Important Computer Awareness Materials Tablet-3 (Day-31)

Important Computer Awareness Materials Tablet-3 (Day-31):

Dear Readers, IBPS Exams are approaching shortly, we all knew that Computer Awareness is one of the important section, which will help you to increase your score easily.

Many of our followers were asking us to provide Important Computer Awareness Notes along with the model questions, here we have planned to provide the Topic wise Important Computer Awareness Materials on Daily basis, and also we will provide MCQs daily. Kindly follow us regularly and make use of it.

Basics of computer:

Computer Languages:

  1. Low level language: These are coded in a form which is easy to understand by the processor.
  2. Machine language: it is also a type of low level language these can be develop in binary language (0 and 1) .
  3. Assembly language: it is also a type of low level language and using the human readable instruction of the CPU. It is written as ‘MOV A.’
  4. High level language programmer can write code in simple easy language, it is user friendly. E.g. C, JAVA
  5. C language: it is a middle level programming language and also known as procedural language C++ is high level language that uses the OOPS concept.
  6. Fortran: it is known as formula translation. It is used for scientific application
  7. COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language): used for record keeping and data management in business organizations.
  8. BASIC (Beginner’s All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code): first language designed for non-professional programmers.
  9. PASCAL: it is developed as a teaching tool for programming concepts.
  10. Language processor (Translator): Programmers write their program in one of the high level language because it is much easy to code in these language but computer does not understand any of these language so it is necessary to convert program into a machine language so translator do this work.
  11. Loader: It loads the code which is translated by translator into the main memory and makes it ready to execute.
  12. Linker is used to combine all the object files and convert them into a final executable program.
  13. Interpreter converts high level language program into machine language. It is very slow because it convert program line by line.
  14. Compiler: It also translates the program from high level language to machine language. It is very fast because it converts the whole program into machine language.
  15. Assembler: It is used for converting the code of low level language (assembly language) into machine level language.

Full Forms:

  1. RARP- Reverse Address Resolution Protocol
  2. SSH –Secure Shell
  3. MIME- Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
  4. SMIME -Secure MIME
  5. ALGOL – Algorithmic Language
  6. ANSI- American National Standard Institute
  7. ATM – Asynchronous Transfer Mode
  8. AS –Autonomous System
  9. BASIC –Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
  10. BIOS – Basic input Output System

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