International Picnic Day 2021 Theme: History And Tips To Celebrate It

International Picnic Day 2021 Theme: International Picnic Day is celebrated annually on June 18, 2021, and it marks the joy of celebrating picnics around the world. Picnics have been embedded in our culture for a long time and they usually refer to the outings we made with our friends and family. However, the history of the International Picnic Day 2021 Theme can be traced back to the French Revolution days where people come together to enjoy their spare time with their friends and family. The reason for celebrating the International Picnic Day 2021 Theme in June is because most of the European countries have very pleasant weather at this time of the month.


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International Picnic Day 2021 Theme:

The International Picnic Day 2021 Theme is, “Those who go for a picnic with the family, The happiness of sad faces is brought from there”.

History of International Picnic Day

The International Picnic Day finds its roots during the French Revolution where it was celebrated to popularise the whole reason. Post success in France, the day was popular in the British colonies wherein they conducted small gatherings by the major people in the same. Apart from this, people often use the picnic gatherings as a mark of protest for the illegal government or any policies that they don’t like. In 2000, France organized a 200-mile long picnic to celebrate the beginning of a new millennium. 

How to Celebrate International Picnic Day 2021?

International Picnic Day 2021 Theme is given along with some tips are given below.

  • Plan a picnic! Having a picnic on International Picnic Day is one of the best things people can do. The only way to do this is to choose a day with good weather take your family or friends and a lot of food, games, etc and then you are good to go. 
  • Plan some games: Another thing that can be done to make the picnic more interesting and amazing is playing games with each other. A lot of outdoor games can be played by people depending on their likings as well as their location. The reason for this is that we tend to create memories when we do this kind of activity with our friends or family. 
  • Find a new park: Finding a new park in the locality of the area you are living in will lead to a search for the perfect location for your picnic. There are a lot of chances that you don’t explore the hidden parts of the city you are living in and while exploring you find one. 
  • Have a Personal Lunch or Breakfast: Carrying your own personal breakfast or lunch while going for the picnic is the best thing you can do. This can be done by each member carrying something special and then eat the dishes collectively.


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