Important Tips to Find the Opposite Meaning Words in English Section- IBPS PO/Clerk 2016

Important Tips to Find the Opposite Meaning Words in English Section- IBPS PO/Clerk 2016:
Dear Readers, finding most similar meaning and opposite word is one of the important and expected type of questions in the English Section, it will be asked based on the passage that asked in the Reading Comprehension. Here we have given some important tips to find the Opposite Meaning Words.

An antonym is a word which has the opposite meaning of the given word. Let us see some tips to crack this part.
1.Note that the given word and the answer must belong to the same parts of speech.
a) Angry                     b) quixotic                  c) colourful                 d) pungent
Explanation:The word Pragmatic is an adje-ctive. Out of the given options the word which is opposite in meaning and belonging to the same parts of speech is quixotic.The correct answer is b.
2.The given word and the answer must belong to the same tense form.
 a) Ignored                  b) created                  c) apprehend             d) conceive
Explanation:Here the alternatives apprehend and conceive are in the present tense and thus they can be rejected. Ignored gives an opposite meaning and it is also in the past tense as the word Perceived is. Thus,the correct answer is a.
3.Make sure that the given word and the answer are in the same voice.
a) Reduction                   b) something which is being expanded
c) increase            d) expansive
Explanation:The word Contraction is a noun in active voice. The alternative reduction is similar. The option b is in passive voice. Thus all the three alternatives are incorrect. The word increase is a noun and is in active voice.The correct answer is c.
4.A favourite trick as we have seen with the synonyms is in the alternatives given a synonym may be given to confuse the candidates.
a) Respect                 b) condemn               c) inculcate                d) initiate
Explanation:The alternative ‘a’ respect is a synonym. One needs to be alert in such cases.The correct option here is b.
Select from the four alternatives, the word that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word given in capital letters:
a)  Refuse
b)  Oppose
c)  Permit
d)  Run away
2. CANDID                                      
a)  Useless
b)  misleading
c)  worthless
d)  legal
3. IMPLICIT                                     
a)  Satire
b)  baseless
c)  unexplained
d)  definite
Answers: 1) c  2) b   3) d               
1.   ‘Abstain’ means to withhold oneself from an action or self-indulgence, whereas ‘permit’ refers to the act of not preventing, which is opposite in meaning.
2.   ‘Candid’ refers to revealing or expressing one’s true thoughts or feelings, whereas ‘misleading’ means something that is apt to give a false or mistaken impression.
3.   ‘Implicit’ refers to something that is not revealed in words but can be inferred from the evidence, whereas ‘definite’ refers to expressions unclouded by any ambiguity.

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