Important Tips to Crack Quantitative Aptitude Section in Upcoming IBPS PO 2016

Important Tips to Crack Quantitative Aptitude Section in Upcoming IBPS PO 2016:
Dear Readers, Institute of Banking Personnel (IBPS) is going to conduct Recruitment Examinations in various cadres in the coming months. To secure good marks and qualify in IBPS Prelims 2016, here we are providing a proper study plan on how to crack IBPS Quantitative Aptitude section.

The quantitative aptitude section is incorporated in almost every exam. It basically evaluates a candidate’s numerical ability and problem solving skills. As the quantitative aptitude section comprises of equal weightage of marks, you must start off your preparation with it.
In the following segment we are going to plan the overall strategy about how to prepare for IBPS Quantitative Aptitude section.
Analyze the Exam Syllabus and the Time left for Preparation
The first and foremost step to follow is to make a list of the topics that are a part of the syllabus and allot specific time periods for the preparation of each. Try to finish of the preparation in the set time limit. Mark the topics that you full knowledge of. In this way, no topics will be left out and you will have sufficient time to pay individual attention to each topic.
The syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude consists of the following topics:
1)  Number Series
2)  Simplification and Approximation
3)  Average
4)  Problems on Ages
5)  Percentage
6)  Ratio and Proportion
7)  Profit and Loss
8)  Partnership
9)  Problems on Trains
10)Time& Work and Work& Wages
11)Pipes and Cisterns
12)Boats and Streams
13)Allegation or Mixtures
14)Simple Interest
15)Compound Interest
16)Quadratic Equation/Inequality
17)Probability, Permutation and Combination
18)Mensuration (Area and Perimeter, Volume, Surface Area)
19)Data Interpretation (Bar Graph, Pie Chart, Table Graph, Cumulative Bar Graph, Radar Graph, Caselet)
20)Data Sufficiency
Memorize Shortcut Techniques, Formulae and Tables
Lot of formulas and lengthy calculations are present in solving aptitude questions. So, to increase your speed and save time, practice a lot of shortcut techniques and use them while solving questions.
Try to memorize formulae, tables, common conversions, squares and cubes to escalate your promptness to solve. This is the best technique to help you prepare for IBPS Quantitative Aptitude section.
Prepare your own strategy to tackle the exam with ease:
You need to have two types of strategies which involves in preparation and at the time of exam:
Strategy for preparation:During the preparation stage, ensure that you focus on your weak areas and also develop better competency in terms of speed and accuracy in those parts where you are already strong.
Strategy during the exam:Since the time is short, you should be aware of the components which you are most comfortable with. So attempt those first. If you are weak or average in Quant Section, then it is always preferable to start with this section, so that you can attempt maximum questions and manage to clear the sectional cut-off. Further, it is advisable to not to take much time for one question and the questions should be solved according to their merit. In fact, the topic-oriented scheme can be useful for problem solving. Remember not to devote more than necessary time for this section as you have to clear the sectional cut-offs for other sections too.
Practice and Solve Mock Tests/Previous Year’s Papers
For scoring well in this subject, one needs to practice as many tests as possible to solve problems accurately in less time. Also, speed matters a lot in this subject, so practice a lot to improve speed. Attempt the mock tests similar to the final exam. This will give you a fair objective assessment of your preparation. Analyse the weak areas and concentrate more on those while preparing and try to avoid the same mistakes in next Mock Tests.
All the Best!!! 
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