Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Christmas is rejoicing festival for all, especially for the people community belonging to Christianity.  They believe that Christmas is commemoration of “Lord Jesus Christ” and they believe it as a very special beginning in their life. The Jewish Preacher, Jesus Christ’s birth place is Bethlehem and born for Joseph and Marry in the Staple. As per history the angels proclaimed that the Son of God was arrived to the earth when Christ born and the brightest star appeared on the sky. Christmas was also called as Xmas and Yule.

Christmas day celebrations last for twelve days and twelve nights and at the twelfth night celebrations begins. They celebrate Christmas by visiting the Church, providing gifts to the family members, friends, lightings and many symbolic decorations for home, work place, public places like mall and others especially with stars, having dinners together at social gatherings, Christmas tree gets the first preference and the life history of Jesus reveled on many places with representation of idols and more. The children celebrate it with Christmas songs and dances. The kids and mostly everyone dress themselves as angels, Santa Claus, Jesus Christ and Mother Marry and provide sweets and best wishes to all around their circle.

Different people around the world celebrate Christmas in the similar way, how their older generations believed, followed and celebrated. The Christmas day was a gift and it is filled with love and wrapped around the families. Follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ, and let the peace and light fill all your entire life. Beginning the new things with a new hope right from today and the glory of your life may reach the highest positions.

On this special day we “IBPS Guide” wish you “Merry Christmas” let all new and good beginnings drench your life with all grand success.

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