaper AllowanceRs. 200 to 300 per month is provided as the newspaper allowance. Some RRBs won’t provide this allowance.
  • Overtime AllowanceRs. 150 to 200 per hour.
  • Medical Reimbursement – Averagely Rs. 8000 per year is the medical reimbursement provided.
  • Conveyance Allowance – This allowance is to pay for petrol expenses.
  • Furniture AllowanceRs. 1.25 lakh for 5 years is provided as the furniture allowance.
  • Leave Travel Concession – AC tier-II class for 3000 Km to and fro is provided for one instance.


Apart from IBPS RRB salary, these are the huge allowance benefits.

IBPS RRB Perks and Promotions:

Apart from the IBPS RRB salary 2021, candidates have a lot of perks and career growth opportunities. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • The work pressure is comparatively less for the IBPS RRB officers when compared to a staff of the other commercial banks.
  • Very good work-life balance available with low stress.
  • Low cost of living. This is because the posting is given usually in rural areas.


The candidates selected as the IBPS RRB officer scale I will have the probation period of 2 years. After finishing the probation period, the candidates are posted as assistant managers. Then they will have timely promotions as per the order.

  • IBPS RRB office assistant (multipurpose) – stage 1
  • Officer scale I – stage 2
  • Assistant manager – stage 3
  • Deputy manager – stage 4
  • Branch manager – stage 5
  • Senior branch manager – stage 6
  • Chief manager – stage 7
  • Assistant general manager – stage 8
  • Deputy general manager – stage 9
  • General manager – stage 10


The IBPS RRB PO and clerk salary along with the allowance benefits looks huge. That’s why the competition for this exam is very tight among the banking aspirants.

How to Succeed in IBPS RRB Exams?

To succeed in the IBPS RRB exams, you should do a planned preparation. As IBPS RRB salary is huge and there are many additional benefits, candidates have to work very hard to clear this exam. Here we have added some tips for your preparation.

  • Follow a steady preparation using a study plan.
  • Cover all the topics under the IBPS RRB exam syllabus.
  • Take sectional mock tests regularly and improve your speed and accuracy.
  • Practice IBPS RRB full-length mock tests and improve your time management skills.
  • Plan to take at least 3 full-length mock tests in a week.
  • If you feel slightly weak in any topic, go for revision immediately.
  • Analyze your mistakes at the end of each mock test.


So, candidates if you follow all these tips in your preparation and practice, you can easily clear the IBPS RRB exam.

IBPS RRB Salary 2021 – Frequently Asked Questions:

Here some common FAQs on IBPS RRB salary 2021 are added for your reference.


Q: What is the salary for IBPS RRB PO?

A: The in-hand salary range of IBPS RRB PO are given below

  • Assistant Manager (Officer Scale I) – Rs. 29000 to 33000
  • Manager (Officer scale II) – Rs. 33000 to 39000
  • Senior Manager (Officer scale III) – Rs. 38000 to 44000


Q: Does the experience is compulsory for the IBPS RRB officer posts?

A:  For officer scale I, the experience is not needed. But for officer scale II & III, the experience is a must. The experience should be in the relevant field. Refer to the official notification for the required experience.


Q: What is the experience required for the IBPS RRB officer scale III post?

A: For the IBPS RRB officer scale III, a minimum of 5 years of experience as an officer in a financial institution or bank is compulsory. 


Q: What are the posts recruited in the IBPS RRB officer scale II specialist cadre?

A: In IBPS RRB officer scale II specialist cadre, the following posts are recruited.

  • IT officer
  • Law officer
  • Agricultural officer
  • Marketing officer
  • Chartered accountant
  • Treasury manager