Mixture and Allegation Basic to Hard – Part 2 – Application Sums (Day – 39)

Dear Aspirants, Most of the aspirant’s thought is aptitude questions are more difficult to work out especially for #SBIPO2019. Before to start up your preparation, you should aware of basic ideas regarding Quantitative Aptitude. As we know #Mixture and Allegation is one of the important topics which commonly asked in SBI PO Prelims. Take a step towards to score mark in QA by learning new techniques of Mixture and Allegation. Here Mr. Sandeep Ji clearly explained some Mixture and Allegation questions and the ideas to solve them quickly. Here our IBPS Guide team will provide you the free online video courses for #SBIPO2019exam. You can feel like attending class through the offline mode. Our professional experts were made this video from standard basic level to advanced level. So candidates who are new to this shall learn the Aptitude Test Preparation in an easy manner. For your convenience, this video is available separately in both Hindi & English (Bilingual).

In banking aspirant’s point of view, we have provided the SBI PO practice PDFs in the video description which you can download, so candidates can utilize this free SBI PO practice PDFs to practice more and enhance your knowledge in a better way. Watch the video classes to boost up your knowledge and score high marks in the upcoming bank exams. So aspirants should practice these aptitude test questions and answers more and more to crack your SBI PO 2019 examination.

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