Important Professional Knowledge Quiz for IBPS SO Agriculture Officer 2017

Important Professional Knowledge Quiz for IBPS SO Agriculture Officer 2017: Set – 1
Dear Readers, Important Professional Knowledge Questions for IBPS SO (Agriculture Officer) Exam was given here with answers. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

1). Khara disease is associated with?
a)  wheat
b)  paddy
c)  maize
d)  barley
e)  rye
2). The topping in tobacco means a processed?
a)  removal of all buds present in the axile of leaves
b)  removal of panicle bud
c)  burning of leaves
d)  removal of stem
e)  None of these
3). Neelam, Hira, Mukta, K-2 are the varieties of?
a)  castor
b)  rape seed
c)  linseed
d)  cinnamon
e)  fenugreek
4). Dapog method of crop raising is associated with?
a)  interculture operation
b)  seed-bed preparation
c)  nursery raising
d)  intercultivation
e)  tissue culture
5). The rice variety containing Dee-geo-woo gene is?
a)  Tilak
b)  Basmati
c)  Indrasan
d)  IR-8
e)  IR-6
6). Maximum amount of fertilizer is used in?
a)  potato
b)  rice
c)  wheat
d)  maize
e)  barley
7). Phyllody is the serious disease of?
a)  sesamum
b)  castor
c)  rape seed
d)  barley
e)  fenugreek
8). Chikori is associated with?
a)  lucerne
b)  berseem
c)  oat
d)  sugarcane
e)  mango
9). When a new variety of crops is introduced?
a)  full budgeting is a must
b)  partial budgeting is required
c)  no budgeting is required
d)  only planning is needed
e)  Both c) and d)
10). The law which is very useful in determining the best use of limited resources is?
a)  law of substitution
b)  law of diminishing return
c)  law of opportunity cost
d)  both a) and b)
e)  None of these
1) B  2) B  3) C  4) C  5) D  6) A  7) A  8) D  9) B  10) C
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