Important Computer Awareness Materials Tablet-4 (Day-32)

Important Computer Awareness Materials Tablet-4 (Day-32):

Dear Readers, IBPS Exams are approaching shortly, we all knew that Computer Awareness is one of the important section, which will help you to increase your score easily.

Many of our followers were asking us to provide Important Computer Awareness Notes along with the model questions, here we have planned to provide the Topic wise Important Computer Awareness Materials on Daily basis, and also we will provide MCQs daily. Kindly follow us regularly and make use of it.

Microsoft Office:

  • Microsoft Office is an office suite of desktop applications, servers and services for the Microsoft Windows and OS X operating systems. It was first announced by Bill Gates of Microsoft on August 1, 1988 at COMDEX in Las Vegas.
  • MS office primarily includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook. It also includes OneNote, Groove, InfoPath and Publisher.


  • Microsoft Word is a word processor developed by Microsoft.
  • It is used for creating, editing, formatting, storing, retrieving and printing of a text document.
  • Microsoft Word’s native file formats are denoted either by a .doc or .docx file extension.
  • To create a document, we use New command at the menu.
  • Save as is used to save a document for the first time. It is also used to change the destination of the saved file in the computer.
  • Print Preview is used to see the document before the printout is taken.
  • Cut and Paste options are used to move the data from one part of the document to another.
  • Word has extensive lists of bullets and numbering features used for tables, lists, pages, chapters, headers, footnotes, and tables of content.
  • Portrait and Landscape options are available in Orientation category of Page Setup.
  • Alignment refers to the position of text between the margins.
  • Auto complete is a feature in word that automatically completes the spelling of days of the week and months of the year that have more than five letters in their names.
  • Header and Footer option is used to display information such as title and page number of the document.
  • The bar at the top of the window that bears the name of the window is known as Title Bar.
  • A screen element of MS Word that is usually located below the title bar that provides categorized option, is called Menu Bar.
  • Auto Correct in word automatically corrects certain spelling, typing, capitalization or grammar errors.
  • Thesaurus is used for finding a synonym for a word in the document.

Shortcut Keys:

 Full Forms:

  1. BPS- bit Per Second
  2. DNS – Domain Name Server
  3. EDI – Electronic Data Interchange
  4. URL – Uniform Resource Locator
  5. GIF – Graphics Interchange Format
  6. ASCII- American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  7. ASP- Active Server Pages
  8. BCC – Blind Carbon Copy
  9. CC- Carbon copy
  10. CAD – Computer Aided Design


  1. Access time – The amount of time it takes for requested information to be delivered from disks and memory.
  2. Antivirus software – A program designed to look for and destroy viruses that may infect the memory of a computer or files stored on a computer.
  3. Artificial intelligence (AI) – Computer systems that attempt to imitate human processes for analyzing and solving problems.
  4. Accumulator – A local storage area called a Register, in which the result of an arithmetic or logic operation is formed.

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