March 21 | Forestry Day | World Poetry Day | World Puppetry Day & International Day of Eliminating Racial Discrimination

March 21 – The International Forestry Day, International Day of Elimination of the Racial Discrimination, World Poetry Day & World Puppetry Day. These days are celebrated to create awareness among the people and also to educate the people to conserve the resources and also to stay happy with the available resources. Keep following us for the national and international important days and its awareness.

International Forestry Day 2018

Worldwide the Forestry Day was celebrated on 21st of March. The day was established in the year 1971 at the 23rd General Assembly of European Confederation of Agriculture. Each day we celebrate the important events to create the awareness and also to teach the importance of the particular events. As an important event, the tree planting takes place. Trees play a vital role on the earth. Its significance and contributions are to the mankind and the wildlife is uncountable. Every year the rate of deforestation has been increasing. Life could never exist in the absence of trees. To understand the importance of the forest resource travel with our article.

Importance of Forest

  • Purifies the air – Leaves inhales the hazardous Carbon-di-oxide (CO2) and exhales the human required Oxygen (O2).
  • Preserves water resource – Roots penetrates to the deepest to preserve the land and water resources.
  • Provides shelter – The branches of the tree provides shelter to humans and also to the wildlife.

International Day of the Elimination of Racial discrimination 2018

 The Day was celebrated in Africa to eliminate all forms of Racial Discrimination. The day also conveys a message to equally treat all humankind without discrimination.

World poetry day 2018

On the World Poetry Day UNESCO recognizes the poets with the unique creative human mind. The day was celebrated to promote reading, writing and teaching skills of the people.

World Puppetry Day 2018

World Puppetry Day was initiated by the puppet theatre artist Javad Zolfaghari from Iran and in the year 2003, the day was established. The day was to celebrate the puppeteers who entertain us.

We IBPS Guide provide you with the important days celebrated on March 21st to create awareness and also to remember the important events as a part of your examination.

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