National Postal Worker Day 2021: July 1, History And Significance, Importance Amid Pandemic Situation

National Postal Worker Day 2021: National Postal Worker Day 2021 is observed on July 1 every year to recognize postal workers across the world. Online shopping has now become a lifeline for many of us, even during the time of pandemic the postal workers transported COVID-19 testing kits, distributing sanitizers and masks across the country.

The National Postal Worker Day 2021 is celebrated to thank the numerous men and women who work consistently to deliver all our emails, even if they suffer the harshest working conditions, yet continue to persevere six days a week. Even when the temperature fluctuates from extreme heat and cold, rain or sleet, the Postal Workers deliver the mail regardless of the weather.


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  • In 1997 a Seattle-area postal carrier established National Postal Worker Day to honor fellow employees and since then it is celebrated every year to thank the Postal Workers for their dedication to their job.
  • The Postal Workers in the United States walk an average of 4-8 miles carrying a full load of letters and packages, to deliver them promptly to each doorstep.
  • Approximately 490,000 postal workers deliver the package every day regardless of the weather conditions.

Significance Of National Postal Worker Day 2021:

  • Postal People includes Postmasters, Supervisors, Letter Carriers, Clerks, Mail Handlers, Rural Letter Carriers, Maintenance, and Special Delivery Messengers.
  • Every year October 9 is celebrated as World Post Day as the anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union in 1874 in the Swiss capital, Bern.
  • Since then, countries around the globe have celebrated World Post Day.
  • The main aim of this National Postal Worker Day 2021 is to bring awareness to the people about the role of Post’s in the everyday lives of people and businesses and appreciate the role of Postal Workers.
  • This year, when entire humankind is struggling with a deadly disease and the Coronavirus pandemic, postal workers also emerged as frontline workers who even risked their lives and worked tirelessly to deliver selfless services in these challenging times.
  • The postal service played a key role in transporting Covid-19 testing kits and medicinal packages across the country.


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FAQs on National Postal Worker Day

Q.What is the specialty of National Postal Worker Day 2021?

National Postal Worker Day on July 1st recognizes postal workers all across the nation and encourages us to show our appreciation. Thank the numerous men and women who work consistently and diligently to deliver all of our mail.

Q.Why is National Postal Day celebrated?

In India, the National Postal Day is celebrated annually on 10 October, as an extension of World Post Day, which is celebrated on 9 October. The Day aims to commemorate the role played by the Indian postal department for the past 150 years, which was founded in 1854 by Lord Dalhousie.

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