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Mensuration formula PDF: Mensuration formula is very important for the candidates preparing for the competitive exam. In the quantitative aptitude section, few questions are from mensuration topic. We have added here all the mensuration formula PDF that are very important for the competitive exam preparation.

In the quantitative aptitude section, there are many topics. In that mensuration is a topic that involves a lot of formula. To solve sums within the time boundary, you must memorize the mensuration formulas and also need to understand the concept. That is very essential. In mensuration for each geometric shapes, there is various formula. Without knowing the mensuration formula, you cannot find solutions for those problems. Many candidates will avoid this topic in their preparation, due to the lot of mensuration formula. But if you understand the concept and study in a clear manner, then the mensuration formula will be very easy to memorize. Then you will don’t get afraid of this topic.

Why Mensuration Formula Essential?

Many candidates will skip the mensuration questions in the exams. The reason is they may don’t know the formula. if you know the formula, mostly all the mensuration problems are easy to solve. Nowadays, competitive exams are very difficult to crack. every year the cut-offs are reaching sky-high. The candidates are preparing with under pressure to secure a government job. In this situation, you should leave no stones unturned in your preparation and practice. So don’t avoid any topic in your preparation. If you do not understand a topic, try it from basics and learn it. Only then you can score marks in all the topics. So, you can have the confidence to crack your dream exams. This is applicable for the mensuration topic as well.

List of Geometric Shapes:

There are various geometric shapes that we come across in daily life. The shapes may be of 2d or 3d. If you understand the concept, it is very simple to memorize all the mensuration formulas. Here the list of all the geometric shapes are available.

  • Triangle
  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Trapezium
  • Parallelogram
  • Rhombus
  • Quadrilateral
  • Circle
  • Cube
  • Cuboid
  • Cone
  • Cylinder
  • Sphere
  • Pyramid
  • Prism

For 2d geometric shapes, usually there are formula for area and perimeter. The mensuration formula 3d shapes include, volume, curved surface area, and total surface area.


The quadrilateral is a 2d geometric shape. The quadrilateral will have totally 4 sides. The mensuration formula for the area of qualdrilateral is,

  • Area of quadrilateral = 1/2 × Diagonal × (Sum of offsets)

we have added below some basic types of of quadrilaterals. They are,

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Parallelogram
  • Rhombus
  • Trapezium

The mensuration formula list of all these shapes are discussed below.


The square will have equal 4 sides. Also the opposite sides are parallel to each other. The formulas for the square are available.

  • Area of square = a×a
  • Perimeter of square = 4a

Here, a = side of square.


In rectangle, the opposite sides are equal and parallel. But not all 4 sides are equal. The mensuration formula sheet for the rectangle are,

  • Area of rectangle = lb
  • Perimeter of rectangle = 2(l+b)

Here, l = length of rectangle and b = breadth of rectangle.


In parallelogram, the opposite sides are parallel and equal. But all 4 sides are not equal. Also angle of corners are not at 90 degrees. Whereas in square and rectangle, the angle of corners are 90 degrees.

  • Area of parallelogram = l × h
  • Perimeter of parallelogram = 2(l+b)

Here, l = length or base of parallelogram. h = height of parallelogram.


Rhombus is also a parallelogram. The main factor is that all 4 sides are equal in the rhombus. The mensuration formula chart for the rhombus are,

  • Area of rhombus = d1 × d2 / 2
  • Perimeter of rhombus = 4l

Here, d1 and d2 are the length of the diagonals. l is the side of rhombus.


In trapezium, one set of opposite sides are parallel and unequal. The other set of opposite sides are not parallel.

  • Area = 1 / 2 h(a+b)
  • Perimeter = Sum of all sides

Here a and b are the top and down sides of the trapezium. h is the height of the trapezium.


Triangle is a 2d geometric shape with 3 sides. There are various types of triangle. They are,

  • Equilateral triangle – all 3 sides are equal
  • Isosceles triangle – two sides are equal
  • Scalene triangle – No sides are equal

The mensuration formula sheet for the triangle are,

  • Area of triangle =  (1/2) x b x h

Here b and h are the base and height of the triangle respectively.

Regular Hexagon:

Hexagon is a shape with 6 sides. If all the 6 sides are equal, then it is known as regular hexagon. the formula for the regular hexagon are,

  • Area of a regular hexagon = 6 x √3 /4 x (side)2
  • Perimeter of a regular hexagon = 6 x (side)


The maths mensuration formulas table pdf for the circle shape are,

  • Circumference of a circle = 𝜋 x diameter
  • Diameter of circle = 2r
  • Area of a circle = 𝜋 x r x r

Here r is the radius of circle.


Cube is a 3d shape of a square. In cube all the length, breadth and height are equal. The mensuration formula for bank exams also include all 3d shapes. So refer the formulas for the cube here.

  • Volume of a cube = (side)3
  • Total surface area of a cube = 6 × (side)2
  • Diagonal of cube = √3 x (side)


It is a 3d shape of a rectangle. The formulas for the cuboid are,

  • Volume of a cuboid = (length × breadth × height) = lbh
  • Total surface area of cuboid = 2(lb + bh + hl)



The cylinder is a 3d figure. The mensuration formula pdf for the cylinder are,

  • Area of curved surface = (perimeter of base) x height = 2𝜋rh
  • Total surface area = 2𝜋r(r + h)
  • Volume = 𝜋 x r x r x h


The mensuration formulas pdf for the cone are,

  • Curved surface area = 𝜋rl
  • Total surface area = 𝜋r(r + l)
  • Volume of cone = (1/3) x 𝜋 x r x r x h

Here l is the slant height of the cone.


For sphere, the formulas are,

  • Surface area = 4𝜋 x r x r
  • Volume of sphere = (4/3) x 𝜋 x r x r x r

Similarly, the formulas can be derived for the hemisphere. You can refer the mensuration formula PDF with illustrations.

Candidates use some mensuration formula tricks to remember easily. Also if you understand the concept, it is easy to memorize all the mensuration formulas.

Click Here for All Mensuration Formulas PDF

Also for TNPSC exams are also it will be useful. In group 4 exams, the mensuration questions are in basic and easy level. So study all in mensuration formula PDF.

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