Last Minute Tips for IBPS PO Mains 2018

Dear Aspirants, IBPS PO Mains Exam 2018 is scheduled to be held on 18th of November. With just 3 days for the exam, we are constructive that you might have already covered the whole syllabus and are done with your amendment at least once. To help you further, we are here to share some last minute tips that let you to do the best of your capability in the exam.

Preparation is the most crucial component to crack the exam but there are other tiny details that aid you to boost your scores and gain an edge over your competitors. No matter how much effort you have put in all through the year, if you lose your peace of mind at the end, it will all amount to nil.

Candidates can accomplish their dream of becoming a Probationary Officer by following a proper strategy or tips. Therefore, make use of these last minute tips to score well in the IBPS PO Mains exam.

Exam Tips for IBPS PO Mains Exam:

Take a quick look at the Exam Pattern:


S. No.


Name of Tests


No. of Questions Maximum Marks Time allotted for each test
1. Reasoning & Computer Aptitude 45 60 60 minutes
2. General/ Economy/ Banking Awareness 40 40 35 minutes
3. English Language 35 40 40 minutes
4. Data Analysis & Interpretation 35 60 45 minutes
Total 155 200 3 hours
5. English Language (Letter Writing & Essay) 2 25 30 minutes


Strategy for all sections:

Reasoning & Computer Aptitude

During Exam, try to begin with questions where you are more confident and also less time consuming. It helps you to save a lot of time and boost up your confidence. Solve the puzzles carefully so you will be able to attempt the questions with more accuracy. For Computer Aptitude section, revise the computer basics and be prepared with ideas of networking basics, keyboard shortcuts and ideas of flowcharts.

General/ Economy/ Banking Awareness

This section play a vital role in your selection as it comprises with direct questions. If you are aware of the last 6 months of current affairs, then you will be able to crack this section easily. You have to revise the current affairs regularly as you cannot master it in a single day. It is also important that you should know all general banking terminologies with recent bank policies, rates, chairman and CEO of the banks of India.

English Language

Students who put some good efforts can score well in this section. If you read the newspapers and magazines as of your preparation started, it is assured that you could build a strong vocabulary in English. Revise the grammar basics and new vocabulary words that you have note down. Aspirants should attempt the questions with utmost accuracy and avoid guessing answers.

Data Analysis & Interpretation

This is the section which takes more time as the questions might be moderate or tough. If you are able to understand the problem, you can solve it in less time and more accuracy. This is the section which needs a lot of practice. To score more marks, you should have the ability to solve the questions with more accuracy and speed. Try to be precise without making guesses.

General Useful Tips:

  • Revision plays a vital role in augmenting your scores in IBPS PO mains exam. It is prudent that don’t pick any new topic during the time of revision.
  • If you have note down your mistakes all through the preparation, kindly go through it once as it alerts you to avoid it during the exam.
  • Practice at least 1 full-length mock test in these three days to sustain the speed and acquaintance. Further, it ensures that you have an appropriate time-bound practice before exam.
  • Don’t study all night. Good sleep and health is essential during your revision time.
  • If you are not absolutely sure about any answer, try to skip that question. Keep in mind on negative marking and don’t make any wild guesses as it lessens your scores.
  • There is no requisite to solve the questions in a given particular sequence. Just solve the simplest one first and mark the questions that you are not sure about the answer for review. Once you covered the vital part, attempt those kept for review. It will augment the number of right attempts and encourages you as well.
  • It is relentlessly better to attempt 80% of questions with full accuracy than attempting the entire paper with average accuracy.

We hope that the above last minute tips will be helpful and important for your achievement. We wish you all the very best for your IBPS PO Mains Exam 2018.

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