Importance of Banking Awareness | Preparation Tips for Bank Exams

Importance of Banking Awareness:

Here we have provided the importance of banking awareness in exams. In the bank exams such as IBPS, SBI, IBPS RRB, RBI, etc. the importance of banking awareness part is very high. Even in the recently concluded SBI clerk 2020 mains exam, the students felt a heavy pressure on handling the banking awareness questions.

Banking Awareness Topics:

The aspirants should feel the high importance of banking awareness questions in the exam. If they want to clear their dream bank exams, they should prepare banking awareness with dedication. Here we have provided an idea for you on how to split the banking awareness topics. So that you can prepare for the exam with ease.

  • Basic Knowledge on all topics of banking awareness
  • Static Banking Awareness
  • Banking news in current affairs

Basic Knowledge of Banking Awareness:

The basic knowledge of banking awareness includes that you should learn the terms and working nature of the banking industry. That is you should have to learn some important basics of banking topics, given below.

  1. Types of accounts
  2. Payment instruments.
  3. KYC
  4. Types of loans
  5. Third-party products
  6. Online banking
  7. Cash operations, etc.

These are some important topics in the basics of banking. Like this, you have to cover a vast area and build a strong knowledge in the basics of banking. The importance of banking awareness in the mains exams is very high. So prepare on a daily basis to make thorough in the basics of banking.

Static Banking Awareness:

The importance of static banking awareness is also very high. In fact, many students will no concentrate on the static banking areas. You can expect static banking questions like,

  1. Headquarters of banks.
  2. Taglines of banks.
  3. History of banking.
  4. Laws and acts related to the banking industry, etc.

So candidates feel the high importance of banking awareness static questions in the exams. You should learn all this static banking news in a deep manner. Nowadays questions in general awareness are very tough. So try to get adapt to the tough situation. Only then you can beat the competition.

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Banking News in Current Affairs:

This is the very important part in the banking awareness preparation. In all the bank exams, there will be more weightage to the questions from current affairs with special reference to the banking industry. In the current affairs, there will be many news on appointments, awards, new technology, innovative ideas, policy changes, important meetings related to the banking industry. You should be thorough of all banking news in the current affairs. So that you can cover more questions in the exam.

Some Useful Preparation Tips:

Candidates feel the importance of banking awareness first. Only then you can try to prepare with a fire to score more marks in this section.

  • Attend banking awareness quiz in a regular manner.
  • Don’t prepare at the last minute. As the questions will come from deep in the syllabus, you should prepare in a long term.
  • Cover all static banking news along with the basics of baking soon. So that you can revise them before the exam. This will make you not easily forget all the data.
  • Give more importance to the current affairs banking news as it has more weightage.

So candidates, prepare in all these ways to succeed in the upcoming banking mains exams. if you give more importance to banking awareness, you can easily take a sufficient lead in the competition.



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