Interview Experience – IBPS PO VII by Rajesh Nandi

Dear Friends, Myself Mr. Rajesh Nandi attended my IBPS PO Interview recently and here I am sharing my Interview Experience which will be helpful for you all. In IBPS PO, the Personal Interview will be the final screening process for recruiting the candidates. This Interview Experience will to make you familiar with the interview atmosphere to make you to perform in a better way in the upcoming interviews.

Name: Rajesh Nandi

Category: General

Venue: UCO Bank Regional Office, Ashok Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Time: 8.30 A.M

Date: 01.02.2018

I have reached the venue before time. Then document verification started. The staffs were very co operative even at the time of document verification they were passing jokes so that we could feel free.

Finally my turn came at 11 A.M for Interview.

There were 3 male and 1 Female in my Panel

Me: May I come in ?

Chairman of the Panel: Yes (with a smiling face)

Me : Good morning mam and good morning sirs

Chairman: Very good morning and plz take your seat.

Chairman: Briefly introduce yourself

Me : introduced .

Chairman: Why is your native place famous? Or I think it is not famous for anything?(smiling)

Me: No sir My native place is famous for Maa Ugratara Temple.

Sir1: Why you have left your job?

Me: answered.

Sir2: You are from BJB College(A reputed college in Odisha). you could have prepared while you were working is n’t it?

Me: Answered what types of problems I was facing for my preparation while I was working.

Sir3: You are an ex employee of TCS. Tell me which is more reputed between UCO Bank and TCS.

Me : Both are reputed in their respective field. Since their field of operation is different, it is critical to answer on my part.

(Then They Laughed)

Mam: Tell me different types of errors in Accounts? (as I am from commerce)

Me: Answered

Mam: Ok then how these errors are treated while preparing books of accounts?

Me: Answered.

Chairman: Beta what is your feedback regarding this interview?

Me: It’s a nice interview and you people are all co operative.

Chairman: Then how much mark you expect from interview?

Me: It depends upon you sir. But he insisted me to tell then I told that around 70.

Chairman: Ok thank u and all the best for your result.

Me: thank u mam and thank u sirs.

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